AZ GOP 3.1 in 2010

by Gayle Plato

I thought about a comment I made regarding my last post of re-branding the GOP and I decided I was rude.  Many incredibly loyal, dedicated people have given years of their lives to make the Grand Ol’ Party truly grand.  There is a life blood: a cause for individualism, limited government, and states rights.  Yet there is also a changing world we cannot deny. 

 Simply though, the GOP of the past, of the Barry Goldwater years, is not dying.  It is evolving.  I might also add, the AuH20 (Goldwater) legend is becoming a bit of folklore. Senator Goldwater rides off into the sunset like John Wayne.  But he’s not here to dress down everyone for putting him up as a Cowboy Conservative.  We truly NEED a Goldwater approach.  Republicans need to stay on message but also stay open to all evolving ideas and views.  We must stop trying to get even, we need to get ahead, and hold the lead.  Let’s get the majority of voters to join the ranks. Period. 


My faith in the future rests squarely on the belief that man, if he doesn’t first destroy himself, will find new answers in the universe, new technologies, new disciplines, which will contribute to a vastly different and better world in the twenty-first century. Recalling what has happened in my short lifetime in the fields of communication and transportation and the life sciences, I marvel at the pessimists who tell us that we have reached the end of our productive capacity, who project a future of primarily dividing up what we now have and making do with less. To my mind the single essential element on which all discoveries will be dependent is human freedom.  -Goldwater’s Autobiography, With No Apologies (1979)

Politics is a game and it’s played to win.  Once in, we debate, disagree, and mainly, we get the job done.  It’s HOW we do the job, and send the message that wins today.

 There is a social media push that made Barack Obama, that whooshed wind under the sails of Governor Napolitano, and fried the likes of John McCain. You may think that Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, iPods, blogging, and all of the Webmania is pointless.  In many ways, it is.  It’s also an outgrowth of a society scared about strangers, about risking ourselves in this dangerous world.  Social media is the confessional booth, it’s the listening bartender, it’s the life coach and spiritual advisor just 140 characters away.

 In true definition, social media is pure politics. Denying its reality is the parent saying the Beatles will never become anything and nobody will replace Andy Williams or Pat Boone. It’s here. It’s also well beyond Web 2.0.  All of the writing and social chatter, with ten zillion twitter biters hitting each up to be our social media experts; they are like snake oil salesmen.  None of them is an expert any more than the next guy.

 But Republican mastery of the Internet universe matters. Whether Crunchy Con Dennis Millers, or Libertarians hanging out to see if we’ll get it, watching Glen Beck, these souls are loitering in the Web halls, waiting for Miss California, for Ron Paul, for Ted Nugent, for Trey Stone, or maybe even Sarah Palin to World Wide Wow them.

 My take is this: Web 2.0 is in play and lag timing spin doctors are almost missing the power gem in the game of  Web 3.1 Republicanism. We are in a battle with the intellectual elite, the high colonics of liberalism with a big dropping millions in their laps. These dems are Janet Napolitano devotees, watching Anderson Cooper, reading Daily Kos and the Huffington Post.  We are also seeing a number of Caterpillar Liberals- those afraid of the confinement that comes with responsibility. They’re fighting for the rights of scared terrorists with caterpillars in their cells, they are screaming the rights of pro-choice, and they’re watching Oprah, The View.  They vote democrat but deeply resent being told to do so or to being pigeon-holed.  They are random abstracts of limited knowledge. They like Perez Hilton, and still wish they could smoke clove cigs, sipping spiked tea at the crack of noon in Flagstaff. Problem is, the Web got them in and got them to vote.  Now, they’ve got to keep them voting.  I think THAT is the GOP in.


