AZGOP Backs Brewer Budget Reform


AZGOP Backs Brewer Budget Reform

Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, today expressed his support and that of the Arizona Republican Party of Governor Jan Brewer’s long term spending reform package. Commenting on the Governor’s address, Pullen said: “Years of excess spending and government growth have led to a structural budget deficit amounting to the tune of over $13 billion.”

“Governor Brewer showed real leadership today as she painted an accurate and truthful picture of the budget challenges in Arizona,” said Pullen. “This crisis is the legacy of Janet Napolitano. The days of runaway spending and big government are over here in Arizona, as are the days of rainbow revenue projections. As Governor Brewer stated ‘…we cannot afford the size of government we now have…'”

Pullen continued, “Governor Brewer has outlined a balanced proposal to solve this economic crisis. Real spending cuts and elimination of accounting gimmicks can and will restore fiscal sanity to Arizona. Her message emphasizes tough and permanent cuts of $1 billion per year to current and future spending as well as cutting Proposition 105 programs that have caused excessive spending growth that were never the intention of Arizona voters.

“Even a billion dollars of spending cuts and a billion dollars of federal stimulus money a year over the next three years may not provide for a stable and balanced budget. Governor Brewer has called for a public vote on temporary tax increases, if necessary, to bridge the gap, but only after all other avenues of budget reductions have been exhausted.”

Governor Brewer further called for tax reduction that will begin in 2012 as part reform of a reform and modernization of Arizona’s tax structure. “We need a tax structure that promotes job growth, job sustainability, investment, and revenue stability,” said Governor Brewer in her joint legislative address.

“The Governor’s balanced, thoughtful approach shows that she transcends partisan politics and is willing to roll-up her sleeves and go to work for the families of Arizona. The Arizona Republican Party stands ready to work with Governor Brewer and Republican legislative leadership on thoughtful, creative solutions to our fiscal challenges and innovative constitutional reforms that will reduce government spending.”


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    “… a structural budget deficit amounting to the tune of over $13 billion.”

    Translation: Arizona has run its non-secured revolving credit cards to the max and now doesn’t have the income to continue making the minimum payments.

    I’ll bet that the Secretary of Homeland Security is thrilled that she doesn’t live in Arizona anymore.

  2. Why is Randy supporting a tax increase? Seriously does anybody know, because he just got re-elected and it feels like he is already running away from the grassroots on this one. Maybe Bruce Ash could help us get to Randy.

  3. AZGOPgal says

    Wow…not many comments on this post. This must have shocked the Pullen supporting grassroots that tend to be so active on commenting. They’re sure keeping it shut on this one…

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