AZ Republic’s steadily losing visitors

After reading an article in the Phoenix Republic section of the Arizona Republic bragging about how much traffic the Republic’s blogs are getting (which I don’t read – the formatting on its website is so bad, difficult to maneuver around, and constantly being changed so you can’t bookmark favorites or consistently find anything, that it’s not worth the headache), I decided to research how many people are really visiting its site, which includes its blogs. The article didn’t mention how many unique visitors the blogs are getting, it only referred to hits – which could be grossly inflated if you have the same tech support guys at work and employees accessing the site frequently.

I looked up’s popularity and performance on, and, two of the leading website stats trackers. The graph below is from alexa and tracks what percentage of global users are accessing the site over the past 5 years. As you can see, the Republic’s share has been sharply declining.

Quantcast only tracks sites within the past 6 months. Their chart, which tracks monthly unique U.S. visitors, reveals the same downward trend, which buttresses the accuracy of these numbers and this trend.

Below are two more charts from alexa showing how’s ranking among all the websites in the world in terms of popularity has continued to decline, and also its page views.



In comparison, check out the graph for, right wing talk radio that is adapting slowly to the web with news articles:

the new local paper?
The Republic’s downward trend started coincidentally around the same time the paper hired Keven Willey as editor, who pushed the paper much farther to the left. It has continued to take a hard left slant under editor Ward Bushee and now Randy Lovely with no sign that the bleeding will stop. Any predictions on how long before the Republic closes its doors? The Seattle Times announced over Christmas that it’s not making it, and they are going to try to cut jobs and change the newspaper, but one of the options considered at this point is shutting down. They’ll probably be gone in a year. Espressopundit has noted that it takes 100 times as many website readers to generate the ad revenues as print readers. The Republic must really be tanking with declining web readers in addition to its declining print subscribers.


  1. They are so bad, I just read the Wednesday recipes and the restaurant reviews.
    Even their comic pages suck.

    I believe they also own a share of the AZ Diamondbacks but they do a really
    terrible job of reporting on them, too!

    Maybe they just want to publish in Spanish?

  2. I’m not surprised their web traffic is down. The Republic gives the paper away six days a week. Any day now they may be paying subscribers to take the paper. If not for having to read the real estate section, I wouldn’t get the paper at all. I rarely ever use their website.

  3. Disgruntled Democrat insider says

    You conservative types probably aren’t aware of this, but us lefties hang out with the mainstream media types at parties and other events. Shouldn’t surprise you, considering you always accuse us of being in bed together. I know several of the local reporters in town fairly well from parties. They have their resumes out there and they’re scared. At least the younger ones are, especially the ones at the Republic. The older ones are hoping they’ll be old enough to collect a decent level of retirement if they get laid off. The younger ones are much more worried. They’re talking about moving to more liberal cities like Seattle where Jon Talton moved to in order to find employment. Which isn’t really a good move either, considering he hasn’t found a job yet, and the Seattle Times is about to go out of business. They’d be better off finding a job with McCain, since they love him so much (ahem – sellouts). Others are talking about finding jobs with the Democrat party.

  4. Dick Gazinia says

    HA HA!

    This shows that just reporting the news is worth more to people than journalists/editors selling an agenda.

    Screw it, I hope it dies soon.

  5. I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff

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