Doofii Democrats who just registered last year, they don’t like to do much twice.  They voted for Barack Obama, but will they find the polls come 2010? Now, all of my frustrated conservatives that do not respect my somewhat hands-off conservatism, I ask you this:  Do you know what I was talking about in the previous paragraphs?  If you’re a bit lost with the whole social media thing, and 2.0 or 3.1 whatever is hooey to you, well then you are the minority.  We have a loyal, needed, valued minority.  We also have a republican problem of being out of touch and under-educated.  Either get up to speed and embrace the reality you’re in like a good general does before battle, or welcome sitting the next one out, on your helmet, protecting your jewels.  This game is afoot and the playing field includes a virtual reality so explosive, exciting, innovative, and yes welcomingly conservative. Best of all, it’s conservative in the purest sense of limited government and respect of the individual. We cannot let the GOP miss the social mnemonic device that will build us up and help us to not get even, but help us to win.






  1. Oberserve says

    All of the above from Gayle is just several thousand wasted words to say what the Johns have been saying: that they will define the party, the grassroots needs to shut up and make their phone calls for them and donate, we’re getting amnestly – like it or not, we’re abandoning life, we’re no longer the party of smaller government. And you have no where else to go – so tough.

  2. JR Snyder Jr says

    I’m on the social web and the power of it that can be harnessed for the liberty, free-market, limited government movement are enormous. My feeling is we’re in a Web 2.5 pending Mobile 3.0 which will change everything…everything including how elections are won. It’s critical to get on that channel of communications for 21st messaging to voters.

    When I hear it dismissed by any conservative or Republican who hasn’t grasped even the importance of Web 2.0 and beyond…my heart sinks because it’s a dismissal of people worth investing in to spread a message. If you’re not interested in it that’s fine, but recognize that it is now a necessary tool to successful political movements from seedling, let others do it.

    Just how quickly would conservative organizations or the state GOP be able to react to a negative viral event on the web? For instance on a slow news day CNN or MSNBC decides to show a video somehow uploaded to YouTube of some wayward…say oh a GOP party official and it suddenly becomes national news? If conservatives were mobilized on the internet they can respond and squash that in hours.

  3. Observe- You’re making my case for me. You also went to issues I never said in order to slam fellow party members because they disagree with you. Do you GOP members want to be sitting together alone, or do you want to accept there are party members with different views, pull together and win? Like I said, be angry, divide forever over Pullen v. James, get mad at our US Senators and Reps forever. Feel unappreciated and give up. That is your right. is counting on you doing that all the way to the bank, $5.00 donations at a time.

    JR know of the web and interacts here, do you?

  4. Oberserve says

    The only “Pullen vs. James” divide that there is Rightwoman is the one you and the James folks are creating. While you screech for unity you do everything within your power to create division.

    The only change that the Republican party needs is to expose liars so everyone knows who they are. Then we can move forward without that baggage and the voters will trust what we have to say again.

  5. Ober- I liked both and know neither. This divide issue isn’t just an AZ thing, and we all know it. My point is that the best way to get a team to fail is to convince the players to attack each other. Did you read the post by Sean Noble about this–very good and on a parallel issue:

  6. JR Snyder Jr says

    If Republicans in Arizona and nationally want to take the gun aimed at their foot and point it to their head by holding on to positions and tactics that no longer work, then quickly pull the trigger. The rest of us need to get on with it.

    To Gayle’s point about we need a (to Move Them Out of the White House and DC) for people seriously interested in liberty, free enterprise, limited government, entrepreneurship to get this country back on the right track again.

  7. JR,

    Didn’t you have that in “Freedom’s Watch”, that big toilet that Ari Fleischer conned you Republicans into flusing your money down?

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Michael Steele has an off-the-hook, avant-garde, hip-hop plan to appeal the youth of America.

  8. Oberserve says

    Gayle, please.

    Shadegg was in town stating to the Republican Jewish Coalition that the current state and county leadership needs to be defeated. McCain said the same thing to a Hispanic Republican group before the LD11 meeting where he spoke.

    Yet these are the people, like you, calling for “unity” and for a “new way.”

