AZ CD-6’s Jeff Smith Endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio

For Immediate Release: April 7, 2010

Gilbert, AZ – Congressional candidate Jeff Smith announced today that he has received the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“I am proud to endorse Jeff Smith for Congress in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District. He offers the voters in that district a real choice this August in the Republican primary. He is a true conservative that will fight to defend our constitution, reduce the size and scope of government, secure our borders, and end illegal immigration,” said Arpaio.

Commenting on the endorsement, Jeff Smith stated “I’m honored to have Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s endorsement. He has been a leader, not only locally, but nationally, in the fight against illegal immigration. His tough policies on criminals have made us all safer across Maricopa County.”

Jeff Smith is a lifelong conservative running for office for the first time. He is known as a solid fiscal and social conservative.

“Today our constitution is under assault from dangerous progressive forces. I am committed to defending the constitution and the individual freedoms it guarantees. I am also committed to combating the rampant growth of government and its outrageous spending. Reinstating these conservative principles will provide the surest path to renewed job growth and economic prosperity for all Americans,” added Smith.

Jeff Smith is an independent stock and options investor with over 20 years of business experience in the Finance and Telecommunications industries. He earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from Brigham Young University and his Masters of Business Administration from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Jeff and his wife Camille have three children, all of whom attend Gilbert Public Schools. The Smiths are members of the LDS Church.


  1. Antifederalist says

    My first guess if Arpaio is endorsing the guy is that he too is a Jason Rose puppet. Beware!

  2. An earlier post on this blog states that Arpaio was supporting Vernon Parker. Did he change his mind?

  3. My little brother is running for student council and running on a platform of border security, you think Sheriff Joe will endorse him too?

  4. ajohnson says


    I think they messed up the title. Smith is actually running in CD-6 which it says in the text of the release. Yes, I believe Arpaio endorsed Parker in CD-3.

  5. gilbertconservative says

    “I am committed to defending the constitution and the individual freedoms it guarantees. I am also committed to combating the rampant growth of government and its outrageous spending.”

    So what you’re saying is you want to be like Flake?

  6. Stephen Kohut says

    Flake is proamnesty and pro cap and tax. Smith is not. Flake is not well though of by the Tea Parties and conservative PC’s (AKA McRINO, jr.) Smith will get the support of the conservative PC’s and, with Easton out of the, most likely the Tea Parties. Smith has worked the Tea Parties.

  7. There are 4 key reasons why I will be voting for Jeff Smith. First,he respects the “Rule of Law” and does not support amnesty for law breakers. Second,he is an unwavering supporter of our “Constitution.” Third, he is mature and understands the complexities of economics and how to stimulate economic growth. And Forth, he is not part of the current Republican regime that has failed us miserably. Let’s get rid of Flake and replace him with a “man of the people.”

  8. My guess is that, faced with this challenge, Rep. Flake will opt not to run for re-election.

    Thanks, Jeff, for your hard work. You’ll be missed, but it’s time for a new generation of people with no experience who are endorsed by buffoon local lawmen to head to Washington.

  9. Steve Calabrese says

    The sad thing is there are those who so warped that they won’t recognize Bill’s remarks as sarcasm.

    Flake is a true conservative hero. He fights corruption in Congress and tries to keep the size of government down. And Flake’s so-called “amnesty” bill was light-years better than ANYTHING we’ll be able to get signed by Obama.

    Comparing Flake to “failed Republicans” implies that Flake went along with the corrupt policies of those who handed the keys to the treasury to big business and dramatically increased spending. He actually fought those forces every step of the way.

  10. Great post Steve. I am somewhat disappointed in the political mud that is being thrown from a few on our side at one of the very few Congressmen who has actually been fighting for us.

    Congressman Flake has been a shining example to all in the conservative movement:

    – Ranked the #1 friend of the taxpayer for 8 years with the National Taxpayers Union
    – Supports and voted for a border fence
    – Voted to keep illegals from receiving benefits
    – Supports traditional marriage
    – Voted against the stimulus and bail-outs
    – Voted against his own party on one of the largest entitlement programs in our nations history.
    – Voted the #1 opposition to the Obama agenda

    ….and the list goes on

    When many other Republicans lost their way, Flake did not. Personally, he is one of the finest men I have ever met in and out of Washington. I believe this is why he has been able to gain so much respect in Congress and throughout our District. Many will try to obscure his record with “pro cap and tax” and “pro amnesty” but for those who take the time to actually read his stance on those issues you will find that he is on the right side and those who oppose him are spinning the facts.

    Flake will have no trouble beating Smith but it is unfortunate that he cannot spend more of his time helping other conservatives get elected.

  11. Conservative Dad says

    Most conservatives don’t dismiss Sheriff Joe as easily as some of you do. If the man closest to the immigration battle sees something in Smith that he doesn’t see in Flake, that’s very meaningful. Primary challenges are GOOD, folks, and here’s one where the alternative is a very sharp constitutional conservative who is not a career politician but is impressing people every time they hear him. At least check out Smith’s website ( and/or go hear him speak before being so dismissive.

  12. Steve Calabrese says

    Sheriff Arpaio is not a conservative.

    I agree with him politically; being “tough on crime” and fighting illegal immigration are laudable goals.

    However, it was just a few years ago he was saying things like “why should I waste my deputies rounding up illegal alients?”

    It was just a few years ago that Arpaio all but handed the governorship to Napolitano by his treacherous betrayal of Matt Salmon, a TRUE conservative.

    Arpaio will do and say anything that makes him appear “tough on crime.” But, a true conservative fears unlimited government power. And, the quickest way for any elected official in Maricopa County to become the target of a criminal investigation is to anger Arpaio.

    Arpaio isn’t a conservative. He’s a power-hungry politician who says whatever he has to in order to hang onto power, and abuses his power when it suits him.

