AZ Republic supports McCain, MA Republicans support Romney


McCain had a very interesting point in Tuesday’s debate. About 2 minutes into the above video Mitt Romney states “if you get endorsed by the New York Times you’re probably not a conservative.” McCain responded that he was endorsed by Romney’s two hometown newspapers, including the “very conservative” Boston Herald. He did not mention the very liberal Boston Globe by name. Then he went on to brag about his hometown paper

I’ll guarantee you the Arizona Republic will be endorsin’ me my friend.

Funny he wants to talk about the political slant of the Herald but forgets to put “rather liberal” before Arizona Republic. It is also strange that McCain promises that the paper will endorse him two days after it actually did. Did McCain know that the fix was in or was he just guessing and someone forgot to tell him that his friends at the Republic had already come through for him?

Speaking of the Boston Herald it looks like their presidential reporter needs some more Kool-Aid, she is not quite with the program. Better keep her away from Nowicki.

McCain wants to compare his standing in Arizona vs. Romney’s position in Massachusetts when he brags about all of his newspaper endorsements. How about the voters? In Massachusetts Romney has the support of from 55% to 57% of Republicans. After decades in congress only 40% to 41% Arizona Republicans are behind McCain. Too bad newspapers don’t get a vote.


  1. Pathetic, what a joke . . . Arizona’s premier conservative blogsite – what a bunch of humbug – who needs with friends like you.

  2. McCain brought up the topic. We are exploring the details that he left out. There is an election on Tuesday and we want to balance the slanted spin of the MSM. Were there any errors in the story or did it just upset you?

  3. It would be pathetic if they were Arizona’s premier Republican blog but since they are conservatives it is fair game. A lot of voters have not made up their minds so discussing McCain’s statements and attitude makes sense. If they keep going like this after Tuesday I will agree with you James but for the last weekend before the vote I will give them a pass.

  4. Did you skeptics really believe that the Republic would endorse anyone but McCain? Good grief! This is Arizona, the state where the Republic endorsed Napolitano over Salmon and anyone with a “D” in additon to those with a “R-I-N-O” after their name. Look at the voting record of the senior senator from Arizona. He’s chasing his ego at the expense of his principles.

  5. James,

    Isn’t a McCain’s ally for closing down GITMO and protecting terrorists from enhanced interrogations?

  6. To the so called conservatives who abandoned Bush, back Tancredo, listened Hannity and Rush, ran the Hayworth and Graf campaigns,

    In the words of Doctor Phil, how is that working out for you?

    Is anyone else tired of the Chicken hawk wing of the GOP making foreign policy decisions? I am willing to give a man who has lost the use of arms because of torture the benefit of the doubt on waterboarding and GITMO, how about you? Anyone else tired of this phony divide between Republicans and conservatives? What does anyone in Arizona know about RINOs? How about Susan Collins? Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter? Then come talk to me about RINOs.

    Beam me up Scotty there is no intelligent life down here.

  7. Keen Observer says

    Our gain is there lost. Please, beam him up!

  8. James,

    The terrorists strap bombs to two mentally impaired women so they can kill civilians and McCain is worried about our image around the world. Talk about lack of intelligent life.

  9. Pam,

    True or false, our image around the world affects the troop commitments from our allies?

  10. They tried to beam James up, but the machine became confused when there was no matter inside the cranium. Oh well, nice try, Scotty.

  11. N Phx Newcomer says

    40% support for McCain in AZ and 57% support for Romney in MA. To quote McCain from the debate, “the people who know you best.”

  12. We all know how conservative Massachusetts is. It would make sense that the “real conservative” would be ahead in conservative Massachusetts. Like the you said, “the people who know you best”. All those conservatives in Massachusetts know and love Romney, just like they know and love Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and Barney Franks and………..

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