AZGOP officials “unconcerned” with major accounting irregularities

For the third time in just a week, evidence of major accounting irregularities has surfaced in the Arizona Republican Party’s recent campaign finance reports.  The Arizona Guardian today reports that the Party owed $70,000 to the Tempe, Arizona-based political consulting firm Lincoln Strategy Group.  This unreported debt is in addition to the $50,000 that the Party is said to have owed to Strategic Fundraising and it comes on the heels of news that $50,000 from the Republican National Committee was not included in its required monthly filings to the Federal Election Commission.

An analysis of internal documents and the “AZ Republican Party” most recent post-general election report to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office revealed this glaring – and possibly illegal – omission.  While the exact amount still due to the firm has not been disclosed by either AZGOP officials or Lincoln Strategy, according to the Guardian, what is clear is that a troubling pattern of misreporting has emerged in Arizona Republican Party finances.

Randy Pullen needs to stand-up and be accountable to to the grassroots Republicans that elected him to the leadership.  He should have immediately done so when the scandal broke out last week.  For an accountant to remain this “unconcerned” with such gross financial irregularities is highly unprofessional: for the leader of Republicans in Arizona (and RNC Treasurer) to do so is simply unacceptable.


  1. Cactus Jack says

    And where does Mecum get off saying these things are not public records?

    “We’re not very worried about this over here,” Mecum said Friday. “Frankly, I’m more concerned about who’s taking this information out of my office.”

    Mecum said the billing statements from Sproul’s firm, Lincoln Strategy Group, LLC, were illegally taken from his office and should never have been made public.”

    Of course they should have been made public. That’s the whole reason that campaign finance reports exist in the first place. Duh!

  2. Another McCain hit piece.

    Simple google searches yield the following.

    Lincoln Strategy Group – is Nathan Sproul’s firm. They supported every liberal Republican in the 2008 election cycle and opposed every conservative Republican.

    “Strategic Fundraising” is Dan Rice’s firm.
    A simple google search of “Dan Rice” “John McCain” with quotes reveals the truth.

    Note that the post does not say that anything is “illegal”, it says it’s “irregular”. Well, if you’ve EVER filed a campaign finance report, you know that you file one or multiple amended reports and you know that you correct any “irregularities” if there even were any.

    Only McCainiacs are saying there are any.

    So, not only was nothing illegal done, but there may very well be ZERO irregularities!

    Nice try McCainiacs. But your XXXX aint gonna stick this time! Try again!

    What did I tell you last week in my comments when It’s About Time said “more will be revealed”? I said ‘brace yourselves another McCain hit against the AZGOP is coming’. Well here it is.

    Is that all you got? Weak. LOL

  3. Miss Tomato says


    Suppose you were a shareholder in a publicly traded company. Which balance sheet would you prefer to see?

    1. $50,000 cash and no liabilities

    2. $50,000 cash and up to $120,000 in liabilities.

    These two a drastically different scenarios and Chairman Pullen should come out and tell us what the true situation of AZGOP finances is.

    I don’t think we’re asking for much more than clarification and accountability.

  4. Miss Tomato,

    Put away your strawmen. Both you and the author of this article stated that there’s nothing illegal.

    Both you and the author of this article SPECULATED that there MAY BE irregularities, but you don’t know.

    a) No the chairman should not publicize strategic financial data going into an election cycle. Who do you work for? The Democrats? (Oh no, you work for McCain, I forgot!)

    b) Even if what you are saying is true (which I doubt), the current financial condition of the AZGOP is far better today than it has been at the exact same time in the election cycle under the past 3 McCainiac chairmen.

    Bottom line? Take your wild McCainiac accusations and go stick them.

  5. Which statement would shareholders rather hear:

    1. We are working to immediately correct any irregularities and/or omissions in our reporting. We regret any misperceptions that this may have caused.

    2. You guys just hate us, so shut up ’cause we don’t like you either.

    3. How the hell did you find this out anyway?

    Anything other than #1 is unacceptable. Number 2 and number 3 is all we’ve heard so far.

  6. Man, Republicans unconcerned with accumulating debt? That is *so* 2003.

  7. Miss Tomato says


    According to 11 CFR 104.11, a debt exceeding $500 must be reported on the next report filed after the debt is incurred. According to the Arizona Guardian article on 01/07/10, the AZGOP had a debt to Strategic Fundraising for nearly an entire year. This means that the AZGOP had at least 12 opportunities to correct this “irregularity”. How many more do they need before it becomes illegal?

