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AZGOP press release on budget

AZGOP press release on budget


  1. Why is the Republican Party still promoting a tax increase? says

    “Not one Democrat in either house offered to support a temporary sales tax increase which would have provided additional funding to those most at risk including children, the elderly, and the poor.”

    This is backwards. This press release should be coming from the DEMOCRAT Party:

    “Not one REPUBLICAN in either house offered to support a temporary sales tax increase which would have provided additional funding to those most at risk including children, the elderly, and the poor.”

    It’s a sad day in Arizona when the two parties have reversed roles.

  2. Antifederalist says

    “Why is the Republican Party still promoting a tax increase?” pretty much hit the nail on the head. THIS is why the Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008 nationally. THIS is why conservatives are staying home and not donating their time and money. Until Republicans return to their small-government roots, they will CONTINUE to lose. While the AZ Rs enjoyed the election of some conservatives to the legislature, if the party abandons its roots, it will lose those gains and then some.

  3. I think the Republican legislators’ approach is more responsible than Jan Brewer’s. Jan Brewer is single handedly ruining the image of the Republican Party and heading us for problems in the 2010 elections. I hope she does not run for Governor in 2010. If she does, she needs to lose the primary.

    Randy Pullen should remember that he is chairman of the state Republican Party and not an official apologist for a tax raising governor who had not yet made any meaningful cuts in state government or significantly changed the way the state government operates in order to reduce costs. There is no amount of money Jan Brewer can help the party raise that will make up for the damage she is doing.

    Throwing more tax dollars at poorly run government programs is not what Republicans are looking for, and it is not good for Arizona.

  4. Trish Groe says

    Randy Pullen does not speak for me.

  5. Has the world gone topsy turvy? Raising taxes when there is a recession is not likely to be politically palatable to voters. So, cut expenses. That’s what the GOP legislators are trying to do. Why are the state GOP and the governor trying to push a tax increase that voters aren’t going to accept instead of trying to cut additional expenses like our legislature?

  6. Adam Radman says

    I agree with “Why is the Republican Party still promoting a tax increase?” on this press release. The talking points sound like they come straight from the Democrat Party. Pullen and company mention a “timely, balanced, and responsible” budget than mention a temporary sales tax increase as part of the solution. Shame on him.

    Tax increases are never temporary. We’re still paying a portion of the Spanish-American War tax, which was supposedly a temporary tax. Over a 100 years and still waiting for it to be over!

    Keep up the good work AZ GOP legislators. Isn’t it sad that I have to specifically mention the legislators? I cannot simply say AZ GOP. What has this world come to?

  7. Frank Coz says

    I realize that AZ GOP chairman is an unpaid position, but maybe we should see if Randy’s drawing a salary from the ninth floor.

  8. Schwarzenegger just cut billable hours from State employees by 15% when he put all the his bureaucrats on 3 days per month unpaid furlough.
    The State still functions. That proofs beyond doubt that California government is 15% over bloated.
    Arizona is no different. Jan Brewer can safely put one out of every six state employees on a bus, drive to Yuma and have them find gainful employment picking lettuce.
    That should also keep a number of illegals from coming across the border and thereby fixing the budget shortfall in more than one way.

  9. Seriously? says

    Seriously guys? You think Republicans are hurting because the conservatives are staying home? Our legislature is as conservative as ever. The conservatives show up and vote. It’s everyone else, (ie Republican women, anyone under the age of 50) who have left the party.

    There is a reason why Independents are gaining at such large numbers, and it’s not because the Republicans aren’t conservative enough. It’s this cut-throat, ideology or nothing approach that is killing the party. Who wants to be part of a party where you get stabbed in the back the second you don’t agree on one thing?

    Hope you enjoy Governor Goddard and a Democrat controlled legislature, because that is where people are going. Just because you don’t have kids anymore, doesn’t mean that the state should stop caring about education. I don’t know if the Democrats are smart enough to pull it off, but there is a reason that Arizona is a target.

