Brett Mechum
For Immediate Release: October 8, 2007
Contact: Sean McCaffrey (
Phone: (602) 957-7770 /
Cell: (602) 448-9883 / Fax: (602) 224-0932 


Phoenix, AZ—Arizona Republican Party executive director Sean McCaffrey today announced the appointment of Brett Mecum as political director.  “Brett has proven himself a dedicated political staffer, an able deputy and a talented strategist,” McCaffrey said.  “We started considering what qualities we were looking for in our political director and it became clear we wouldn’t be able to find a better candidate for the position than in someone who already knows the state, our candidates, our opponents and our operations.”

Said Mecum, “I plan on bringing the same tenacity and energy that served me well in communications to the position of political director. The Arizona Republican Party has a tremendously talented staff in place and I look forward to working with them over the coming year as we wipe away the Democrats’ 2006 gains throughout Arizona.”

Mecum joined the Arizona Republican Party as Director of Communications in mid-February 2007 and has served in that capacity until his appointment as Political Director, effective today.  Until a new communications director is named, Sean McCaffrey will also serve as spokesman for the state party.

“Our priority is to train, equip, fund and prepare our candidates, our county parties and our districts for the election cycle ahead,” said Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  “Brett has an aggressive program plan to implement across fifteen growing counties.  I’m confident he’s a great choice for the job, our campaigns and our candidates are in fine hands.”


  1. Real Arizonan says

    AZ Native To Mecum: Go Back to New York…

    Seriously, the Dems can only hope Mecum will be as incompetent as Political Director as he was as Communications Director.

    Did anyone else notice that every press release had the caption of

    Mecum To Gov or Pullen to Clinton or Pullen to whoever… It seemed like every press release started that way. Very Creative…

  2. Real Native Arizonan says

    Hey Real Arizonan Smarty Pants,

    Why don’t you apply for the Communications Director position if you think you can do a better job?!

    Real Native Arizonan

  3. Real Arizonan says

    OOOhhhh! “Smarty Pants” That’s almost as creative as “Pullen To Gov: Secure our Border”

  4. OutSprouled says

    Nathan Sproul, why don’t you go back to that rock you crawled out from under? Your constant attacks on the State Republican Party are getting old, you need to get over the fact that your candidate for Party chair Lisa James lost. Randy Pullen won fair and square last January. It’s now October, 9 months later. Quit sulking about the fact that you’re not getting as many political consulting gigs thrown your way. Maybe if you backed off and quit attacking other Republicans they’d start hiring you again.

  5. Real Arizonan says

    That’s funny. It seems like you have a genuine Sproulphobia!

    It doesn’t address the point that Brett Mecum is a genuinely bad Communications Director.

    Enough on this post. Thanks for the laugh…

  6. Seriously. Stop it. STOP IT. Your NAME IS MECUM DUDE!?!?!?!?!


    Everytime we hear your name we think of our former Governor that we’ve spent over a decade trying to forget.

    GO AWAY!

    I guess on some level though, at least he is no longer in the press. Everytime I see a GOP press release I cringe knowing that its going to be a quote from “Mecum”

    I know its not spelled the name and I know he’s a smart, talented young man who means well BUT YOUR NAME IS MECUM!

    At the very least, show us the respect to get a name change if your going to work for the state party.

  7. Flush the Johns says

    It is depressing to agree totally with someone like Sproul that you really have no respect for, but this is it. Mecum is incompetent and McCaffrey is incredibly divisive and out of touch with reality. As to the name, at least Evan had core values that were unbending even if the communications skills are similar.

    To be so ignorant of the nuances and political story of this state to say that a person who has been here just over six months “knows the state, our candidates, our opponents and our operations” is typical of the know-it-all attitude of that group of newly arrived East Coast yahoos who couldn’t find an MVD office for six months.

    And, if anyone believes that the attributes of Mecum includes a tenacious attitude or bearing, they have yet to meet the guy. He has not even been able to tenaciously tick off the grass roots per the obviously established performance requirements of McCaffrey.

    Somehow, under the authority of Pullen, who has been Bush-like in alienating his enemies and his support base concurrently, the two have managed to apply the Peter Principle for Mecum while placing the pugnacious, team destructive McCaffrey in the dual role as Communications AND Executive Director. It is a centralization of power that would be worthy of a McCainiac, right Nathan?

    How ironically ludicrous.

  8. gop4ever2008 says

    Flush the John: Start posting under your real name, Phil Mason… at least, for once, you weren’t wasting state time for this crap.

  9. Good grief, some old scores are trying to be settled here by bashing staffers? How petty. I can’t imagine that anyone here has the skills to judge the job performance of a communications director for a political party. Its far too subjective to do. The folks at HQ have been working hard and getting their work done in spite of a lack of support from many within the party. That’s an indictment of the folks not helping not of the staff. They’re still doing their jobs. The rest of you might start doing yours!

    Didn’t Mecum fill the post of Political Director in NY? If so, how did he do there?

  10. gop4ever2008

    Gee, its nice to be remembered even when you don’t participate. I guess someone else has feelings of distrust and you assign them to me. The outcome based decision process sometimes overrides reality. I do, however, enjoy the internecine jumps to judgment at times.

    As for your secondary insinuation, that is as fallacious as your poikilothermic perfidy is accurate. Look it up at your leisure, you seem to have a lot of that so you can jump to wrong conclusions.

  11. Is it true that “every girl’s crazy for the sharp dressed man”?

  12. Shaun McCafferty is the biggest blowhard know- it- all that has ever just moved to Arizona. But one must admit, he is a quick study. In just a matter of a months He knows EVERYTHING -just ask him.
    Pullen sure has a talent for surrounding himself with people who make him look even worse.

  13. Flush the Johns says


    Your name says it all. 2008 will seem like 4ever for all of us if you don’t start fighting the D’s instead of the R’s.

    Your gestation period has reached critical mass and an ultrasound should be considered to see if there is any brain wave activity. The life of the Party is in jeopardy, and may require early termination.

  14. Tim S.

    With a 4-1 money advantage, the R’s lost every statewide race, lost four congressional seats, lost the house and kept the Senate – according to the NYT, the D’s spent no time or money in trying to win the Senate while the R Senators made sure that property tax REBATE CHECKS were received just prior to election day.

    To be fair, that was not too far off the national trends, but it was not a footprint to victory either.


    That’s Mecum’s credentials. Nothing to be blown away by… Kid graduated in 2001.

    Not exactly the person AZGOP should be picking to fill the late and great Scott Stewart’s shoes.

  16. GOP PK, thanks for the update. Turns out that Mecum’s job was restricted to the State Senate races, which turned out to be the only good news out of New York State. So that ends up being good news for us.

    Evan, I’ll be kind to Scott since he’s no longer with us. But his job performance was lousy overall, to say nothing of how he treated people. I “say nothing” because he is no longer with us and I’ll leave him and details out of this if you will. Even so, Mecum, or anyone else, will have no trouble filling those shoes.

  17. In response to the statement “every girl’s crazy for the sharp dressed man.”
    The answer is of course, only if his name is Brett. So when are people considered old enough to no longer be referred to as “kids?” As for name changing, just because some previous generations have a problem associating well known names with new faces does not mean the new guy should be forced to change.

  18. Brett Mecum does nto answer telephone calls!

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