AZ Hospital and Healthcare Association Endorses Matt Salmon

CONTACT: Adam Deguire

Supports Salmon’s vision and experience in creating jobs and growth for Arizona citizens 

EAST VALLEY – Former Congressman and candidate for Arizona’s 6th Congressional District Matt Salmon announced today that his campaign has received the endorsement from the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA). Salmon released the following statement regarding his most recent campaign endorsement:

“I’m grateful to receive the support from one of our state’s most vitally important and respected organizations. The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association aims to improve the health status of Arizona citizens and plays an integral in creating jobs and growth in the healthcare industry. I look forwarding to returning to Washington and partnering with AzHHA once again to put forth policies that will curb rising healthcare costs, protect affordable healthcare access and increase economic growth for the Arizona healthcare industry.”

“The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association enthusiastically endorses Matt Salmon and his plans to bring economic prosperity back to Arizona,” said Laurie Liles, President and CEO of AzHAA. “Matt recognizes that Arizonans need and deserve high-quality healthcare. And he understands that hospitals and the 80,000 plus men and women they employ are vital to Arizona’s economy.”

About The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHAA)
The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) serves as a powerful advocate for issues that impact the quality and accessibility of healthcare in Arizona. AzHHA’s membership includes health systems, hospitals and affiliated healthcare organizations that have united with the goal of improving healthcare delivery in Arizona. AzHHA is an organization of hospitals and health systems dedicated to providing leadership on issues affecting the delivery, quality, accessibility and cost effectiveness of healthcare. The Association accepts and shares in the responsibility for improving the health status of the people of Arizona. AzHHA members represent more than 95 percent of all hospital beds in the state, from Page to Nogales and Yuma to Springerville.

About Matt Salmon
Matt Salmon was first elected to the United States Congress in 1994 and served until 2000, honoring his term limit pledge. A proud fiscal conservative, Salmon was rated in the top five among all 535 members of the House and Senate by Citizen’s Against Government Waste for all six years he was in office. He is a lifetime member of the NRA with an A+ rating and also earned a 100% rating by the National Right to Life. He was also the proud recipient of the American Cancer Society’s “Top National Elected Official” award.

Matt Salmon has received endorsements from Arizona Congressman Trent Franks, former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, South Dakota Senator John Thune, East Valley mayors Gail Barney (Queen Creek), Hugh Hallman (Tempe) and John Insalaco (Apache Junction).



  1. MesaConservative21 says

    After your union connections, I am not voting for Matt Salmon. Don’t buy it people, he is buying endorsements up because of PORK!!!

  2. Tucson Republican says

    AzHHA supported Obamacare; was against co-payments for AHHCCS patients; always for more government intervention in health care. I wouldn’t brag if I were Mr. Salmon.

  3. Conservative American says

    It was unwise for Mr. Salmon to accept the endorsement of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association. Why is that?

    A core Conservative principle is that competition in the marketplace, based upon supply and demand, is a beneficial and essential aspect of Capitalism. Through it’s alleged actions, the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association would seem to take issue with that principle.

    In 2005, the AzHHA was sued by nurses for allegedly violating antitrust laws, allegedly fixing the pay rate for temporary and travelling nurses below the going market rate. In 2007, both the State of Arizona and the U. S. Department of Justice also claimed that the AzHHA had violated antitrust laws.

    The AzHHA ran a registry which supplied temporary nursing staff to health care facilities. Those utiliizing the registry had to pay a monthly fee, agree to hire fifty percent of their temporary staff from registry agencies and follow the AzHHA’s billing rate schedule. The only problem was that the AzHHA’s pay rate to nurses was lower than the prevailing pay rate. Capitalist competition in the marketplace sometimes lowers compensation and at other times increases compensation based upon supply and demand. The alleged practices by the AzHHA allegedly hampered the normal operation of the Capitalist supply and demand principle.

    While the AzHHA admitted to no wrongdoing, a court ordered the AzHHA to cease requiring that those participating in their registry service use only agencies which are affiliated with that registry service and it ordered the AzHHA to cease using it’s rate schedule. The agreement to settle the case is confidential and not available to be viewed by the citizens of Arizona.

    The settlement did not allow for compensation to nurses for lost wages so a class action lawsuit was filed seeking such compensation. A settlement agreement was ultimately reached providing for a $22.4 million fund to pay back wages to affected nurses.

    We don’t want labor unions but neither do we want to see the Conservative, Capitalist principles of marketplace competition and supply and demand be cast aside. Indeed, it may be behaviors such as those alleged to have been engaged in by the AzHHA which foster the growth of labor unions. In any case, with a settlement creating a $22.4 million fund to pay lost wages, it is doubtful that any cost savings resulted from the alleged actions of the AzHHA.

    Before Mr. Salmon accepts any further endorsements, he would be well to thoroughly investigate the background any organization that wishes to associate their name with him.

  4. Steve Calabrese says

    I’ve always liked Matt in the past, but it really bothers me how many bad organizations he’s getting close to in order to try to win this election.

    I can’t help but think what the Matt of, say, 1996 would think of today’s Matt.

  5. Tiny Elvis says

    Sweet! That’s an awesome deal when your own clients endorse you for Congress!

    I wonder who will be next to jump on board?

    Professional Firefighters?
    Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers?

  6. Kirk Adams cuts healthcare subsidies for the poor. Matt Salmon get’s the hospital endorsement. Surprise…surprise.

  7. MesaConservative21 says

    What is truly awful is how Salmon is trying the buy the election. This is ridiculous and it might WORK. Vote Kirk Adams or Chuck Gray, anyone but this union loving Salmon.

  8. Reality Check says

    MesaConservative- would you like to expand on that claim? But the election? He is a former Congressman, candidate for Governor, and state party chair. How do you even begin to figure he’s trying to “buy” the election.

    • MesaConservative21 says

      Well for starters these organizations are not endorsing Matt Salmon out of the kindness of their hearts. Maybe buy is the wrong word but it seems fishy to an old guy like me.

  9. Ummm…look on the website of the group that endorsed Salmon. The home page is ALL whining about cuts the state has made to government welfare healthcare. Conservative Matt Salmon “earns” this endorsement.


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