AZGOP Bombshell (Victory Plan 2010)

I’m angry.

Right when we should be organizing to kick Dem derriere in 2010, a small group of people (who like to think of themselves as elite) put together a poorly written plan called Arizona Victory 2010 and try to foist it on the Arizona Republican Party in secret just prior to the state convention in January.

Worse, none of them are on the executive committee of the party (exceot one) and all of them are lobbyists, from outside of Arizona or work for one of the candidates!

Take a look at what got posted Monday to an Arizona-based, libertarian-leaning website (link provided below the quote):

The Arizona GOP will be taken over by the Agenda of “New American Century” with a teleconference vote of Arizona’s GOP leadership Dec 30th,… and there is nothing the rank and file Republican Activists and Elected Officers of the party can do about it.

Notwithstanding the obvious libertarian objection in the quote above, the concerns to Republicans, conservatives and AZGOP party grassroots activists should be obvious.  There are so many issues I dont even know where to start.

First, where the heck did freedomsphoenix get a copy of this from?

Second, note the stakeholder list, it’s the same old McCain crew trying to take over the party again and spend all the party’s money with no accountability and with no representation from the grassroots PCs and State Committeemen.

Third, note the cryptic comment about “holding the governor’s office”.  Given the “stakeholder” list that includes no elected Republican party officers except for one, does that mean that they will be supporting John Munger against Jan Brewer?  Does it mean that they will throw Dean Martin under the bus if he ends up filing to run?

Fourth, is creating a “division” of the Arizona Republican Party which behaves like a PAC even legal?

Fifth, why would we as a party permit the state party to incorporate the “worst of” into our Victory Plan?  This plan includes the “worst of” Karl Rovian holdovers like Allan Philp and the “worst of” top-down authoritarian-style party management apparatchiks like Shiree Verdone and Lisa James.

Sixth, the plan appears to give this list of unaccountable and unelected “stakeholders” the power to spend party money in primary races, essentially giving them the power to anoint party-supported primary winners and losers not just as the federal level but also in state house and senate races. 

Seventh, have the teaparty movement and the New York race taught us nothing?  Protecting the same old retread candidates who brought us TARP (and yes that includes some Arizona Republican elected officials) and who voted for the largest spending programs ever (at the time under Bush) is not acceptable to the large and growing conservative independent voters who left the Republican party over the very shenanigans this group of “stakeholders” is trying to pull right here in this very “Victory” plan!  Should a “Victory” plan not try to incorporate those teaparty voters as part of our plan to win in 2010?

Bottom line….. this is a bad plan. 

State party officers, if you are reading this hopefully and presumably in time before voting on it today, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and come up with a plan that heals the party, not further divides it, as we enter this vital 2010 election cycle. 

Please go back to the drawing board and come up with a plan that energizes the base to go out and do the groundwork.  Please come up with a plan that takes the teaparty movement into account and brings those conservative independents back to us – a plan that will bring us fiscal conservatism and smaller government, both at the state and federal level.  A plan we can all live with and a plan that will ensure Victory for Arizona Republicans in 2010.


  1. I Hate Taxes says

    So much emotion, so little sense. Jefferson, you need to re-read some stuff on this post and others. The Klute is a leftie, and always has been. He does on this and other blogs just to stir up the conservatives and inspire division.

    For everyone else, you’re still ranting and raving about a proposal that was defeated in a UNANIMOUS vote. The Arizona GOP stood tall, did right, and all you can do is keep bitching and moaning about it? Come on man!

    Don’t ever be surprised when politicians look out for themselves. That’s human nature, not a Republican or Democrat thing. The nice thing is we have a party here in Arizona that stopped them cold, contrary to what Ernie Hancock and the rest of the nutjobs predicted. So quit being such a bunch of cranks and quitters and recognize that the good guys won this round (again!) and we’re going to keep winning, with or without a bunch of whiny quitters.

  2. To GOP Boomer Gal: McCain IS a democrat. So what’s the difference? Without McCain we could at least run a Republican in the race.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter at this point, according to posts/comments on seeingredaz, this plan was defeated unanimously in yesterday’s vote and they are going back to the drawing board with more elected party officers involved to draft a revised plan.