    It’s the same old BS. Lies. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s a call for the grassroots to shut up and make their phone calls and donate and for a small group of elite, the very same that CAUSED the losses we experienced in 2006 and 2008, to create the “new” way. But it’s not a “new” way.

    It’s the old democrat way. Amnesty, big spending, big government, pretending to be democrats.

    It’s the very reason why we lost in 2006 and 2008 and it’s what you and your disunity-ists are advocating.

    Well, it aint gonna happen.

    You’re not the “new” way. Your way is the same ole same ole.

    I’m the new way. Under 40, conservative, diverse, and technologically adept.

    You, James, McCain and the fake “unity” folks can step out of the way now. We’ll not only do just fine. We’ll do FANTASTICALLY.


  9. Ober-
    And yet I gotcha to come down to my level, here in my ol’ cougar rocker, with my comfy shoes politics. Blessings to you and the other youngins’ who are party faithful, or is that partying faithfuls, I dunno.

    Oberboy–This isn’t about you, and me. It’s a capri-wearing soccer moms with kids trying to balance budgets (okay SHE is me), young dads who are afraid they’re getting fired, 60-something AZ retirees from back home finding out their pensions are being taken. Illegal immigration, security, the recession from hell, and real people suffering.

    It’s an Obamanation truly hijacking liberty.

    This is not about who in the party in the nice guy. We all are are we not? Do you really believe anyone will win anything without some understanding and tolerence of others?
    Mr. Wippersnapper, there’s a war going on, a couple of them. Terrorists are suspected or working with and coordinating efforts at the Mexican border, Israel is soon to meet with the US and Obama, Rham Emmanuel- they’re trying to stick it to Israel. All peace hinges on political and diplomatic steps, by an administration that gives the Queen and iPod, flys AF1 on joyrides, and jokes it up at the Correspondence Dinner while our kids await some political misstep. If we all spend time waxing that we can be spinners sitting at the DC Doof Dinner, we are off the msg. Who cares about wonking–I say we are, in the Lance Armstrong cycling vernacular–BONKING it all up.

    Bush 41, 43, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Obama- it’s a toss up some days as to whether anyone has the Right Stuff.

    Locally–well here -we all grouse, nashing as underpaind overworked legislative officials, staff, and lots of supporting unsung workers do tons of work for what? To hiss and snarl at each other over a blog post?
    Any high school coach would bench the majority of us for bad sportsmanship. All sports fans are first to note the guys who do not play fair or piss and moan over what he does not get. Yet, in the political arena we relish the grumbling? Can’t we just get along?

  10. Carl Hay says

    I read, and reread and reready Gayle’s screed and was amazed how poorly organized, hackneed, a trite it was.

    Gayle, you should be ashamed.

    Conservatives have done quite nicely in the modern communications environment.

    Sonoran Alliance is but one of the examples of how conservatives are using the internet.

    I can remember when talk radio was virtually non-existent, while today it is very effective and generally conser ative.

    The expansion of cable has given us Fox News, which repeatedly beats the liberal cable networks.

    The problem is that when candidates abandon conservative principles (McCain not only voted for TARP, which was opposed by real conservatives and the majority of the voters,but also tried to silence conservatives voices with McCain-Feingold, and advocated amnesty for illegal aliens).

  11. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    To observe,

    It pains me to read diatribes such as yours. Too many Republicans (those of us left in the party) are so tied up in knots about “amnesty” that they refuse to acknowledge or support anybody that differs from them on immigration. I feel that one’s opinion regarding amnesty and illegal immigration has become the new conservative litmus test in far too many circles.

    Let me give you an example of this. I live here in CD6. I have several friends, family, or others that can’t stand Jeff Flake because of his views on immigration. So here we have one of the most principled party members, one that should be held up as model of conservative consistency, and they shun him because of one issue. I can talk to them till I’m blue in the face about fiscal and economic issues that Flake supports, but when it comes immigration it’s a deal breaker.