    And when it comes to money and the party, give me a break! There’s a reason why even the most conservative of legislators use Clean Elections, it’s because they can’t raise money otherwise.

    Don’t worry, you’ll have your chance to get rid of Pullen, when the party starts looking for a leader who understands how to manage the party in the minority.

  10. What amazes me is the fact that (from what I read) only DES, DEQ and education was vetoed.

    The employees of the government education system were out on June 30th so it looks like they are they only people whose budget wasn’t important enough not to veto.

    And for those Republicans who have figured out that the Republican Party has abandoned them, there are a few alternatives:


  11. LD chair says

    It’s not just the state party that support raising taxes. At the last Executive Guidance Committee meeting for the Maricopa County Party, a motion was made to send a letter to Gov. Brewer opposing her tax cuts. The motion failed 6 to 15. It seems a majority of the EGC support Gov. Brewer’s tax increase and not our GOP legislators attempt to block the tax cut.

  12. Julian Diller says

    I didn’t see much bipartisanship out of the Republican party either.

  13. Seriously,
    People are leaving the party because we don’t stand for anything. Why join a party that is a weaker version of the other party. They only time people get passionate about something is when it is something they believe in. Just like in the last election, the Republicans were discouraged until Sarah came along. Then we had people that couldn’t wait to be asked volunteering to help. They didn’t like McCain, but they loved Sarah.
    Now we have a Republican governor acting like Janet Napolitano, and to make it worse the supposedly conservative chairman of the party being her cheerleader. Sick.

  14. kralmajales says

    Seriously is “seriously” right. It gives me great glee that you all dont understand why. This silly joke of a release begins in a way that not a sole would believe in this state. Its the Democrats fault???? Its clear that Randy Pullen is sitting on toadstools talking to smoking caterpillars.

  15. Kral,

    Shocking, just shocking that our resident liberal public employee is spending so much time pimping for a tax increase.

  16. Auntiefed says

    This press release is a joke, right? A July Fool’s Day prank perhaps?

    If not, someone needs to check Randy’s meds because this is ridiculous. I never thought I’d see the day a GOP chair complained that the budget mess is the fault of the minority party’s caucus for failing to support the GOP governor’s tax increase.


  17. Thane, don't be daft. says

    yup Republicans are dead meat.

    Nothing to do but put the Whig party name up on the door.

    I guess the loss of $2.5 billion in revenues from the zenith of the boom just fails to register as reality.

    Roll back all of the tax cuts to 1998!!!
    come on, killing the Universities will paint you as totally unelectable.

    But then, I guess one could say the elephant has truly been eaten, with nothing of substance left.

  18. Apparently they are smoking crack at GOP HQ. Thanks for posting this press release, it’s the best laugh I’ve had all day. OK, guys, you got me, where’s the real press release?

  19. Maybe there are some Independents in the room says

    Look on the bright side. The press release had no typos.

    Oh, wait. If you call one person “Democrat Janet Napolitano” please don’t refer to the other as “Republican Governor Brewer.”

    And I guess it’s Pullen’s new job to criticize Democrats for not stepping up to take the place of the R’s voting against the budget. Really?

    Check this out: Pullen is now criticizing DEMOCRATS for not voting for a TAX INCREASE that the R’s in the legislature voted against.

  20. Weak press release. Gop chair praising governor for vetoing her own negotiated budget because she didn’t get a tax increase. Way to inspire the troops chairman custer err pullen

  21. Tucson Vice says

    Lets be honest with ourselves here, folks. The Republican party is wholly and completely in control. They failed in admirable, spectacular crash and burn fashion in a way that only the AZ GOP can.

    They failed to find middle ground with their accidental republican governor. They failed to put the people of Arizona before their own bankrupt ideologies and petty differences. They wouldn’t know whether or not the Dems had good ideas because they failed to even ask, or reach accross the aisle. They failed to reach accross the aisle–to fellow republicans! They failed to accomplish the only thing they planned on accomplishing.