    If McCain’s folks would have just quit trying to control everything from the outset, none of this controversy would even have happened.

    It’s a classic example in party politics of what the fed elected (and unelected) officials try to do to the states……
    command/control everything from the top down and subsume grassroots politics under your thumb.

    It’s you Ann and Boomer girl who support it. How about YOU create the new third party. I have a perfect name for it. The TORY party. Then you can elect yourselves a king!

  3. I Hate Taxes,

    “He does on this and other blogs just to stir up the conservatives and inspire division.”

    I *wish* I could inspire the kind of division conservatives are creating for themselves. George Soros would have to add a few extra 0s to the end of my checks!

  4. This just in – Newly formed Tory Party elects McCain King. He is only subservient to Emperor Obama and vows to abolish free thinking.

  5. We are in “primary campaign mode” now, there are sharp contrasts, we need to get all the options out into the open, flush all vitral as we focus in on our Republican slate of candidates – then rally behind them strongly in the “general campaign mode” when the time comes. Be patient with each other my brothers and sisters as we are the only thing between our Republic and a complete collapse into Marxism. Right now the really CLEAR distinctrion is that there marxists against ALL OF US PATRIOTS…. period. We must do our best to select primary candidates who will support our Party Platform now and in the future and in summary here are the five principles we can all stand for:

    Our Five Statements of Principle:
    1) We believe in the conservative principles embodied within the Republican Party Platform.
    2) We believe all levels of government can balance their budgets without raising taxes. Our current fiscal problems are the result of too much spending, not too little taxing.
    3) We believe all levels of public education must reestablish teaching the doctrine of American Exceptionalism. America is a shining city on a hill, and we aim to keep it that way!
    4) We believe in and support the mission of our armed forces to keep America safe by proactively attacking terrorism at its roots, rather than waiting for terrorists to attack America again.
    5) We believe in returning to an originalist interpretation of our Constitution, including reaffirming States’ 10th Amendment rights in defense against ALL Federal mandates.

  6. As Ken Rineer pointed out earlier in a comment, fortunately the cCain plan was unanimously voted down in a telephonic vote last night between the GOP Executive Committee. Donna Reagan, the liberal Republican mother of liberal Republican Rep. Michelle Reagan, abstained from voting, in an attempt to hide her support for the McCain platform. Does anyone know if there were any other abstentions?

  7. Great article Sonoran Alliance! As others here have already stated, McCain and all that smacks of McCain is completely unacceptable.

  8. McCain is an Amnesty loving idiot but to think JD is some sort of hero is almost laughable.

    We seen these so called elites in the Republican party picking who THEY wanted first hand and screwing over the elected PC’s. Just like in Vegas where the PC’s picked Ron Paul…Youtube that debacle.

    Watch the movie “For Liberty” and you will see what we are talking about.

  9. Freud – what did you expect? She always kisses up to perceived power. Wasn’t she one of the Republican for Napolitano? Looks like she kissed the wrong butt this time. Even Howard Fisher on Horizon says McCain loses to JD.

  10. Jerry H Alexander says

    The people of Arizona keep electing the “Song Bird”..The people of Nevada keep electing “Harry Reid”…it`s the people dumb ass…it`s the people that are causing all of our problems…America has been diluted to the point the True American sprite is being trumped by the millions that now carry two flags.Our so called leaders are Cowards…the self serving type at that.
    Get over it…their are not enough Americans left in America to make the slightest difference…
    We don`t even know who the Prez is..much less where he came from,or! does he pray on a straw mat facing that temple built by a Jew…5 times a day?

  11. McCain is a Republican in Name Only. He has shown this time and again not only by his “words”, but by his left leaning deeds and actions. You want people to vote conservative GOP yet we arenot being given a “choice” for a conservative in voting for John McCain. McCain the RINO needs to go and if my fellow republicans cannot see that he sold out any conservative principles long ago then we deserve to lose. With McCain we lose for certain. Noone likes Obamas strong armed tactics, why would or should we like McCains same tactics? McCain has thrown me under the bus for the last time.

