AZ Teaparty “Leadership” Sells out AZ Teaparty Members for Newt

  I learned recently that there are many in Arizona who proclaim themselves Teaparty “leaders” who are pushing the liberal K-Street lobbyist Newt Gingrich as the Republican candidate.

Now, if I understand correctly, the Teaparty created itself after the now famous Rick Santelli rant on CNBC  in response to the passage of Obamacare.

Read that again – a REAL conservative response to Obamacare.  Patriotic Americans nationwide organized themselves to march on Washington in protest of Obamacare, organized themselves locally to fight the implementation of Obamacare, to replace RINOs and send REAL conservatives to Congress to REPEAL OBAMACARE.

Read that again – to REPEAL OBAMACARE.  R E P E A L

Along comes the self-proclaimed leaders (admittedly not all) of the Arizona Teaparties supporting Newt Gingrich.

So what’s the problem with that?

Well notwithstanding Newt’s belief in global warming and support for international communism as a solution for global warming and his direct work with Nancy Pelosi


notwithstanding Newt’s work in support of Al Gore’s initiatives,

notwithstanding Newt’s lobbying for the ethanol “bio-fuel” industry,

now it comes to light that Gingrich SUPPORTS OBAMACARE and the INDIVIDUAL MANDATE!

Well lo and behold, as they say, a new Newt every day!  LOL

You can hear Newt here (at 00:40) clearly state his support for Obamacare individual mandates.

It may be time for a little Teaparty revolt in Arizona.  If you are a Teaparty member like I am, make sure to print this out and bring it to your next meeting.  If your Teaparty’s “leadership” is promoting Newt Gingrich, it’s time to *REMOVE* that Teaparty leader.  It’s time to expose them for being a spineless RINO  infiltrator and replace them with a real conservative and PATRIOT who understands that Americans’ freedom is not for sale or barter in this or ANY election and that any support for Obamacare will not be tolerated!

Teaparty, y’all!




  1. Tea Parties for Nuke are nothing more than GOP Tea Party Front Groups that have been co-opted by the Republican Party. Look at the Tea Party founding principles and decide for yourself – besides how can you subvert a frame of mind.

    TOO silly!

    Put the names of the leaders up or shut up!

    • Annette McHugh says

      I too would like to know who the members are of this so-called ‘Arizona Tea Party Leadership’ is.

      MadArizonan: Don’t you know when credible ‘writers’ write anything, whether it be an op-ed, letter to the Editor of a newspaper, journal, blog, or even a book, they PUT THEIR REAL NAMES ON IT! The entire article you took time to write, is useless, non-credible because you left out the ‘meat’ (NAMES) of the Arizona Tea Party leader(s) you claim to be the ‘Arizona Tea Party Leadership, not all admittedly’ group, and you didn’t ‘own’ what you wrote because you didn’t put your real name on it.

      Five MAJOR errors which you have made:

      1. You didn’t divulge your own real name.
      2. THERE IS NO SINGLE ‘ARIZONA TEA PARTY LEADERSHIP’!!!! There are now approximately 80 Tea Parties in Arizona, founded by ‘individuals’. Do you realize you are implying that all these individual Tea Party founders, report to, or are dictated by a single, but ‘not all admitedly’ ‘Arizona Tea Party Leadership’ entity? You are gravely mistaken.
      3. You didn’t name the members of this so-called, ‘Arizona Tea Party Leadership’/Arizona Tea Party leader(s) who endorsed Newt Gingrich, and I have yet to see this ‘Arizona Tea Party Leadership’ or individual Arizona Tea Party endorsement. A single Arizona Tea Party, certainly can choose to endorse political candidate(s), but one or even several individual Tea Parties who choose to do this, do this on the behalf of their separate, individual Tea Party organizations, not as a single entity representing all Arizona Tea Party groups.Next time, I’d suggest YOU PUT YOUR NAME ON WHAT YOU WRITE AS I HAVE.
      4. One single ‘Tea Party’ NEVER speaks for ALL Arizona Tea Parties. Each Tea Party is a separate, individual entity with their own separate ‘leaders’ if you will.
      5. It is quite obvious you are ill-advised re: the Tea Party Movement itself.

