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Candie Dates

Col. Martha McSally and Mark Koskiniemi Square Off in AZ02 GOP Debate

Watch as Retired USAF Col. Martha McSally and Mark Koskiniemi (pronounced Kos ki nee mee) debate on Arizona Public Media’s Republican CD-2 Primary Forum. Website link

Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll: ‘Quit selling out to these pricks’

Supervisor Ray Carroll hosting a Save the Scenic Santa Ritas event where they called for a boycott on Southern Arizona Businesses that show support of the proposed Rosemont Mine. Carroll, was calling for the media to ban Rosemont advertising.


Supervisor did apologize to Rosemone Copper after the incident.

Ron’s World

Ron Barber's World

Ron Barber is living in his own world. He just doesn’t get it.

Southern Arizonans are struggling with sky-high gas prices. And what does Barber want? Even higher energy costs for Arizona families.

Barber’s support for Obama’s Cap and Trade bill means that the radical environmentalists supporting his campaign win – while Southern Arizonans lose.

Question: Why won’t Ron Barber wake-up to the problems facing Southern Arizona families and instead denounce Cap and Trade?

Under the Obama-Pelosi-Barber anti-energy agenda, Arizona families would see their energy costs increase by almost $1,000 and it would cost up to 40,000 jobs.

“It’s no wonder radical environmentalists are funding Ron Barber’s campaign. His support for the Obama-Pelosi anti-energy agenda means higher taxes, soaring energy costs for Southern Arizona families and more jobs for China.” – NRCC Spokesman Daniel Scarpinato

A Tale of Two Ron Barber’s

Another week – another Ron Barber.

Barber’s campaign was in an utter state of panic yesterday, attempting to recast the candidate. Unfortunately, the latest Ron Barber needs to reconcile himself with the old Ron Barber. And goodness knows what next week’s Ron Barber will bring.

Let’s take a look:

On Monday, April 23, 2012, Ron Barber said, “I was not in Congress to vote on the Affordable Care Act or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, nor did I have any role in shaping that legislation.” 

On February 9, 2012, Ron Barber said, “In terms of differences between myself and the congresswoman there probably aren’t much – there aren’t many. All of the policies and priorities that she has worked with, I’ve been right alongside with her, providing advice when asked and sometimes helping shape those policies through the work we’ve done together… So I’ve been part of that process right alongside with her, and there really isn’t any policy decision that she’s made that I disagree with.” (Tucson Sentinel, 2/9/2012)

“Ron Barber isn’t Marty McFly. He can’t go back in time and change the facts. Southern Arizonans don’t want ObamaCare’s $500 billion cut to Medicare or the $1 trillion in failed stimulus. Ron Barber supports both.” – NRCC Spokesman Daniel Scarpinato

Bob Worsley political donations

Screenshots of political campaign donations made by Russell Pearce foe, Bob Worsley courtesy of Open Secrets and the Arizona Secretary of State website. Nothing like a little disclosure.

Wil Cardon releases new ad: “Flake Air”

Looks like the air war has begun in the US Senate race.



Brewer wasn’t pointing her finger at Obama, she was…..

What President Obama Saw Out of the Window of the Presidential Limo.

President Obama came to speak to Intel employees in Chandler, Arizona at the Ocotillo complex on January 25th.

What most of the media didn’t show or report was what the President saw out his window en route.

First it was the amnesty demands of pro illegal groups:


 Further down the road, a couple hundred, mostly upset Arizonans chanting “You are fired!”:


 Probably not the ‘welcoming committee’ Obama wished for.

Conservative Maricopa County Republican Member-At-Large Candidates Slate

Maricopa County Republican Member-At-Large Candidates Slate

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