  12. What a way to start the New Year!

    I just love, love, love to watch you dyed-in-the-wool, statist, big government, war-mongering, Republicans squirm when you get outed for the freedom hating scum you are.

    Here’s a question to the above-referenced Republicans; if someone were to paint your portrait, would you ask the artist to leave the blood on your hands out of it?

    Ron Paul 2012

  13. The other Jeff says

    Jet…If someone were to paint my portrait, I would ask to leave the blood in for it represents the cost of freedom both here and abroad. What it wouldn’t show is the blood not spilled because of our willingness to put our lives on the line for strangers in other lands. If that makes me a proud “war-mongerer”, so be it.

  14. Jet and 4409, of what possible use are your comments. First of all the Ron Paul campaign is over. If you like him so much then work on his next campaign. Otherwise shut up.

    This is a conservative Republican blog, even if you were right in your comments, of what possible use are they or what possible good would come from them here? You make yourselves look like idiots and just steel everyone here even more against you and what you have to say due to your utter thoughtlessness.

    You are obviously from the libertarian website. Just go away and let us take care of the Republican business, ok?

  15. Don't Tred On Me! says

    Once Revealed, Never Concealed….

    Let’s not lose our way, “No Taxation without Representation” i.e. “END THE FED”

    Here’s an article about how the Tea Party Movement is vulnerable to being hijacked.

  16. Maximillian says

    I hope you guys realize that this “Victory” stuff was organized by the RNC and the RNC has been naming their biannual campaign organizations “Victory” for years. This is just the RNC setting up its normal operations in support of the local party. There is nothing new, different, or unusual about this other than some psuedo-libertarian Ron Paul wackjobs whipping you guys into a frenzy over nothing.

  17. I would honestly hope that some of the zealots here on all sides would stop the name calling, and start working together. While the Progressives are beating down the doors the Conservatives, Libertarians, and Ron Paul folks quibble amongst each other.

    While I am definitely not completely happy with Hayworth, he is an upgrade over that RINO McCain.

  18. 4409 — Liberal McCain confronted at Town Hall 5/27/2009

  19. 4409, that’s not much of a confrontation. You are “libertarian lite”. LOL

  20. Adrock (post 67),
    Your appeal to the zealots to quit the name calling is heartily appreciated. But we could not help noticing you ended you post by calling Senator McCain a RINO.

    Isn’t that a bit of oxymoron? Or shall we simply chalk it up as hypocrisy? Anyway it identifies you as an always, true, genuine, platform Conservative, and if you still beat your wife here and there we will include “traditional family value” as an additional blue ribbon bonus adjective to your credentials.

  21. #63 the other Jeff – Seriously? Freedom for whom? I don’t see any increases in individual liberty coming my way since we’ve killed well over 1,000,000 Iraqis as well as countless Afghanis, Pakistanis, and Yemenis with the threat of killing Iranians on the threshold. You’re the one who has to live with the blood you so proudly have on your hands, not me.

    #64 Observe – Wha-wha-wha-what?

    My comments are of no use? Why, because I have the courage of conviction to say some of the “hard truths” about our national situation, like the fact many Neocons have blood on their hands? You say this is a conservative blog. So tell me, who’s more conservative than Ron Paul? You then assert that the Ron Paul campaign is over. In case you hadn’t heard, so is McCain’s lackluster and largely insane run for the White House. BTW, isn’t this whole post about the AZ GOP’s plans for the the upcoming election cycle?

    #67 Adrock – Why would you ever compromise, in any way, your convictions for any political party? The Right/Left GOP/Democrat paradigm is tearing this country apart. I urge you to read George Washington’s Farewell address:

    “[Political parties]serve to organize faction…to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party…and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties…rather than the…consistent and wholesome plans…by mutual interests.”

    In closing….

