AZ State Bar convention offers politically correct classes for lawyers

The AZ State bar is offering the usual list of politically correct lectures for lawyers to take at their annual convention the weekend of June 29 in order to receive mandatory Continuing Legal Education credit. Some of these classes are so outrageous and nothing more than left wing propaganda it’s irritating to know that mandatory bar dues are going to pay for them.
Sex and the Constitution Revisited
Sponsored by the “Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.”
What are the obligations of employers and school administrators regarding employees and students whose dress and mannerisms do not conform to societal norms? Can employers require employees to “act like a man” or “dress like a lady”? Do school administrators have an obligation to protect students from harassment based on gender? WHat are the limits of mandatory conformity?

Current Environmental and Land Use Developments 

The D Word: A Candid look at Achieving a Diverse Legal Profession
Sponsored by the Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law
(don’t expect them to care about Christians in the law, or conservatives in the law, which also constitute a minority in law)

Potential Remedies for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity
Sponsored by the World Peace Through Law Section (I did not make that name up) Among the historic principles established by the Nuremberg trials and United Nations treaties are the principles that wars of aggression, genocide and certain acts against humanity are unlawful. The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established as one remedy. Another remedy is “universal jurisdiction” that allows charges to be brought anywhere. A third rememdy is applying the principles under domestic law. The speakers will discuss the ICC. Germany’s universal jurisdiction statute in relation to the detention centers of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, and domestic remedies in the context of charges brought against an officer who refused what he considered to be illegal orders to deploy to Iraq.
(and what does this have to do with practicing law in Arizona? Looks more like a tirade against the Bush administration using European laws to criticize him)

Children and Borders
The Impact of Current Immigration Law and Policy on Dependent and Delinquent Minors
(The list of speakers include 2 public defenders, an immigrant rights activist, a couple of judges who were probably former criminal defense attorneys, a representative from the Attorney General’s Office – and 0 prosecutors. Clearly, this lecture has an agenda to promote regarding illegal immigration, and it isn’t about obeying the law.)

Courts And Democracy

(Sounds like a neutral class, right? The speakers list reads like a who’s who of left wingers – Scott Bales, Napolitano’s liberal appointee to the AZ Supreme Court,¬† Neil Bradley from the ACLU, two representatives from Goddard’s liberal Attorney General’s office, Joe Kanefield, a Democrat from the Secretary of State’s Office, and a couple other private attorneys on the left. Don’t expect to hear a fair and balanced assessment of Prop. 200 and voting, or “majoritarian review” versus judicial review)

Together We Make History
An Illustrated History of the 4th, 5th, & 6th Amendment and a Primer on Arizona Historical Case Designation
Sponsored by the Criminal Justice Section
(Since this class is about criminal law, you would expect to find prosecutors participating. Nope. There are 2 public defenders speaking, and a couple of administrative people from the courts and archives. It’s clear what spin the bar wants placed on criminal law.)

How people can pay to sit through these garbage courses is beyond me.


  1. Has anyone told Jan Brewer she has a liberal Democrat running her elections office?

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