      Thus, I conclude that you:

      1. Are not involved, nor a member of ANY Tea Party organization in Arizona. Your admonishment about a single ‘Arizona Tea Party Leadership’ entity or leaders(s) which you infer speaks on behalf of, and is representative of all Arizona Tea Parties is evidence of your lack of basic understanding of the Tea Party Movement itself.

      2. May be a ‘progressive/liberal plant’ intended to divide, disrupt, and distract Tea Party activists from focusing on remaining both productive and from working together.

      3. May be the supporter, or actually working for a GOP POTUS candidate that may have very little, to none of the support of member activists who are ‘true’ Arizona Tea Party activists.

      4. May be an individual supporter, or paid blogger for Gingrich’s own campaign.

      Until you post the name(s) of these ‘self proclaimed Tea Party leaders’ who have endorsed Newt Gingrich, you’ve wasted your time in writing this article, and have wasted my own in reading it.

      • Maybe you can’t read. I was able to tell from the post that the author recognizes there isn’t one behemoth “leadership” but many independent teaparties. Want to know some meetings where I’ve heard teaparty leaders support Newt? Greg Western, Wes Harris, Ron Ludders.


        Annette, why not just come out and say it: YOU LOVE LIBERALISM.
        In your mind, it is right for teaparties to support a candidate who

        You are the very example of the anti-American traitors I think the poster was writing about: an infiltrator leftist who attempts to mislead patriotic American teapartiers into supporting leftist, globalist policies and candidates.

        And why shouldn’t we expect that? With the tremendous success of the teaparties in 2010, the powers tha be cannot allow the people to exercise that much power against the globalist agenda and therefore sent thousands or tens of thousands of infiltrators like you to move the teaparties to the LEFT.

        • Conservative American says

          You should be careful with the “anti-American” since you aren’t the biggest supporter of what is American. Even though voters passed Proposition 100 by a margin of 64.3% to 35.7%, you want to blame Governor Brewer. Voters decided Proposition 100 directly in a ballot measure. You seem to have a problem with that American democratic process simply because you didn’t get the outcome you wanted. That’s not how America works.

        • Annette is speaking to my anonymity as well, which JPD is used everywhere I go.

          Mrs. McHugh has my utmost respect where she hardly needs me or anyone to aide in her defense! Where I will aide Patriot McHugh to a fault is calling out false Tea Party persons and the GOP at all levels.

          My position on using a cover name on the internet and such is anonymity on the internet does not exist concerning slander or libel. Feel free to repeat and/or forward anything I say and/or write to anyone you desire as my only defense for slander and/or libel is the truth. Of course political free speech comes into play as well as phrasing when a judge considers issuing a disclosure order as Phil Mickelson was awarded I disagree that this case is anything other than business as usual. Stating it does reminds me the hype about Iran and the bomb – nothing more than a display of how scared the left, middle and msm are scared of RON PAUL ending the Federal Reserve. Why don’t they just kill him like

  2. What this guy says

    RonPaul RonPaul RonPaul.
    The other candidates are all lesser demons from the depths of Hell. Also, RonPaul.
    The tea parties are all sellouts if they prefer someone other than RonPaul.
    And furthermore, RonPaul.
    Destroy any tea party that doesn’t push RonPaul. We can re-educate the public later, but right now, RonPaul.
    The Constitution says we can keep all our entitlement spending as long as we let RonPaul cut at least a trillion bucks more from the military. RonPaul says so. It’s true. By the way, you’re a globalist imperial communist.
    The Constitution says no other money is valid but gold and silver coins. RonPaul says so. It’s true. You’re a spineless RINO infiltrator and a corporate shill.
    RonPaul RonPaul RonPaul.
    2012, 2016, 2020, 2024. RonPaul forever.

