AZ Dept. of Transportation caught wasting $1000s if not more on an unnecessary airplane

ADOT Board member Delbert Householder flew aboard the plane more than 200 times in the last 5 years, more than twice the number of times any other board member flew

Good investigative reporting from Channel 15 exposing a pathetic waste of taxpayers’ money on unnecessary air travel over the last five years by the AZ Dept. of Transportation. No wonder the state is in a record deficit. Where was oversight by Governor Napolitano? Or did she tacitly approve of this?

Some excerpts –

The Arizona Department of Transportation has grounded its plane just one week after the ABC15 Investigators requested copies of all flight logs, passenger logs and costs associated with the state owned aircraft.

A review of the department records by ABC15 reveals ADOT officials have spent hundreds of thousands of tax dollars flying to board meetings, ribbon cuttings, and award ceremonies in Arizona.

Fuel costs alone totaled more than $560,000 for five years of flying.

Our review of ADOT’s own flight logs revealed more than 2,600 flights in the last five years.

ADOT’s logs revealed 9 flights to pick up board members for a single meeting in Sedona, 12 flights for a meeting in Lake Havasu, and 13 flights for a board meeting in Kingman.

ADOT Board Chairman Delbert Householder has flown aboard the plane 200 times in the last five years, more than twice the number of flights as any other board member.

The logs also show a state-run charity was given free reign to use ADOT’s plane. In the last 2 years, the charity flew 45 times at the taxpayer’s expense. ADOT’s own policy requires other state agencies pay to use the plane, but the charity was not charged for a single flight.


  1. What charity was it?

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