AZ Republic gets duped by self-generated non-story

The Republic ran a front-page, top of the fold story today entitled, “Sources: FBI Asking Questions on Arpaio.” To read it, one would get the impression that the FBI is “investigating” Arpaio. Really? What actually happened is a couple of officials who don’t like Sheriff Arpaio (probably the usual suspects, like Democrat Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox who never saw an illegal immigrant she didn’t like) called the FBI to complain about him, then called the media to report that the FBI is “investigating” their complaints.

This is not news. Nor is it an “investigation.” Let’s take an analogy. Say you contact Terry Goddard’s Office to complain about your neighbor. Anybody in the world can call up Goddard and complain about anything. Goddard’s office then has a duty to review your complaint, no matter how petty or invalid your complaint may be, even if just to respond back to you and say your complaint isn’t something his office handles. This process of Goddard reviewing your complaint is not an “investigation.” And you wouldn’t then call up the media to report that Goddard is investigating your neighbor!

It’s unfortunate that the Republic fell for this trick. Arpaio’s opponents are trying to pile it on him under the Obama administration, and they duped the Republic bigtime.


  1. What is the source for your refutation of the Rep article?

  2. Source? Chewie provides no sources Craig.

  3. if I attack Chewie enough maybe he'll stop posting about Chuck Couglin says

    If Chewie could out his sources, this wouldn’t be a site for anonymous political bloggers anymore, would it? That’s a bit overreaching to expect intel like this to betray who is behind it. If you want sources, go to the sugarcoated Arizona Republic.

  4. #3- You missed the point. Chewie doesn’t have sources and never has. He usually just misunderstands an article and applies his own convoluted theory.
    The most glaring thing is when the facts are laid out to Chewie he has never come back on to address the truth.

  5. Chewie and I were having lunch on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas one November afternoon, and I saw a bunch of cars and heard a lot of loud noises and sirens. Chewie said he didn’t see or hear anything out of the ordinary.

    Sometimes I think Chewie doesn’t pay as much attention as he should.

    Just saying…


  1. […] The newspapers went crazy reporting on how AG Goddard reported there was an undercover Sheriff’s car parked near his house for 90 minutes. Goddard, full of self-importance (or a guilty conscience?) complained to the media about it, since it occurred on the same day the Arizona Republic ran a nonstory about some public officials who had called the FBI to complain about Arpaio, which we reported on earlier today. […]

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