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Thomas Paine

AZ GOP Uncovers Voter Fraud in Yuma

Ballots being mailed illegally, forged ballot requests, felons and illegals registering to vote and pressure on county employees by ACORN like groups. Chicago? Nope. Yuma, Arizona.

The Arizona Republican Party has uncovered direct evidence that Mi Familia Vota, Border Action, and Faith.Hope.Vote! who have direct ties to SEIU are attempting to influence the elections in Yuma County through fraudulent means. In the last 48 hours before the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) registration deadline of Friday, October 22nd, these organizations submitted 1,328 PEVL requests and then pressured the Yuma Recorder’s Office to process them by Monday.

In reviewing all PEVL requests made through what appears to be canvassing efforts by Mi Familia Vota and submitted on Friday, October 22nd, 113 of the 615 PEVL requests processed and mailed early ballots appear to be forged. Investigations revealed that contrary to state election regulations, an untold number of PEVL requests were not signature verified against Motor Vehicle Records, and investigators found concrete instances of forgery among the processed PEVL requests.

The Arizona Republican Party investigations continue to uncover clear and direct violations of Arizona law and Secretary of State elections regulations. The AZGOP has an active and on-going investigation regarding the extent of election fraud in Yuma County while allegations of illegal activities that appear to be direct attempts for SEIU to steal the election for Grijalva continue to be reported to the investigators in Yuma.

The following findings have been made thus far:

8,000 new PEVL requests have been processed this year which may have been forged.

10,052 registered voters were on the PEVL as of Wednesday, October 20.

1,536 requests to be added to the PEVL were received by the Yuma Recorder on Thursday the 21st and Friday the 22nd.

376 of the 1536 requests (24%) were rejected for reasons ranging from requests from felons, illegal aliens, and those not registered to vote to incomplete forms and duplicate requests.

113 of a sampling of 615 PEVL requests (18%) by Mi Familia Vota appear to be forged, yet were sent early ballots.

1160 voters were added to the PEVL over the weekend and mailed ballots on Monday, October 26th. An untold number of which were not signature verified and may have been forged requests.

Mi Familia Vota and Border Action both used the State Seal of Arizona on their PEVL forms without obtaining permission from the State as required under Arizona law.


RINO LD6 House Candidate David Fitzgerald is A Hillary Clinton Supporter and Contributor

“Constitutional Conservative” RINO David Fitzgerald, a Republican candidate for the Arizona House in Legislative District 6, proclaims himself a “Constitutional Conservative” but this suppose constitutional conservative gave $250.00 to Hillary Clinton in 2005. Don’t believe me? This link has the gory details and also raises some interesting questions if David has been truthful about his support for Hillary Clinton.

Personally, I don’t know any other “constitutional conservatives” who are also donors to Hilary Clinton. I wonder which of Hillary Clinton’s positions motivated David to contribute? Could it have been her support of abortion-on-demand? Her support for raising taxes? Her support for cap and trade? Her support for a single government payer health care system? Maybe, it was just her general loathing for the Constitution and free-markets that inspired David to make his first ever reported political donation.

The term RINO is used on this site regularly to label Republican that don’t hold true to the conservative principle on all issues. I can’t think of an act that earns you the title RINO better than supporting and giving your hard earned dollars to Hillary Clinton (well, maybe giving to Obama would worse but that is debatable).

Updated 08/21: link fixed.

Who should control the AZ GOP’s Get Out The Vote Effort?

As discussed in a previous post, there is a fight brewing for the State GOP Mandatory Meeting this Saturday. Opponents of State Party Chairman Randy Pullen are trying to characterize this fight as an attempt to expose Randy Pullen’s alleged financial mismanagement of the party. This is BS. Let’s all get aboard the Straight Talk Express and have an honest discussion about what this fight is really about. This is a fight over control of the state party’s GOTV effort and money (i.e., the Victory funds) and, more generally, control of the state Republican Party.

Specifically, Randy Pullen and the State Party want to retain control over the money and John McCain and his allies want to control the Victory funds. That is, John McCain wants one of his staffers or one of the staffers of John Kyl to have exclusive authority to authorize all spending of Victory funds. Randy Pullen wants the state party to retain spending authority of the Victory funds and not have to ask permission from our Senators’ staffs to spend Victory funds. The stories (or hit pieces) about Randy Pullen’s alleged financial mismanagement only began to appear after Randy Pullen orchestrated the Az GOP executive committee’s rejection of the 2010 GOTV plan that gave McCain control over the Victory funds.

It seems to this blogger that John McCain and his staff should not have any control of the Victory funds or control the State Party’s GOTV effort because a conflict-of-interest exists. The purpose of the Victory funds and the State Party is to drive Republican turnout and elect as many Republicans as possible. This year, John McCain is just another Republican candidate with primary opponents (and a potentially primary-losing candidate if JD Haworth enters the US Senate race).

Giving McCain’s staff control over Victory Funds creates a potential situation where Victory Funds could be misused to benefit McCain and to the detriment to all other Republican candidates. For example, McCain’s staffer could decide to allocate funds to drive turnout of voters who will vote for McCain but no other Republicans. In another example, funds could be allocated to make robocalls that promote McCain instead of other GOP candidates (e.g., the GOP gubernatorial candidate or our congressional candidates). With McCain’s staffers having absolute control over the allocation of funds, there is nothing anybody could do to stop this abuse of power.

Because of this inherent conflict-of-interest, no candidate or his staff should be given control over allocation of Victory funds or the GOTV effort. The State Party should control GOTV efforts and the Victory funds for the benefit of all GOP candidates, as is traditionally the case. Hopefully Saturday, we can have some straight talk about control of the GOTV efforts and money instead of an disingenuous fight about some side issue.