    I’ve got a message for all of you card-carrying Republicans out there: You had better come to grips with the fact that your undying support for “empire building” has not only made you complicit in millions of deaths, but you have also played a large part in the marked loss of individual liberties and the financial ruin of this nation.

    Someday you may learn, and I hope it’s not too late, that the fight for individual liberty is the only proper way to go.

  22. With great respect to my fellow Americans: My goodness, we are not helping America and our people by continuing to play the blame game and party line politics. We are very good at pointing the finger and appear to rely soley on the power of the pen verses coming up with viable solutions to help sustain the greatness of America’s core values and freedoms. Ask yourself a question- How do you arrive at your opinions of your elected officials? Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, political mail and emails? Do we take the time to watch hearings and speeches live that our representatives give while they are working for us in Washington? A good percentage of us rely on the “Cliff Notes” and our favorite TV news person. We don’t take the time to make an informed decesions by hearing it first hand. An example would be the Health Care Act proposal. Yeah its long but who read it? Who out there can honestly say they used their own intelligence to draw their own informed opinion. Yes, the bill may be wrong in its current form for America but we need to understand these things for oursleves before we comment. Then we can hold our heads high and hold our officials accountable for their good deeds and bad. This Bill, was written in the current format realizing Americans never take the time to undertand things in totality. The result, less then competant politicians get to rule our lives and scare most of us to dealth with the Chicken Little Theory of the Sky is falling if we don’t do something now. America voted for change and they got it. We want to replace everyone because those false promises failed. Folks are out of work, loosing their homes …… And now we wake up?? I would suggest that we need change and that change is on a very grass roots level. Start culling out the politicians that make false promises and vote them out. Most importantly, reward those who have remembered who they work for and are absent agenda. Look at the records not the blogs and inflamatory e-mails. This is no time for OJT or on the job training amongst our leaders. and I agree, we need some change in this regard but lets not just change for the sake of changing. Make it an informed decesion. We are a world at war and a country in financial decline. People like Sen. McCain have a record of success, understand the issues and yes, works very hard for us. That does not mean he is always right and will always prevail but take a look at the real record and the sacrifices he has made for our country as a veteran / POW and honest leader. Just consider it. Watch him in action on the floor and judeg for yourself who he works for. We need to come together as a nation and get it right for a change. We have to stop being intimadated by party leaders and in many cases local party officials. Be American, be informed and pray we finally get it for our future and that of our childrn and this great country.

  23. Reagan Republican says

    Hey Fellow Americans.

    Why all you real limited-government types fight? Do like I’ve been doing. Go to all the Republican, Libertarian, Campaign For Liberty, Freedom’s Phoenix meetings, and work for real American liberty in all of them, all of the time. No quarter.

    Liberty is what matters, not the particular label we win it under.

    The Bill of Rights needs to be reestablished & obeyed 100% as written, 100% of the time. No Quarter. I will be at the convention for that very reason & McCain can go to heck.

    See you there.

  24. McCain is not a leader. What is he a leader of?

    I am very sorry for the time McCain spent as a POW. But please explain how sitting for 7 years in a cell makes one a leader? It’s regrettable. It’s an acknowledgeable sacrifice, but it’s not leadership, nor is it heroism.

    Audie Murphy was a hero. He singlehandedly held off an entire company of NAZIs in a burining tank while shot and at the same time rescuing 3 men in his unit. THAT’s a hero. He was a humble, kind man.

    McCain is the precise opposite. His temperment is well-known. He’s a mean, angry, vengeful person. His tactics are slash and burn. He’ll even burn out his own people, replacing them with fresh people later, if it means that’s what he has to do to ensure that his opponents dont get their way even if he cant get his. There is no working with him. There is no compromise.

    That’s not leadership.

    McCain should retire in grace while he still can and stop harassing and attempting to heavy-hand the talented, volunteer, elected party officers of the state republican party.

  25. Campaign For Freedom says

    Imagine had Ron Paul ran against Obama in 2008? We actually could have won. And at least not slaughtered so many congressional seats.

    Ron Paul helped Reagan run when it wasn’t popular in 1976! Ron sounds like Reagan, more than the others. Reagan used military force very sparingly.