    My point is if we can’t tolerate candidates or party members that differ on that one, minor issue, we’ll have a tough time finding a way forward. The real key is to unite around a simple, Goldwater-esque message that we can spread easily via all types of communication channels, especially the gazillion social media/networking outlets that Gayle talks about here. Let’s stop getting sidetracked on this one issue and coalesce around something that unites people, not divides them.

  12. JR Snyder Jr says

    “I’m the new way. Under 40, conservative, diverse, and technologically adept.” Oberserve on How to Win Friends, Influence People and Win An Election.

    With all due respect especially since I do not know any of you here (that I’m aware of), Republicans largely use the internet in 2003 mode. In the past 20 months the rapidity which internet social web interaction has increased has astounded a lot us who were skeptical.

    I applaud this blog but it too must expand from 2003 blog posting to e-publishing (yes, another new term) which is rapidly coming to the forefront. When the opposition is cranking out by-the-minute electronic versions of their stories (pssst…think Revolutionary War pamphlets) on Kindle and the likes everywhere, how effective is a GOP email lists from dial-up days going to be? Or phone banks calling disconnected wirelines?

    To implicate that anyone who is interested in using contemporary technology and methods to advance conservative principles is also somehow compromising those values is just plain wrong. It’s a new tool, not well understood, but has proven to be very effective for the opposition using it. The tools and the methods themselves are not anti-conservative, they are however being effectively used by anti-conservatives.

    oh yeah and what ‘Conservative does not mean Republican’ just commented…

  13. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    I want to put forward Ron Paul as an example of how conservatives can harness the power of social networking and other e-technologies. Let me say that I didn’t support Ron Paul’s campaign, but the way in which he formed a legitimate candidacy for president should be a lesson for all of us. The YouTube videos, Facebook interactions, and other social networking drove his campaign. His first $4.2 million dollar money bomb was concocted purely by online activism. His candidacy literary formed online. That’s incredible! It totally changes the way in which politics is done. I’m 23, but I don’t pretend to be an expert on this stuff. All I know is that Republicans have to harness this power.

  14. Oberserve says

    Rightwoman, “this is about the capri wearing women”, you say?

    Your approach LOST ELECTIONS for Republicans in 2006 and 2008.

    Your approach now is MORE OF THE SAME OLE SAME OLE that you are calling the “new way”.

    You need to step OUT of the way, and let us win some elections.


  15. JR Snyder Jr says

    Conservative does not mean Republican #14

    The Ron Paul example is right on target.

    It’s curious to me because in the past 4-5 years I’ve had to deal with the use of online social networks on the job and how to manage their use by employees. I know all the conservative younger people under 33 years old were using them as much as their liberal counterparts. True they were much less offensive on their pages, etc (which is as it should be) and much more private about their use and rarely broke the rules at work. It indicates to me that quite a few college educated people 33 and younger, that I would characterize as quite conservative, were very involved in their own online social networks.

    Therefore the knowledge is there to be harnessed even more effectively by the younger generation. The sad irony would be if a Ron Paul type e-movement started and the GOP found itself left behind asking to be let in.

    My father was a real Goldwater type of his generation, I honestly think he would be totally on board with these ideas and technology.

  16. Just a cultural comment:

    Anyone who invokes Andy Williams and Pat Boone is likely to be met with blank stares by people under 40.

    Anyone who invokes the Beatles as a group whose music we now have to accept doesn’t seem to realize that people now voting were born long after John Lennon was dead.

    Maybe if you substitute even an ancient post-punk group like Green Day or a now-doddering old school hip-hop group like Run-DMC or Public Enemy you would only sound 25 years out of touch, not 50 years out of touch.

    Vampire Weekend, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  17. Iris Lynch says

    Anyone who says illegal immigration is a ONE ISSUE item has not been paying attention. There is almost NO ISSUE that has not been adversely effected by both legal and illegal immigration. It has changed the very core of this nation and is dividing it as we speak (in English). A little lesson in history is called for here!