    • Are you saying that it was Ron Paul who forced Newt into lobbying for the ethanol industry or making a global warming video with Nancy Pelosi?


    • Ron Paul’s foreign policy is STRAIGHT of the the leftist Democrat playbook. He is un-electable. Paulites need to get over it, and back an ELECTABLE candidate

      • LOL. It’s a precise COPY of George W Bush’s foreign policy of 1999/2000 when he was running for President.

      • Sorry, I just have to add this….

        Ron Paul is leftist, but you can see above that Newt and Nancy Pelosi are best friends and Newt supports Obamacare, but that’s not leftist to you?


      • Ummm, Mary Jane……

        “Ron Paul wins Arizona Republican Party straw poll”

        Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul won the Arizona Republican Party straw poll Saturday, according to the official straw poll website of the Arizona Republican Party. Although the Arizona Republican presidential primary is not scheduled to take place until February 28th, the results of the Arizona Republican party straw poll suggest that Mr. Paul has an active community of supporters in the Grand Canyon State.

        Mr. Paul garnered 256 votes to grab first place. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich pulled in 20 votes to secure second place and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney earned 17 votes to take third place. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum grabbed 8 votes to finish in fourth place.

        Read more:

        And, make no mistake, the Tea Party was heavily represented at Saturdays Meeting.

      • Though it is very interesting how the AZGOP page displays the results of the poll…..

        Results: January 28, 2012
        Published January 27, 2012
        And the winner is…

        Newt Gingrich: 20 votes

        Ron Paul: 256 votes

        Rick Santorum: 8 votes

        Mitt Romney: 17 votes


        • come on, EVERYONE knows that the Pauliacs take over those straw polls. Means nothing. Paul is unelectable and I would bet most Paul supporters know that

          • These same “Pauliacs” that you refer to also had the presence of mind to elect Russell Pearce as Vice Chair.

            Kinda conflicting, eh?

            • The “Pauliacs” were not, for the most part, state committeemen who voted for party leaders. Most of them simply showed up to campaign for Ron Paul and pay $10 per vote to cast ballots in the straw poll. The straw poll was a fund raising activity and participation was not limited to state committeemen; it was not in any way an accurate guage of who state committeemen support.

              • And you could vote as often as you wanted as long as you kept throwing in the $10; LOL

              • Donna, so you are saying the non-Ron Paul supporters at the State Convention didn’t care to put in $10 to support the party fundraiser, where as 270 Ron Paul supporters did?

              • Oberserve, Given what’s now been shown to have been donated to the “build the dang wall” fund by our politicians, it’s not surprising they’d cheap out on a $10 ticket.

                No matter how you slice it, 85% of the votes going to one candidate is a statement. While Hunter makes a valid point, I can’t get around the fact that all three other candidates received a total of 45 votes out of over 300 cast.

  3. Ron Paul!

  4. Uh.. there are no “Tea Party’ candidates left in the GOP primary. Maybe RP, but let’s face – his foreign policy is just plain nuts

    The GOAL in 2012 is 2 defeat Obama, NOT to elect the most ‘tea party-ish candidate’.

    We will have to back ANY GOP candidate that wins the primary if we want to rid America of this 4 year Historical nightmare


      How do you defeat Obamacare by electing a president who SUPPORTS Obamacare?

      Please explain that one to me. Thanks!

      • I would bet anything, Obamacare won’t be defeated with Obama in office for a second term

        • Nor will it with Newt (or Romney for that matter). So if you vote for one of them you are voting IN FAVOR OF Obamacare – which means you are a TeaParty TRAITOR.

  5. Steve Nelson says

    Getting back to the original subject, any tea partier who thinks Newt is conservative is being fooled the same way that Obama fooled the masses four years ago. Newt is all talk. He contradicts himself constantly. That is exactly like Obama. They both tell people what they want to hear.

    20 years ago, Newt was more conservative than Romney. Today, Romney is more conservative than Newt. And Romney’s credentials are not simply campaign changes of heart. He Vetoed over 800 bills from the Liberal Massachusetts legislature and cut taxes 19 times. That is not a Massachusetts moderate. That is a Massachusetts Conservative.