    The McCain Republicans would reject George Washington, if he was running today – too small government minded!

    Reagan won the Southern Dems in 1980. So would have Paul in ’08, and in 2012.

  26. Stephen Kohut says

    Multiple GOP County Chairmen have now commented on the executive
    committee’s rejection of the “Victory AZ 2010” draft put together
    either directly by our state party chairman, our two Senators, our
    Governor, our three Congressmen, two State House and Senate
    representatives, and the RNC or their hand selected political hacks
    and lobbyists. We are told to take comfort, that all is well, our
    elected party officials have it stopped and will get it fixed, it is
    not necessary to alert the base about a potential plan for “business
    as usual”.

    It is very clear that this plan is business as usual for the
    stakeholders that created it. It is very obvious that our Governor,
    all our federal officeholders, our state party chairman and our
    national party think it is okay to do what they what as they want when
    they want without input from or accountability to the precinct
    committeemen and our registered Republican grassroots voters. This is
    the way they have always done it and be damned to all those little
    people who do not count. We are the entrenched powers that be and we
    decide what happens. What arrogance and unmitigated gall. The point is
    not that they were caught with their hand in the cookie jar once again
    and stopped it is that it should never have happened in the first

    Rasmussen polls show that over 80% of registered Republicans feel that
    their elected GOP congressmen are out of touch with them. In three way
    polls over 40% of people view the Tea Party favorably, followed by the
    Democrats in the 30’s and the GOP is sucking hind teat at less than
    20%. If anyone wonders why “Victory AZ 2010” is a shining example.
    People know that Tea Partiers are constitutional conservatives and are
    that great, formerly silent majority of grassroots America that handed
    wins to Reagan and the Contract with America. They also know that the
    Democrats are out there on the hard left and they get their third of
    the nation with similar beliefs. They do not know what a Republican is
    or they find it repugnant and the polls show it. The GOP platform
    appeals to the heart and soul of America and should get the GOP
    numbers like the Tea Party. Why does the GOP do so poorly? Because
    they don’t walk the talk. The GOP says that we are doing everything
    they can to stop the Senate healthcare bill. The people know they have
    not and see they lie. The GOP says that they are party of fiscal
    responsibility and spent like drunken fools and the people see the
    lie. The GOP says it is the party of limited, constitutional
    government and then they add unconstitutional entitlements and
    maintain unconstitutional federal agencies and the people see the lie.
    In the last year that formerly silent majority has woken up, become
    vocal and, if they were not a Republican, many reregistered and many
    became PC’s to do what Reagan asked in 1975, to fix the GOP, to make
    it a party of bold colors once again, to make it an invigorated second

    We have been told that elections have consequences. I, and many other
    PC’s, will be voting this year on new county leadership, in early next
    year on new state leadership. We will be deciding who we will back and
    support in the primary. Do not tell us it will be and is ok because
    we, the PC’s and grassroots, will make it ok based on the decisions we
    make when we vote and when we decide who to support and who needs to
    be buried under the will of the people. If it were me I would not want
    to be one of those stakeholders who thought doing business as usual is
    ok because by God it won’t be any longer by the time we are done
    mucking out the mess that has been made of the party of Reagan.

  27. I think that one thing that many incumbents forget especially those who have been in office for years is that those seats do NOT belong to them. They belong to “the people.”

    Shame on those who were/are involved in creating this Victory 2010 plan.

  28. Ron Paul is almost, but not quite, as nutty as his supporters.

  29. The other Jeff says

    Jet…The point is not for you to see increases in your “individual liberty”, but for people in other countries to see increases in their individual liberties. Here, you can safely blast your country’s actions, government, military, and all things American, without fear of being hunted down, jailed and executed for being a traitor to the country. Not many other countries allow you such liberty. How many countries allow their people to directly choose their government? How many countries allow their people to influence their laws and the government’s ability to enforce those laws? Instead of complaining about how your liberty hasn’t increased, how about celebrating the liberty you haven’t lost because people are constantly defending those liberties with their lives? How about working to defend those liberties here at home?