The System Worked


Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano in response to the thwarting of the attempt to blow-up an airplane over Detroit on Christmas. 

So a terrorist sneaks a bomb through airline security (only to be stop by a badly designed bomb and quick heroic responses by other passengers) counts as the system working in the Obama Administration.  I think Jonah Goldberg’s response over at The Corner is the proper response to this statement.

Jeff Flake Proposes Bill To Increase Taxes To Solve Global Warming

For someone who signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge and who says on his website “[t]he last thing this economy needs is a tax hike,” this seems like an interesting bill to be introducing:

WASHINGTON — Reps. Bob Inglis of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona on Wednesday became the first Republican lawmakers to introduce legislation imposing a carbon tax on producers and distributors of fossil fuels.

The bill, co-sponsored by Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski of Illinois, would set a tax of $15 a ton of carbon dioxide produced in its first year in effect, with the tax rising to $100 a ton over three decades.

James Rosen/McClatchy Newspapers

Arizona would be hit especially hard with Rep. Flake’s new tax because Arizona relies heavily on carbon dioxide emitting coal and natural gas power plants to produce our electricity.  According to a recent editorial in the Arizona Republic by the presidents of APS, TEP, and the Salt River Project:

[A]t $20 a ton [of carbon dioxide], the costs to our operations would amount to a greater than 10 percent increase in your price of electricity. Some experts have predicted the price could reach $75 per ton, which could result in more than a 40 percent price increase for our customers.

To be fair, Rep. Flake claims his bill will be “revenue neutral” because it supposedly reduces payroll taxes by an amount equal to the new carbon tax. However, count this blogger as skeptical of the revenue neutral claim.  Congress has passed many bills that were supposedly “revenue neutral” but ended up raising taxes. Furthermore, because of Arizona’s reliance on coal and natural gas for electrical power, Arizonans will end up paying more in higher utility bills than we would save in reduced payroll taxes.

Reason Number One Arizona Requires Identification at the Polls

On Tuesday, a judge in Ohio sentenced three pro-Obama activists for voting illegally in Ohio in 2008. The three were paid staffers for Vote Today Ohio, a non-affiliated PAC, whose purpose was to register Obama supporters in Ohio. Two of the three were residents of New York and one of California.  All three registered and voted on the same day under a loophole in Ohio law that allowed immediate registration and voting for a period of seven days in October.  The judge fined each of them $1000 and gave them a 60 day suspended jail sentence. (Columbus Dispatch Article).

Two other voters were convicted of illegally voting in Ohio a couple of weeks ago. Supposedly, there are another fifty prosecutions in the pipeline.

This incident should put to rest any complaints that Democrats have about Arizona requiring identification at the polls. If Ohio required identification at the polls, these three probably would not have voted illegally (or at least it would have been much harder for them to vote).

If Arizona is a battleground state in 2012, there will be groups like Vote Today Ohio and ACORN trying to pull these same tricks here in Arizona. Requiring identification at the polls makes this type of illegal activity more difficult. Maybe, that is why Democrats fought the passage of the voter identification law with such vigor.

Hat tip: Brad Smith.

Gov. Brewer Taps Illegal Immigration Advocate To Help Select Next Justice of Arizona Supreme Court

Recently, an opening on the AZ Supreme Court was created by Chief Justice McGregor’s retirement announcement.  This opening on the Supreme Court gives conservatives their first chance during the Brewer administration to begin moving the Arizona Supreme Court to the right by replacing a liberal justice with a conservative justice.

Gov. Brewer, however, is helping to keep the Court stocked with liberal justices by appointing Michael Sillyman, an illegal immigration advocate and liberal democrat, to the Commission that will select the next Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court.

In Arizona, judges are selected using the following process:  a Commission, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, selects a slate of nominees for the open judgeship,  The Governor is then required to appoint the new judge from this slate of nominees.  Thus, if the Commission that selects the nominees is stacked with liberals, the commission will send the Governor a list of liberal nominees and the Governor will be forced to select the new judge from the list of liberals.

Michael Sillyman, Gov. Brewer’s newest appointment to the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments, is a liberal democrat that represented the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) in its unsucessful effort to block Prop 200 in 2004.  Mr. Sillyman is also a donor to Janet Napolitano, Terry Goddard, and Al Gore.  This appointment is outrageous.  A Republican Governor should appoint conservatives to this commission, not radical liberal democrats.  Under the rules governing appointments, Gov. Brewer could have selected a conservative Republican for the slot but instead decided to appoint an illegal immigration advocate.

The good news is, while the Gov. Brewer has appointed Mr. Sillyman, the Senate has yet to confirm this nominee.  This nominee is currently pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Hopefully, Republican Judiciary committee members, Russell Pierce, Jonathan Paton, John Huppenthal, and Chuck Gray will reject this nominee.  It would be hard to believe that Russell Pierce would not stop this nominee because this nominee represents everything he has spent years fighting.

Also, Mr. Silyman is not the only bad appointee that Gov. Brewer has sent to the AZ Senate.  In addition to Mr. Sillyman, Gov. Brewer has appointed two other liberal (Ronald Reinstein and Karen Smith) to the Commission that select judges in Maricopa County.  Retired Judge Reinstein was considered one of the most liberal judges during his years on the Court.  Karen Smith was Deputy Director of the Arizona Department of Water during the Napolitano administration and is a donor to Napolitano.    With Republican appointments like this to the commissions that select judges, it is no wonder that most of the judges in this state are liberals.  Hopefully, one day, Arizona will have a Republican governor and a Republican Senate willing to appoint conservative and not just hand the Courts to the liberals.

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