AZ Republic censoring news about its political activist attorney David Bodney

Partisan left wing activist AZ Republic attorney David Bodney
The Arizona Republic has repeatedly refused to print any news about its high-profile attorney, David Bodney, who we’re told may have been involved in recruiting ACLU Tim Nelson to run for County Attorney against Andrew Thomas, and who hosted a fundraiser for him last week (see invite below). Bodney is an active partisan Democrat who has zealously fought Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio. He has sued Arpaio numerous times.

Letters to the editor referencing Bodney’s involvement in high-profile politics have been censored or not run at all. The Republic cut out of a Border Patrol union spokesman’s letter to the editor criticizing their endorsement of Nelson a reference to Bodney. The PIO for Thomas’s office tells us he sent a letter to the editor referencing Bodney earlier this year and they refused to print it at all.

This is a shocking story that hasn’t been published anywhere. Basically it blows away any pretense of objectivity on the Republic’s part, and they’ve deliberately bottled it up for a long time. They cannot claim to be an objective newspaper if they’re failing to provide useful information like this to the public – the public has a right to know about associations like this which clearly bias the Republic’s coverage of local officials.

And they’re paying for it. The paper has become so anemic (its height and width are shrinking, and the margins of space around the paper have increased) if you haven’t checked out the paper version in a couple of months, you’ll be surprised at what’s left of it these days. Poynter Online had an article on how the Republic’s coverage of Scottsdale was already so sparse don’t expect it to fill the void left by the East Valley Tribune leaving. Which isn’t surprising, Scottsdale is a Republican bastion, and the local blogs like this one are filling in that void instead.

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  1. Lawyers for Justice says

    Bodney is one of the sleaziest and most corrupt attorneys in the state. Attorneys who have had interactions with him say that if he was ever seriously investigated, he’d probably end up behind bars. But the Arizona
    Bar will never investigate him, because of his power working for the Arizona Republic. In fact, the bar frequently features him as one of their CLE presenters on media law. It’s shameful what this creep gets away with.

  2. Bodney is scum. Check the AZ Bar and request the numerous investigations that have been done against him. A very bad and unethical person — not to mention lawyer.

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