  30. It is always amazing to see folks quote President Reagan and claim that their platforms are that of Reagan Republicans. Some of us worked for this great man and often are amazed at the self serving interpretations portrayed by some. Respectfully, some of you simply have no idea what you are talking about in this regard. And of course, those who truly preserve and practice his great philosophy about being AMERICAN – you, are to be commended. It is wonderful to admire and aspire to continue in such footsteps but do so with great respect and sincerity. The republican party and the democratic party often appear these days to be eating their young and are polarizing their members. Both parties are often failing to accept responsibility and spend more time debating or defending their bad decesions verses dealing with the affairs of state in a judicious manner. And there are some, who work very hard and are simply shot down because of party politics and numbers. We are so ready to react these days to everything we hear and see and may even be
    under the impression that firing a shot across every bow is the answer to every problem. We are simply not listening or considering what is best for America. It is our way or the highway. That is not what Reagan tried to teach us. Ask yourself what have you done personally to help make America better. The blog mongers are out there doing a great job of responding to everything they can and quite frankly their opinons are respected but, many really lack credability in some cases as I stated earlier. If you do not support a candidate or issue thats fine. This ability or election is a wonderful right of our democracy. Do however be respectful and objective when conveying such a message. With regard to Sen. McCain, to say he is not a leader and all he did was sit in a cell as a POW is very bad form and is simply not true. Take the time to look at his continued service to America. Look at his Congressional and Senate Record over the years and judge for yourself. He has gotten it right a good bit of the time and always had Americans at heart.No one can always be right all of the time. Next, ask a brave American soldier about being a POW and what one might endure in defense of our freedoms under such conditions. For those of you who have never served our country in such a capacity it might be time to just think about that for a moment. For those who have served, God Bless you an I am forever in your debt, you make me proud to be an American.

    In closing, I gather the radio talk show host and his supporters who are considering a run for the senate will use the power of the microphone to tell everyone about his great name recognition around the world, the respect that he has garnered of foreign leaders, and his indepth understanding of our war on terror. How many times has he been to Iraq and Afganistan and or has talked to the front line to get their input on our objectives. Senator McCain continues to see it first hand and explores the options to make proper decisions. He has always said, he would rather win a war then win an election.
    So let us weigh our options: How has the radio host voted on military appropritions in support of our troops during his tenure? Experience???
    Read his own words and look at the record and judge for yourself. If he is the guy then vote for him but make that decesion with fact in hand. It is however interesting how some folks master the loop hole act for self gain. Is the talk show host considering a run for America best interest or to pay off a legal debt somehow that he admits is on the books and open. You might also want to take a look at the non-profit organizations set up on his behalf to gather funds. I wonder if this mentality and deception is good for America? It is going to be a very interesting mid-term election and no matter who the candidates are, they are going to have to go through their own purity test and be accountable to the American people. This 2010 Agenda for our party is very interesting and we as party representatives better realize that America is finally watching and they are loosing confidence in all of us. Do the right thing and let us remember who we work for as well.

  31. Observer and Joe:

    If RP is such a “nut job” why are his economic predictions coming to pass?

    And I notice that his bill to hold the Federal Reserve to de facto as well as de jure accountability has over 300 co-sponsors.

    And in his district he demolished a R.N.C.handpicked Neo by a 75-25 margin!

    He must have someting and if it’s insanity I’d advise you hacks to drink the Kool-Aid!

  32. Don Horner says

    The “money” in the Republican Party in Arizona points to the real problem in politics–corruption. There is an answer, possibly taking until beyone 2012, and that is to prohibit ALL campaign financing by private donors and to publically finance ALL elections (with limits on the spending allowed, of course.