    Also, the cash on hand reported for the period ending 11/30/2005 (similar set up for the 2010 election, state-wide officeholders and Senate race) was $161,233 with no debt. We can compare this to the most recent FEC report for 11/30/2009 that has $49,031 cash on hand with G-d knows how much debt.

    11/30/2005 FEC Report –

    11/30/2009 FEC Report –

    We are not asking Chairman Pullen to review strategic fundraising plans or data. We are asking him “What have you already done with our money?”

  8. Oberserve, you have no problem with Nathan Sproul working for the State Republican Party? What about the combined Victory Plan for 2010 McCain’s camp is working on with the State Party? The State Party already has been taken over by the McCainiacs. And Chuck Coughlin – who is as RINO as Nathan Sproul – has stacked the State Party with his former employees; no one is left from before at the State Party except Brett Mecum, who is damaged goods due to Stalker-gate and a myriad of other unethical mishaps. There is nothing left at the State Party but RINOs. I say we skip them and work with the County Republican Party instead.

  9. Glass houses…Anyone else hearing the sound of shattering glass?

  10. Joe, catch up on your blog updates. The Victory 2010 Plan submitted by the McCainiacs was UNANIMOUSLY defeated by all AZGOP exec committee members present for the vote.

    That’s precisely WHY these McCainiac hits against the AZGOP are occurring – because the McCainiacs didn’t get their way and now they are throwing a tantrum.

    If you read carefully, these McCainiac hit pieces have said 2 things:

    a) nothing illegal occurred
    b) most likely nothing irregular occurred

    Then they are taking points a) and b) above and attempting to make wild accusations as to what MIGHT have occurred.

    It’s standard McCainiac slash-and-burn party management style: “My way or the highway”.

    Once again, “shareholders” want conservative Republican wins, not perpetual jobs for McCain’s staffers and consultants.

  11. Ummm, Oberserve, or whatever State Republican Party hack you might be, just because the draft joint plan was defeated doesn’t mean McCain’s people just turned their tails and left. Paul Senseman is still working with the State Party on a 2010 Victory plan. It may not be as far reaching as the original plan, but the McCainiacs have not gone away. Pullen embraces them because they provide fundraising. Pullen has “sold his soul.” Trying to distinguish the State Party from the McCainiacs is futile.

  12. Joe,

    If what you are saying is true, then these McCainiac hit pieces are to try to force Pullen to do what the McCainiacs want contrary to the will of the state party exec committee.

    It still comes down to the McCainiac liberal slash-and-burn political style.

  13. And, yes, it may also mean that its time to replace Pullen.

    However, don’t get your hopes up McCainiacs, even if the grassroots (who has the far greater number of votes than you) determines its time to replace Pullen, get ready for the teaparty!

    Because Pullen will NEVER be replaced by a McCainian lackey again.

    Your time is over. Perpetual political paychecks for NOONE!

  14. Oberserve,

    Please help me to understand how you can so hate McCain based on what are your principles and beliefs…I am not questioning that…but then so defend someone where there is plenty of suspicion/evidence without as much as a bit of concern? You instead use the strawman defense and blame everything on McCainiacs.

    I will ask you again, who filed the forms?
    Who accepted the money?
    Who obligated the debt?
    Who is the Chairman of the state party?

    The necessity for answers shouldn’t matter to anyone with principles or be about who is in charge…it is not about the person, it is about the issue. Your refusal to speak to the issues is not better than Pullen’s refusal to answer.

    Cover-up, conceal, and continue the corruption.

    I’m beginning to think you are a Haneyite who would kill any R, no matter who, if they fail to hate John McCain or bow down to Russell Pearce on any issue no matter their principles. That sort of idealogue-ish behavior serves no one but yourself and is as hurtful as anything John McCain has ever done.

  15. I’m as/more hurtful than anything John McCain has “ever done”?!??!?!

    I used to think you just twisted the truth. Now, I believe you are an outright liar who is willing to say anything to achieve the outcome you desire.

    Hey! But that’s the McCain way of doing things. “My way or the highway!”

  16. Oh wait, I have a good one.

    Ann, answer truthfully here.

    Do you support the Brewer tax increase.

    Just answer Y or N.

    Teapartiers, this will reveal the truth! LOL

  17. CLEAR DAY FOG says

    Oberserve is ROB HANEY

  18. The Tea Partiers took to the streets to protest the misuse of public money and unaccountability. Do you really think they are going to support Pullen and his silent treatment and dismissal of sincere questioning in the face of real problems?

    Think again. Or, in your case, just think.