    Secondly, the angst over the loss of Republicans is no big deal! That ‘loss’ is simply a count of labels. The Democrats have ALSO lost big numbers, just not quite as much thanks to Obama’s hypnotic crap. Exactly where does it say in any general election that each party member may only vote for their party hack? An analysis of the BIG PARTY, the ‘Unaffiliated Independents’ will show that they are mixed bag of unhappy conservatives and moderate-conservatives. POLLS CONTINUALLY SHOW THAT THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS LEAN CONSERVATIVE.

    3. The Republican Party problem is NOT that we need to lean more this way or that. The problem is that the Republican PARTY that determines our candidates is liberal. ALL national primary elections favor the early votes from the liberal, big city states and it they who decide WHO WE WILL have as candidates.

    So, if you REALLY want to change things and give conservatism a chance nationally (there is a different plan for a state by state basis), the party needs to alter Primary days and see to it that they are ALL ON THE SAME DAY, SO NOT JUST THE BIG CITIES WITH THEIR HANDS OUT, ARE COUNTED.

    Of course, this will not happen, so we go to the second plan which is already in operation in Montana and Oklahoma with other states not far behind.

  18. Fight on as the Dems roll on. Gayle is absolutely right and whether you like it or not, is not the point.

    Unless you live, work, play, shop, and go to school in north Scottsdale…even then…chances are you encounter the difficulties of an uncontrolled border. Immigration is a huge problem. No one disputes that. How do we deal with a tear in the fabric of our party? We must accept that and do the right thing. Mend it without care as to who made the most stitches or tied the knot.

    The old mantra of a center-right country is just not enough to prove our positions are right and comfort us in our irrelevancy. If we say it often and loud enough will it make it true, again? Not when the voters go against that year after year. The reality is it is not the issues that confound us; it is how we deal with the issues. The concept of an angry, overly proud, eat-your-own and your young, unbendable group of white haired men followed by others just like them, or destined to be, is not exactly an inviting situation. That is who and what has become our public persona.

    We must purge our ranks of the arrogance and deceit; the thirst for power rather than the desire to lead and serve. We must put away the shrill rhetoric and internally promoted pitch-forked images of other R’s. Not to be confused with standing firm on principles. We must be willing to be young, old, middle…white, brown, black….male, female…rock and country. We must be reflective of America today. How to do that and not be caught in the middle of the struggle that looks like the Hatfield and McCoy’s? Aha…the proverbial rub.

    Yes, I have been critical of some within our party. Critical of those who use power as their own personal playground and treat the party with such disrespect as to hijack and pervert what and who we really are in order to serve their own desires. Those who claim to be upright while doing the very things they publicly criticize others for doing, situational ethics at its finest. No amount of being right on the issues will get a majority of voters when our basic honesty is in question.

    I often think Goldwater and Reagan would not recognize the party or the mythical images of themselves that have been perpetuated to prop up personal agendas and used to tear down the party for individual gain.

  19. Oberserve says


    The tear in our party is not due to immigration, nor is it due to the differential in perceptions between north Scottdale “moderate” Republicans and other conservative Republicans.

    It is due to your and Gayle’s worship of political power as a religious belief over all principle. You worship individuals instead of ideas.

    The people you worship HAVE FAILED THE PARTY now two times. Yet, you will spinny spin spin away and call it anything other than it is which is a lack of character and principle that you have.

    Your very disposition and approach lost us elections. It is time you allow John McCain to retire with some grace and let us and the Arizona Republican party move on. He’s killing the party. He’s killing the governor’s office. Now, the aroogant, ignorant cancer his staff spreads is killing Shadegg’s office. IT is the source of all division in the state party.

    That is not the “new way”. It’s the same ole same ole that you want. Smokey backroom deals that you can influence.

    Let it go, finally. Good gracious.