  33. The other Jeff says

    Yes, I am serious about other people’s liberties, as well as our own. You should be too.
    The security of our nation and the structures that protect our freedoms within it must not exist in a vacuum. They must look at everything as a potential threat. I know this sounds paranoid, but it is nearly impossible without the shedding of blood to regain freedoms once they are lost.
    One of the duties we have as a world power is to promote peace through diplomatic relations. When those methods are no longer effective in protecting our security from countries that threaten us or other countries, we must use force to remove the threat and to deter future incidents.
    What empires do you see the US as having built? I keep hearing about this New World Order, but I haven’t seen much progress made in that direction except by liberals who allow our liberties to be negotiated away for the perception of security. Remember that the conventional way of maintaining peace was to conquer an enemy and subjugate them to the winner’s government to the point where the conquered ceased to exist as an independent entity. Our methods, for good or bad, have always been to defeat the threat and allow the country to recover in a way that keeps them independent as long as they don’t return to being a threat.
    Whether we are over there or not, there will always be people who hate this country because of our prosperity, freedoms, politics, or whatever. Some people don’t need a reason to hate; they just need a target for the blame of everything they see as wrong in this world.
    Would I be pissed if China or Russia invaded the US and set up bases in our states? Absolutely. Would I do everything possible to repel them? Absolutely. However, if our government were to negotiate the existence of those bases and work with China or Russia to keep the peace and the eventual closing of those bases, I would be more interested in doing whatever I could to make that a reality than I would in continuing the disruption that brought them here in the first place.
    I have nothing against the cave dwellers, until they pop-up and try to kill our troops with IEDs and suicide bombs. And I have nothing against Muslims until they try to blow themselves up on one of our planes.
    I agree that both the Republican and Democrat parties are in need of serious overhaul, and our government needs to get out of our lives. However, to accomplish that we need good candidates and good party officials who are of good moral character and strong in their convictions to individual liberty.
    I have enjoyed this debate with you. I don’t believe I’ve changed your mind, nor have you changed mine. However, I still celebrate the opportunity to freely have this debate in an open forum such as this.

  34. The other Jeff, I have too.

    I, like the founders, believe that it is the unfettered exchange of ideas that lies as the very cornerstone of any free and open society.

  35. Hardcore says:
    Remember folks, we have to win first before we can change anything.We need the seats and the vote. Leave McCain alone! I don’t think we have anyone to beat him. Let JD take on Mitchell again, that would be smarter. I care about our policy & platform, but we have to beat the Democrats, to protect our way of life and our FREEDOMS. It’s Win, Win, Win!

  36. Hatshipsuit says

    Who and where is the brave soul who will make a genuine attempt at unifying the Rep. Party?Is it even feasible? Is it something to wish for? I am at a loss. I have been a Conservative Rep. since the day I registered, years ago. Many of the people I met at the District meetings and other gatherings, used to be Conservative as well. Now, they have veered to the left only for self serving reasons: they want members of their families to be elected at all cost, or in McCain’s case (and many others) they wnat election and re-election because they are addicted to power and don’t believe other people can do the job just as well, even better, and they do not listen to the PCs who disagree with them. Precinct Committeemen are the life blood of the Party. why

  37. Hatshipsuit says

    Why are we treated like disobedient children who don’t know what’s good for the Party?

  38. Please define “unify”. Read the previous post…apparently anyone who asks for unity is really a traitor speaking in liberal code and desires death to conservatism. According to some of those entries, the only way to victory is through division.

    Yep…that’s what they said. No wonder we have an inexperienced socialist as POTUS.

  39. Let’s bottom line it.

    McCain, if he wins, is not going to stay in office for more than a year or two. As soon as he retires, the party and governor will be able to appoint a new “incumbant” – or so goes the plan.

    The McCainiac moderates and liberals will do WHATEVER they have to in order to ensure the continuing hegemony of the McCainiac political “family”.

    They will do ANYTHING. And they’re looking for jobs. They are desparate to hold on, despite the rising tide of disaffected conservative grassroots and teapartiers.

    It’s time for him to go!

  40. I’m an NC Republican PC, SDC, and a member of National Precinct Activists. I work for the party only because I work for my Country first. The NPA organization is a way for you to organize to take back your party and restore our Republic. The Nevada Republican party has been restored by activists; the “business-as-usual” elite have fallen … there. Go to ” ” or ” ” for more information and help on how to organize and restore the AZ party. We’ve little time to waste and much to do for 2010 and 2012. God Bless!

