AZ GOP uses poll question to defend stance on increasing taxes

Press release from Americans for Prosperity

“Cutting my taxes, securing our border. That’s my AZ GOP.”

(Well, one out of two is still half a loaf…)

In a news release today, the Arizona Republican Party used a Kenski/HighGround poll question to suggest that its stance in favor of a (temporary) tax increase is popular with voters:

Sharp readers will notice that the Kenski/HighGround poll question did not break down the amount of the tax increase into per-family or per-household figures.

In our AFP Arizona poll, when we let respondents know that the increase would be over $300 per household, we got very different results. 62 percent of respondents in Phoenix were opposed to the tax, and 64 percent in Glendale. Opposition to tax increases crossed party lines, with 47 percent of self-identified “strong Democrats” in Phoenix opposed, and 52 percent in Glendale.

And then there’s another poll from Rasmussen, showing 65 percent of respondents opposed to a tax hike. Reporter Howie Fisher summarizes the dueling polls here:

Near the end, Fisher cites the AZ GOP spokesman:

Brett Mecum, the party’s executive director, admitted that the survey included several other alternatives to making up the $1 billion shortfall. But GOP Mecum refused to make the results of that public, saying the only information the party wants out — at least right now — is that there is support for Brewer’s plan.


  1. Conservative GOP says
  2. Conservative GOP says

    Gila Courier is reporting that Sen. Ron Gould is coming out against the GOP poll –

  3. As I read more and more about these polls I begin to trust the Kinski poll more than the others.
    Her poll follows a real scenario and isn’t just cut and dry. If the poll is to guage support for Brewer’s 5 point plan, then they asked the question perfectly.
    Also, asking 600 highly likely voters statewide compared to random voters in Phoenix and Glendale is night and day.

  4. Antifederalist says

    Gotta love it when the party takes conservative principles, wads them up, and round files them. More evidence that the state and national parties are worthless.

  5. I thought liberals were the only ones who woke up in the morning, wet their finger, put it up in the air to test which way the wind is blowing and then went that direction.

    I guess the AZGOP has decided that this is the best way to determine public policy as well.

  6. nightcrawler says

    Got to face reality folks. AZGOP has got it right. Ideology need not trump the facts. Either we raise taxes or increase debt not much left to cut.

  7. There is plenty to cut. In my 5 years in the Senate, the budget rose from 6.2B to 11.3B. That is twice the rate of inflation + population growth. We just need Legislators that will make the cuts!


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