  19. Wait…let me get this straight…ignoring the plain facts (a prerequisite on this site), we are to believe that these “hit pieces,” that are designed to hurt Count Pullen and his AZGOP, are engineered by McCainiacs,” but, at the same time, Count Pullen and his AZGOP are McCainiac hacks? Some people are just stuck on stupid, I guess.

  20. nightcrawler says

    Reality is on to something..This maybe a double agent move, designed to look like it comes from McCain but actually from the far right that has the real goal to embarrass and classify Randy as a RINO to advance their own agenda. If Randy and the “McCain” folk have taken over the AZGOP, why would they attack Randy. No, this hit piece is from another source.

  21. nightcrawler = classic McCainiac say anything to achieve the outcome you want (ends justifies the means) LYING.

  22. If you don’t like what the party is doing, don’t participate – it’s that easy. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head.

    INSTEAD, get out and work for the candidate. Give the candidate your direct help (time, talent, treasure).

    The Tea Party movement definitely doesn’t trust the Democrats and they are still very untrusting of the GOP. They are out working for the person running. Back to basics. Back to the grassroots.

  23. А Вы не задумывались о том, чтобы параллельно завести еще один блог

  24. Jerry H Alexander says

    I think McCain,aka,(Songbird) should ask the “Navajo” to give him a hand….Thy love him to death.

  25. DSW, the suggestion you made is exactly what many of of have been doing and for which many of us have been condemned. There has been a mistrust of Pullen for years. For all the McCain bashing rhetoric, there are many people with Pullenisms of their own…stories of lies, deceit, backstabbing, and downright dirty politics. So, we did not participate. We supported our candidates. What did we get, labeled, called names, and isolated as outcasts. All because we held to our principles and would not cave.

    Now others are seeing what we knew…we have a CPA for a state chairman who took illegal money for a disgusting and unecessary ad, has allegedly filed false campaign finance reports, avoided paying legal debt,and apparently isn’t managing the money well enough to pay the bils in order ot keep the doors open. An ED that is in the spotlight not for his great “political hack”-iness, but his frat boy, “ain’t I something” behavior every other month. A state party that is in tatters…a county party chairman that would rather kill R’s than hep them and followers who would make ACORN workers blush!

    I have been supporting my candidates, with all I have, and when I have tried to join in and play nice…it just doesn’t work. These people want your time, talent treasure…bow down, kiss their feet….and check your brain at the door.

  26. Ann,

    There has not “been a mistrust of Pullen for years.”

    That is a McCainiac LIE.

    So you newbies can see precisely how insidious and divisive Ann, McCain and other McCainiacs are, please allow me to translate McCainiac-speak into regular English…..

    “There has been a mistrust of Pullen for years.”


    “We [McCainiacs] have opposed Pullen from the start. We threatened him even before his first election that if he did not conceed to Lisa James, regardless of the state committeemens’ vote, that the ‘big donors’ would stop contributing to the party. Randy didn’t listen so we had to take a ‘hit’ out on the party and release negative stories to the media. But he won again, to our dismay! So we had to pull out all the stops. Unfortunately, he ran the party so efficiently we had to redouble our efforts against him and the party. Once the executive committee unanimously defeated our plan to steal the RNC funds for the 2010 cycle to focus entirely on MCCain’s reelection and so our people could continue to get a paycheck during this bad economic times, we had to go public to force Randy to resign, despite the will of the grassroots voters and the party executive committee, so we can GET THAT MONEY!”


    The only people I want to replace are called democrats. The only people who are my political adversary belong to that other party who have done more to ruin American and the world than almost any other force of nature or man. Remember those guys? They are the evil party. Let’s not act like the dumb party. Haven’t we suffered enough under their cruel policies and crony politics?

    Keep our guns aimed at the right target–you know the guys who want to raise our taxes………… make America weaker……… destroy our alliances ………… ruin the economy…………… spend us down the rat hole…………….. ruin healthcare………….. take over the auto industry………..raise our energy costs through the roof with crazy global warming hysteria…….. regulate banks to death……..take away our guns…………steal our Medicare …………bankrupt Social Security ………..legalize illegal immigrants ……..legalize everything from dope smoking to man /boy love and abortion.

    Our target is the democrat party and should not be the Republican Party. Get it?

    We are the only people who can win the upcoming election and we are sure the only ones who can wreck our chances as well.

    Which will it be? I love a healthy debate as much as the next guy but all we are doing is flogging ourselves toward defeat.

    Is the AZGOP as bad ass as some would suggest? No.