  41. Ann, if McCain and his campaign staff had been as diligent about winning the presidential election in 2008 as they were about making sure conservatives didn’t get elected as PCs in LD11, then we might not have Obama as POTUS. McCain got Haley Barbour making robo calls in LD11 for PC elections and had people at most polling places for the primary to push his PC slate.

    Plus, if McCain hadn’t taken so much national Republican money for his own failed campaign, more might have been spent on Minnesota to help Coleman beat Franken in a VERY close election. That would have denied the Democrats their 60th vote in the Senate which would probably have kept the Health Insurance bill from passing.

    Of course, McCain really didn’t care about any of the other races anyway. He didn’t even try to help our candidates trying to retake the CD1, CD5, and CD8 seats in his home state of Arizona.

    McCain is just for McCain as his “Victory” plan indicated. That’s why it was rejected. In 2006, Kyl had a similar “Victory” plan. It worked for him, but all of the other Republican races went very badly since the State Party became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kyl campaign. We don’t need a repeat of that.

  42. Dear Reader; This is Important. The economics of Freedom over Utopia’s

    With respect to the overall picture, there is, I reason, that great concern should be placed upon the whole Economic Strategy. The one world, one economy one people, one total government dedicated to the “Collective”, must be viewed as a dangerous avenue to proceed on.

    Just last week, Frm U.N. Amb. John Bolton stated; “International Law…Does Not Trump the U.S. Constitution“. Bravo. This is absolutely a Keystone and Pivotal Statement for it is the basis of our Freedom.
    The socialists…well tend to support economists like J.M.Keynes “Keynesian economics”. Which is what fills the Accounting Rooms in the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury.

    Austrian Economics on the other hand would not have permitted the “bail-outs”, and American companies employing labor on a massive scale overseas, while we have a 10% negative employment rate here…Excuse me. These are Communist Nations. And China underwriting our debt…Again Excuse me.

    Those that believe in the free-market system incorporating smaller government and lower taxes and less regulation, tend to support Ludwig Von Mises (1881-1973); Human Action” and “F.A. Hayek (1899-1992) The Road to Serfdom” and is known professionally as “Austrian Economics”. (the good guys) In America during the 1980’s, the world renowned economist Von Mises, was used as the theoretical base for “Reaganomics”, and thankfully so. The German Chancellor Merkle just announced a few months ago (09/2009) her move in the direction of Austrian Economics. Good for her. She’s absolutely right. Any less of a decision would be foolhardy.

    Please, let reason be a beacon of our history. Fully incorporate Austrian Economics in our schools, universities and national policy. As Karl Von Clausewitz (On War) empirically stated; “War is but policy by other means“. If pure logic were to apply…”Policy therefore, must be war by other means“.

    This goes right into the fields of “Business Management”. There use to be a saying in business, “Managers manage people, Accountants manage money and never the twain shall meet”. At least not until lately. Not that the “bottom-line” is any less important. but “the people” are your true asset. Any junior officer will tell you that. America is not primarily about just the money, it’s about trust, freedom, liberty, duty, honor and justice.

    The people that built this country for the past 300 years are being penalized for being prosperous. Not only are we losing our job base, but we are being taxed to pay for the $787 Billion dollar Stimulus Plan and TARP Plan. Then, Hillery Clinton at the State Department came out last week stating that we are to pay to the third world nations $100 Billion dollars for being an industrial success. Are you kidding me. Is anyone keeping count here? Really my friends, help Bring our work back to America now and reestablish our manufacturing base in this country before it’s too late.

    We can not afford to support a World Government or all the Third World countries that haven’t got the “gumshen” to work and achieve their own dignity. It’s that simple. There are some “False Indicators” in the economy now which reflect some signs of improvement, but if you think things are bad now, wait until this time next year. It’s time to elect a new congress get the liberal lawyers out of our pockets.

    To quote Holderlin; “What has always made the state a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven”.

    Thank you; John

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