    Lets re-write the beginning few lines of the press release, shall we?


    Phoenix-Republican legislators are the laughing stock of Arizona today after demonstrating an almost childlike inability to rally their own members in persuit of a state budget.

    In a series of events that proved surprising even for this bunch of legislative looney tunes, the republican leadership chose to put petty rivalries, differences and high school melodrama ahead of the best interests of all Arizonans, not to mention the state constitution.

    The situation could hardly have been more ripe for a budget. Dealing exclusively with republican majorities in both the house and senate, as well as the republican step-governor, the AZ GOP went to great lengths to assure it’s own utter failure and prove it’s total and gradeschoolish ineptitude.

    The people of Arizona are left with little to feel optimistic about; awash in nonsensical republican platitudes and worthess conservative dogmas, they can only wait and hope that this republican ghost ship, sailing blind and without a captain, will one day drift toward a responsible budget.

  22. I am totally split here… seeing truth in elements of most of these posts and things with which I absolutely disagree.

    Pullen should support the Governor, she is the political head of the party, whether by ascension or election. The press release was inept, poorly worded, and sent the exactly wrong message. Pullen didn’t write it, he approved its release. He has shown himself to be very loyal to an ED that is way over his head in the position and way under the microscope of many, with ugly results. There was a much better way to promote support of the governor’s budget, call for bi-partisan legislative action, and not throw our own leadership under the bus in so doing. Sophomoric but expected.

    I repeat, Jan Brewer is the only one telling the truth in this whole thing. She is the one with real skin in the game and willing to take a personally political risk. Everyone from the anonymous bloggers to Foghorn Leghorn have blown hot air about how bad a tax increase is, calling for cuts to education using manipulative and downright dishonest statistics. They serve their own political future without regard to the realities they ignore.

    Women and voters under 50 are leaving our party. It has nothing to do with being a watered down version of anything. It is about NOT wanting to be a part of what the party has become. Mean, aggresively self-induglent, splintering the membership with the litmus test of purity. And hypocritical.

    Where was the effort to control spending when we had the majority in the lege under a D governor? Why couldn’t these loudmouth, name calling, egotists do their job then? They allowed spending to get out of control and now want to blame Governor Brewer for being the only one with a solution that actually meets the demand.

  23. Ann,

    Your comments about brewer telling the truth show one of two things- you are either woefully uninformed about what transpired in budget negotiations or you are a shill for brewer. She made a deal with gop leaders and she broke it when she vetoed her own negotiated budget. Simple as that. Adams is right about the terms of the deal. They did their part. She didn’t.

  24. I will acquiesce on the veto terms to a point but stand my ground on the realities of the budget.

  25. Want women to return to the party? says

    Ann, you are dead on about Pullen stupidly retaining Mecum as ED. Until he is gone, women are going to continue to leave the party. No one will forget those disgusting pictures of him that were so degrading to women coming from a so-called Republican leader. Then he had the nerve to show up at the funeral for Dean Martin’s wife and baby with one of the women in the pictures!

  26. It wouldn’t be that politically difficult for Randy Pullen to get rid of Brett, he would score a lot of political points with women in the party, not just myself but Governor Brewer. I quit going to Republican events until he’s gone, I get the creeps just shaking his hand. The Yellow Sheet reported awhile back that Brett would be removed by July 4 – that’s tomorrow.

  27. Give it a rest on mecum. We don’t know who wrote this silly press release, but its about par for the course as far as political pr’s go. What’s bad is the message and the fact they are giving big f you to republican legislature.

  28. Ummm, why should we give it a rest on Brett Mecum? Why does he get a free pass when it comes to taking lewd photographs of himself with women in improper demeaning positions, and for criminally speeding at 109 mph while obviously drunk? Is it because he’s Mr. important politically connected Executive Director of the Republican Party? That’s misogynist for him to get away with that and the rest of you try to sweep it under the rug. Shame on you. He is a disgrace and as long as he remains in that position, women like myself will refuse to have anything to do with the party.

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