    Can the AZGOP do better if all of us PC’s and activists would do more to support our party and it’s candidates rather than self destruct at the very moment we might reach our goals of electoral success that have eluded us since 2004? Sure.

    If you don’t like one of our guys just remember what he or she is compared with on the other side. You want to run your own guy? Great. If he or she wins we all win. But we need to do more supporting and less agreeing with the other party.

    If someone doesn’t think Randy Pullen is doing a good job. Try walking in his shoes for a day or so. If you think you have someone that can do better then run them in January 2011.

    In the meantime get in back of the party and our many great candidates. Give your time, your treasure and your energy and help us win back our country.

    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman

  28. CLEAR DAY FOG says

    Oberserve, Please get your facts straight. Haney controls a great many of the PC’s votes, everyone knows that. Enough to sway the election to Randy and others as he has done over the years. Randy cheated his way in as State Committemen, Haney took over from there.Go to this site:

    Learn about the con artist first hand.

  29. LOL.

    Clear Day, the fact that McCainiacs have created a site called is a clear illustration that it is the McCainiacs who are the divisive factor in the AZGOP.

    Not only that but right after our national committeeman just admonised us to stop attacking each other!


  30. Although accounting irregularities are a serious issue (if there are any)I am willing to give the Az GOP the benefit of the doubt to get them fixed.

    The issue is this:

    McCain ensured the passage of his free speech/incumbant protection act McCain/Feingold, he supports Cap & Trade, National I.D.,he has supported Amnesty and fought against stricter regulation of trucks entering the United States from Mexico, joined Pres. Obama in calling for a nuclear-free world, SCHIP, Kennedy Health Care reform, closing gun shows in Arizona and many, many more non-Republican ideas.

    It is time for the good Senator to retire and make room for someone who will act and vote like a Republican.

  31. Ponder This says

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty? During the chairmans run for election, I voted for Randy Pullen because he supported grassroots, Lisa James did not support grassroots and marginalized anyone that did not support McCain. She lost my vote and at least 52 additional due to this type of behavior. Why are we continuing to fight amongst ourselves? I do not base my decisions on if McCain, Kyle, Flake, Mecum, etc like or dislike any candidate, I base my vote (s) on my own research of an individual. I hope Az can be a good example and show the rest of the nation we are true Constitutional people with principles before party! Shame on those that have the anti Randy website. Hold one another accountable but stop making the AzGOP look like fools in a street mud fight!

  32. Ponder et al.

    This has been a continuing pattern of McCain for at least 10 years. He will not stop. His people will not stop and there is no compromising with them.

    They will slash and burn EVERYONE. McCain will burn out his own people if he has to get his way.

    With the McCainiacs everything is a zero sum game. All or nothing. And they will burn everyone and everything and do whatever it takes as they believe the ends justify the means.

    If this is not antithetical to the American way, to the constitution and to the founding fathers, nothing is.

    McCain and his people have to go. Let them go join the Democrats and the AZGOP will only be stronger for it.

  33. It's about time says

    Ironic that I would say it is the Haneyites that would rather see the party and all associated with it burn to the ground before they would ever desire to see John McCain win again.

    John McCain is not my issue. I’m sure you wil go there…you always do. It is the existence of the party past today that I care about. With leadership that thinks breaking the law is OK, how will we survive? If no one ever dares check…how will we know? If anyone who braves the vicious attacks of the Haneyites for being so bold as to ask for an explanation when evidence of wrongdoing is brought into the light of day is immediately labeled as a McCainiac and evildoer…the clock is ticking on any chance of victory by conservatives.

  34. Clear Day Fog,
    Wow, it will be so sad to see you go.

  35. It’s about time….

    You don’t know they broke the law. Even the author of the post said they didn’t.

    No you don’t care about the party going forward. You care about turning the party SOCIALIST LIBERAL going forward!

    Clear as Fog…

    Everyone note response #28 and #33. The assertion is that Haney is divisive. The McCainiacs actions speak for themselves!


  36. It's about time says

    While I may agree to disagree with Oberserve…I do not agree with the above post.

  37. Clear Day Fog:
    You didn’t go away. You sound so grownup now that you can say those four letter words.

  38. Miss Tomato says


    You never replied to my comment #7. How many “irregularities” does it take before an action becomes illegal?


    Miss Tomato

  39. Miss Tomato,

    You stir the pot so much that I am afraid you’ve become stewed. Tereza Heinz is looking for something just like you for her next batch. I think you’d be a good fit at the Heinz factory. Bub Bye …


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