AZ Republic prints response to Lacey’s use of n**** word

Well it’s about time. 10 days later the AZ Republic decides to print something about Village Voice editor Michael Lacey’s appalling use of the n**** word. It’s not even anything by the Republic itself, but a guest op-ed from Maricopa County Attorney PIO Mike Anthony Scerbo, who many of us remember from his years at KFYI. He writes in part,

While I never came close to making the dollars Lacey makes, I spent 22 years in the journalism trade. I would have been rightly fired for such conduct and the respected news organizations that employed me would have likely issued a public apology.

This brings up an interesting point. Lacey has defended his statement by saying it occurred at a banquet to celebrate journalists and free speech. But free speech doesn’t mean you can say anything when you’re in private employment. Your employer can still fire you. If Lacey had made his remarks in the middle of a public park, provided his employer didn’t know about them, he’d have less chance of running into ramifications. But Lacey made them while in the employment of a private organization, the Village Voice and the Phoenix New Times. The relationship between Lacey’s authority over the Village Voice is murky – does anyone there have the power to remove him, or is his ownership interest so strong he cannot be removed by the others?


  1. Racist like Geraldine Ferraro or Don Imus or Jeremiah Wright?

    I vote we take a holiday from all this race baiting and just live

  2. FreeAdvice says

    It may be that the story says less about Lacey’s view of blacks in general and more about his view of you and me in particular. If he doesn’t respect people, he doesn’t respect the truth, he doesn’t deserve readers.

    Barbara Walters is a great journalist not because of what she says, but because of what she gets others to say. Lacey is more like a porn star, perhaps talented in a superficial way, but bent on humiliating himself and those around him.

    I just want to hear the little boy tell us that the emperor has no clothes.

  3. Michael Anthony Scerbo knows what’s talking about and I agree. Bravo to him, and his boss, Andrew Thomas for standing up to this thug, Michael Lacey.

  4. Maybe John Edwards was right; there is two Americas.

    One where Rev. Wright and Mike Lacey can say hateful things and be considered “free speech” All-Americans by the purveyors of information. Of course, to which we all should be paying attention and heeding their guide.

    And then the rest of us who know better.

  5. I think white people care about this stuff too much. I mean if everyone was trying to be like me by saying hateful things about me, I would say: “Let them eat cake.”

    On the other hand I see white people getting pushed around because they don’t close ranks around someone who is in trouble. Case in point, Don Imus of the Duke rapists.

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