AZGOP To Carmona – “We’re Happy To Help Remind Arizonans Where You Stand”

Sending “I LOVE OBAMACARE” Bumper Sticker For Carmona To Proudly Display

(PHOENIX) – In the spirit of bipartisanship, the Arizona Republican Party announced today it will be purchasing an “I LOVE OBAMACARE” bumper sticker for Democrat Senate candidate Richard Carmona and encouraging Carmona to proudly display it on his car as he drives around Arizona in the months ahead. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington, which is helping to run Carmona’s campaign from Washington, is selling the $3 bumper stickers online to their supporters so that they can advertise their support for ObamaCare in the wake of yesterday’s 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court.

“The Arizona GOP would never normally send a gift to our Democrat opponents or money to their liberal friends in Washington, but we believe $3 is a good investment to help remind Arizonans of Richard Carmona’s strong support for President Obama’s agenda,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. “After being personally recruited by the President and helping his Administration create ObamaCare, surely Carmona will be proud to display his new “I LOVE OBAMACARE” bumper sticker to remind Arizonans exactly who he stands with on the issues important to them.”


“As The 17th Surgeon General Of The United States (2002-2006) And Chairperson Of The Partnership To Fight Chronic Disease (www.FightChronicDisease.Org), I Have Been Working For Nearly 2 Years With The Presidential Candidates’ Policy Teams To Help Ensure That Health And Health Care Were Among Their Top Policy Considerations.” (Richard Carmona, “Reform Requires A Transformation,” Family Practice News, 1/1/09)

“Today, I Continue That Effort With President-Elect Obama’s Staff, Focusing On Health Care Reform.” (Richard Carmona, “Reform Requires A Transformation,” Family Practice News, 1/1/09)

In March 2010, Giffords Cited Carmona In Announcing Support For ObamaCare, Quoting Carmona: “We Need To Move Toward A Health Care System, Not The Sick Care System That We Have Today. This Legislation Moves Us Closer To That. This Bill Is Not Perfect. But These Are Complex Issues And We Must Move Forward.” “Carmona served as the 17th surgeon general of the United States under President George W. Bush. Last year, he participated in series of health care town halls that the congresswoman held in Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley. ‘The issue facing our country is how do we get the best care for the most people at the least cost,’ Carmona said. ‘We spend more for health care than any other nation on Earth, but the metrics of our results don’t reflect that. We need to move toward a health care system, not the sick care system that we have today. This legislation moves us closer to that. This bill is not perfect. But these are complex issues and we must move forward. And then I hope we can sit down with level heads and make it even better for the benefit of the American people.’” (“U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Announces Support For Historic Health Insurance Reform Legislation,” Congresswoman Giffords Press Release, 3/20/10)



  1. Until you R’s come up with a similar health care plan that covers pre-existing conditions, I will not take you seriously. You have had well over 150 years to do it, since Lincoln was president, and you haven’t.

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