    For the future of the Republican party, I just pray to God that once he is indicted and his real estate empire records are unsealed we find no financial impropriety. And, I have similar fears over the fact that to the best of my knowledge there has not been an outside audit of the jail funds since he took office. Currently he uses his status as a law enforcement officer to hide many records.

    I support Arpaio’s stated political goals. I fear that his abuses of power may cause great harm to those goals when he finally loses his office.

  13. Steve Calabrese says

    Also, Conservative Dad, I agree that Jeff Smith seems to be a decent fellow. The problem is he has no political experience whatsoever – and in Congress, that’s a very bad thing.

    Jeff Flake has been fighting the true conservative fight. Many, many people underestimate the importance of knowing rules, procedures, and legalistic maneuvering to get ANYTHING done in Congress. It requires a great deal of experience to navigate those treacherous waters.

    Jeff Flake has fought his own party many, many times when the Republicans tried to spend money they don’t have. He’s fought Republicans who were on the take. He’s tried to stop things like TARP and corporate bailouts. He has had SOME success – and the ONLY reason he has had success against the corrupt people in Congress is because he is a master of procedural manoeuvrings. Even with his vast experience, he has often been stymied by the combined forces of the “business as usual” Republicans.

    If a master like Flake can sometimes be stopped by the TARP people and on-the-take drones in Congress, then they’ll eat Smith for breakfast.

    I truly like Jeff Smith. I’d vote for him for almost any other office. Something like the Legislature where he can learn the basics of parliamentary techniques first. But right now, Flake is exactly the man we want in that seat.

  14. Stephen Kohut says

    Steve Calabrese & john,

    Better reset the washing machine your spin cycle is almost over. Keep justifying guys. When you are continually trying to repaint your actions, explaining why they are not what they are, why you did what you did you’re in trouble.

    Proamnesty is proamnesty. Pro crap and tax is pro crap and tax. Flake should just be honest on his positions and say I want to tax your energy to death until your cost for electricity, gasoline, etc. is 4X today and we the government will force you to use less. He can be honest about criminal aliens,use the words of his mentor, McCain, and call them “God’s children” and then tell us which of “God’s children” from the drug cartel performed the hit job on rancher Robert Krentz.

    We definately need a conservative like Flake back in office.

  15. Steve Calabrese says

    Flake is not, and never has been, pro-amnesty.

    Politics is power.

    Flake knew we didn’t have the ability to move 20 million illegals against their will. There’s a lot of people in this country who will not support it. He also knew there was a good chance a Democrat would win in 2008.

    He tried to get these people to comply with a law, and give them a choice to become legal while driving out those who don’t want to play by the rules. He knew that we only had one chance to try; that once a Dem was in office the floodgates for greater criminal illegal immigration would be thrown open.

    Unlike McCain, he also understood the importance of SECURING THE BORDER before attempting to offer a route to legalization to those already here illegally. He supported a border fence back when everyone else thought it was a joke.

    He saw we had one brief chance to get something done. What he proposes is LIGHT YEARS better than anything we can get done now. Obama and his cronies have too many judges in their pocket now.

    He took a risk. And I admire him for it.

    The thing that scares me most about illegal immigration is that it’s a felony in Mexico to be an illegal immigrant, and a few more years of Obama may send us all running for the border to get down south. At least Mexico still has oil.

  16. Stephen Kohut says

    If I hear the “we can’t move out 20 million people” excuse again I’ll barf on the speaker. We do not have to repeat “round them up” to get them gone. If they cannot get a job they will leave. If they cannot leach on the system for free benefits they will leave. We don’t have to put a single on on a bus, place or train. They will leave of their own accord. Between mandatory e-verify and harsh employer sanctions criminal aliens will lose access to employment. If we mandate proof of citizenship to receive any public benefits that gravy train dreis up. If we require that the adult registering a child for school prove that legal residency, the children of the crimial aliens will no longer burden our school. Do not wave the SCOTUS decision on education for criminal alien children at me as the requirement would be on the adult and they are not covered under the SCOTUS decision. Those changes will have the current resident criminal aliens packing for home. They will be gone. No jobs, no money, no freebees, no proplem. If we then put enough people loaded for bear and active survalence on the border to stop the invasion of our we stop the remaining influx. If that was what Flake had proposed then I would have been happy. He didn’t. He’s on board with his bud McCain and “God’s children.”

  17. Stephen Kohut says

    Let’s look at Flake’s ratings by numbersusa on immigration compared to the rest of our congressional delegation.

    A- Shadegg, Franks
    B Kyl
    c+ Mitchell
    C FLAKE, Kirkpatrick
    D McCain
    F Pastor, Grijalva

    Flake is wroe than Mitchell and equal to Kirkpatrick. Yep, Flake is definately not proamnesty. Want some AZ ocean front property?

  18. Conservative Dad says


    Experience is great, but it seems like a rather short-sighted reason to oppose a candidate. Every congressman has to learn the ropes – so what? What matters in the long run are guiding principles, political philosophy, and personal integrity. I reject the notion that Smith would somehow be rendered ineffective at the federal level without some time spent at the local level. Again, I encourage everyone to check him out and hear him speak.

  19. Stephen Kohut says

    Conservative Dad,

    Trying to convince Steve Calabrese of most anything is a waste of time. He’s a long standing RINO, supports McCain and all his clones like Flake, hates Arpaio and Thomas,… Facts are irrelvant to him. It’s the same as trying to have a reasoned and logical debated with a liberal.

    That said, keep plugging away as others are more open.

    You will note in any thread about experience that no McCainaic points out that John had zero experience as an elected official before becoming a congressman. Seems it’s only needed by those in a contested primary against a RINO incumbant.

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