    Our #1 priority is to rid our nation of Obama. 44 States are already decided. Obama wins the true blue states. Any Republican wins the solid Red states. Unfortunately the election will boil down to 6 swing states. Romney leads Obama in almost every one of those states. No other Republican candidate leads Obama in head to head polling in those states. That is the most important thing for all of us.

    • Rosco P Coltrane says

      Well, Romney definitely supports Government-mandated health care. He supports man-made global warming theory and supported Cap and Trade while campaigning in 2007. He raised taxes and fees, and had a poor record of job creation when he was governor of Mass. He supported the bankster bailouts and has most of his current campaign funded by the banksters.

      So how is electing Romney going to be any better than Obama? Romney is the SAME as Obama. Honestly, what do you think he will do differently? I believe if elected he will plunge this country further into the abyss. It seems obvious.

      Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still voting for evil. And Romney is DEFINITELY evil.

  6. Not impressed says

    @MadArizonan … and I suppose you support Richie Rich who wouldn’t know how to find K Street and who’s campaign motto should be “I’ll do somewhat better than the last guy”

    Come on, What’s Mitt known for? TIMIDITY he has to practice his passion act.

    but here we go with the negative Mitt’s so famous for. What would Mitt be without the money he throws around? Certainly devoid of new ideas.

  7. Our #1 priority should be to elect a Republican as president. We need a strong candidate to do that because despite the low approval Obama has now, most people are ignoring the fact that the media works with his campaign. The media has deliberately even been critical lately, so that they can swing back to support Obama later and say that they are neutral because at one point they were critical.
    This election operates on a timeline and what Obamas numbers for the past 6 months will not matter if there is the slightest uptick in the economy. Beware!! if there is minor momentum in the economy or jobs, then Obama will ride the doubt back into office because the bulk of the uneducated voters will go along and get along.
    This is a potential disaster for the Party no matter how much hard core conservatives are against Obama.

    • Rosco P Coltrane says

      “Our #1 priority should be to elect a Republican as president.”

      Well, what if that republican favored all of Obama’s policies, like Mitt Romney does and like Newt Gingrich mostly does? Obamacare, cap and trade, bankster bailouts, more undeclared wars… If you think electing one of these shiesters into office is going to fix things, you need to study their history.

  8. Newton Leroy is not on the ballot in all 50 states. Therefore it is essentially impossible for him to receive enough delegates to win the nomination. Only Dr. Paul and Willard Milton are on the ballot in every state.

    Newton Leroy has a long and proud statist history of exaggeration and compromise.

    “We need to be honest about the fact that we are transferring from the United States at a practical level significant authority to a new organization…. This is not just another trade agreement. This is adopting something which twice, once in the 1940s and once in the 1950s, the U.S. Congress rejected…. It is a very big transfer of power.” -Newt Gingrich, 1993, testifying before Ways and Means in favor of the GATT treaty, submitting the United States to the World Trade Organization

    “GATT is the third pillar of the New World Order.” -NY Times, April 15, 1994

    “NAFTA represents the single most creative step towards a New World Order since the end of the Cold War.” -Henry Kissinger, August 1993

    Newt Gingrich avidly supported both treaties, and said that NAFTA was successful because, “it created jobs in Mexico.”

    • This just underscores the point of the author of the original post. Newt is a TRAITOR to the Teaparty and this nation.

      The founding fathers would string up any Teaparty leader who attempted to mislead their Teaparty into supporting this globalist liberal Newt.

      • Conservative American says

        I agree with you that Newt sucks. Aside from everything else, he’s now on his third wife. He had extramarital sex while married to his first wife. He had extramarital sex while married to his second wife. What will happen with his third marriage remains to be seen.

        Out of all of the good Republicans who could be viable presidential candidates, are Newt supporters telling us that the best they can come up with is a guy who has repeatedly cheated on his wife just like Bill Clinton did? Get real!

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