  20. Geez Louise, that is the exact opposite of what I believe and I do not speak for Gayle but think the same is true for her, too.

    The immigration issue is an illustration not the end all.

    The source of all division in our party is the inability to disagree with the idea in mind of a mutually acceptable end, without compromise of principles. It can happen. But not to or with people who are so steadfast in their own belief of superiority as to call all others heretics and quick to condemn any other effort as a cancer; never to listen fully or seek to understand. Is it possible that a subset is so right and another so wrong when there are so many things about which we strongly agree?

    I would love to let it go, if only it would go away.

  21. Veritas Vincit says

    Gayle, your homework for Conservatism 101 is to read Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater.

    Mediate on this thought; Peace and harmony among all mankind is a noble pursuit, but not at the expense of truth.

    And a huge Veritas AMEN! for this powerful thought:
    “…worship of political power as a religious belief over all principle. You worship individuals instead of ideas.”

    I realize Gayle most likely has never been officially involved or worked within the Party before, and I would suggest that in Primary 2010 she get herself elected PC in her local LD or County.

  22. Who or what I am is not clear to any of you and what you know of me is not the point. Ricky Grason– the ref to music was pointed at we are hanging on to another time and place. Me, I’m a U2, Peter Gabriel gal and that’s already on oldies stations!! Eek. 🙂

    While you discuss the need to get off of the people worship, each notes different people in the party they like or dislike. Each seems to have an ax–to grind, swing, take up the battle. My pal VV you honor me with too much attention of late, and I really, I am good.No need to contact so much. With respect and thanks, I’ll let you know when I need guidance.
    As for worship- I worship God. As for involvement- I’ve worked in the roots. As for my future- it’s a string theory to me of multiple strands- is it written or just one of many possibilities?

    But the message is not about me. Though know, I am self-centered and ego-based enough to enjoy the attention of the eight or nine people who read this. As for the party– time we decide to win, to rally, to lead, to live, to give, and to cooperate. It’s time to embrace the families, invite in the young, see through to the suffering, remember why we got here, and quit bickering in the suicide lane next to our party vehicle’s flat tire, while we are about to get run over.

    Otherwise the all-equalizing referees we still put above the fray- the voters- will bench us all. If we can’t get it together we deserve the bench. v. Dontgo? Maybe. The entire thing, politics, is about one topic: people.

  23. Conservative does not mean Republican says


    Your condescending “I’m always right” attitude gets old. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who thinks that. So often tearing down and never building up. I enjoy the historical perspective embedded in many of your posts, but I could sure do without the air of superiority contained therein.

  24. 109 & feelin' fine says

    The Truth is you’re all RED VV. Your truth is BS and you haven’t conquered a thing.

    You’ve been too busy running people off so you and your grassroot friends can die slow, painful, lonely deaths – political deaths of course. We’re just trying to keep the party name from going down with you.

    I hope Shane cuts off your access to SA soon.

    I would just puke if SA becomes Seeing Red Pravda Jr.

    SA gets closer to its degenerate cousin blog every time the angry grassroot VV posts a story or a comment.

    Gayle – keep snapping back at VV. The revolution is coming & it has nothing to do w/ the Ron Paul campaign. You have an army of people who’ve been energized to fight back against the Evil Monkey Bats.

  25. I just love the fact that we have this medium to work out our diversities while Klute babysits SA to make sure we don’t go unchallenged. But I would like to hear more about e-publishing as JR Snyder Jr noted in post #13. Send me an email to discuss if its a possibility here on SA.

  26. Fascinating.

    Astute, Gayle.

    From my admittedly most distant perspective, you all occur as ping pong balls suspended in air before a locomotive.

    No reply expected. I know my place here.

  27. Oh, and where you would be now if Gore had won in 2000?

  28. Aw, thanks, DSW. So when’s the Sonoran Alliance picnic?

  29. I cant beleive there selling Christian Lacriox so cheap

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