Martin on Brewer/Obama Meeting


For Immediate Release

June 2, 2010

Director of Communications:

Tim Gaffney 602-810-4715

Today – State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Dean Martin issued the following statement prior to the Brewer Obama meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

“On behalf of Arizona I sincerely wish the Governor well on her upcoming meeting with the President. For far too long the federal government has ignored the plight of border states like Arizona, and their failure to act cast upon us the great burden of dealing with the effects of illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Now that the President is listening, the focus is on the Governor to leave tomorrow’s meeting with tangible results. Her effectiveness as governor is being put to the test. Will she be able to deliver or will it be more of the same? Either way, I know Arizonans will be watching her actions intently,” said Martin.

Dean Martin is the State Treasurer for Arizona, a statewide elective office, where he oversees $9.3 billion in investments from State and Local governments. Martin is a former state legislator who has a long record of providing transparency in government and real solutions for tax relief and border security for Arizona families.

Bennett to Personally Accept Hull’s Signatures for CD 3

From: LeAnn Hull

Subject: LeAnn Hull for Congress District 3

For Immediate Release


Contact: LeAnn Hull

Phone: 602-550-8570

LeAnn Hull Congressional Candidate for Arizona District 3 will have Ken Bennett

Secretary of State personally accepting her petitions for nomination on the 24th of May

at 11:00 am at the Secretary of State’s Office,

About LeAnn Hull

Who am I? I am a home-grown Arizona native. I have been married for thirty years and my husband and I have raised four children and three grandchildren in this magnificent state.

Today, like so many of you, I have children in the military. Two of our son’s are in active duty which has given me the opportunity to view through their eyes the pride of service to our country. Experiencing that is one more reason that I felt it was the right time to step up and serve my country.

In addition to that my husband and I have owned a construction company for twenty six years. In the last year that business has been turned upside down. The challenges that I face are the same challenges you face. The same issues that prompt me to run for office are the same issues that make you angry at our current state of affairs in our government.

I am not running for office because the other candidates are not qualified. I am running because I believe it is time for the people to take back the government. I believe people are tired of the status quo, I know that I am. We are ready to experience government by the people and for the people and I am the people. Quality leadership represents the people with passion and resourcefulness.

My business and my family have been forced to think outside the box this past year. We need new ideas and new ways to break the cycle of growing government and skyrocketing debt. I present to you a change grounded in the struggle that every American faces today, still filled with optimism and hope for a better future and a return to the great American dream. I am ready to take on this new responsibility with the same passion and commitment that I have had to develop and implement in my family and business life.

Monday, May 24 at 11:00 am

Capitol Executive Tower, 7th Floor
1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2888

LeAnn Hull
Candidate for Arizona Congressional District 3

Martin Legislation Protects Jobs; While Brewer Hikes Taxes


For Immediate Release

May 21st, 2010

Director of Communications:

Tim Gaffney 602-810-4715

Martin Legislation Protects Jobs; While Brewer Hikes Taxes

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Brewer’s massive new tax increase will hurt job creation and stifle growth in Arizona. However, due to legislation passed by then Senator Dean Martin, thousands of Arizona jobs will be protected.

“Arizonans can breathe a sigh of relief, although their tax bill will go up, because of Dean’s foresight their jobs will be protected. SB 1141, now law, was written by Dean with the express purpose of protecting businesses from new tax increases so that jobs could be preserved. Of course Dean wrote the law to protect Arizonans from a different tax and spend Governor, Janet Napolitano,” said Martin spokesman Tim Gaffney.

SB 1141 was created to protect jobs during times of increased taxes. Specifically the law protects any long term contract signed before the tax was passed. Without this protection, if the contract could not adjust for the new tax rate, the contractor would still be responsible for paying more taxes. That money has to come out of somewhere, which could mean more layoffs. Even existing stimulus projects that are underway are affected. Without this bill some of the jobs created by stimulus contracts may have been lost.

paid for by: Vote Dean

Quit Playing Games with our Kids & Protect our Economy


For Immediate Release

May 17, 2010

Director of Communications:

Tim Gaffney 602-810-4715

Treasurer Dean Martin: “Goddard & Brewer’s plan ‘Tax and Spending to Prosperity’ will not work”

“Quit Playing Games with our Kids & Protect our Economy, Pass a Fear Free Budget”

State Treasurer Dean Martin criticized Terry Goddard’s belated support for a Prop 100 sales tax increase today. “No jobs, just tax increases is the only plan coming from the Governor & Attorney General these days and it should be rejected.”

Treasurer Dean Martin said, “This administration has repeatedly used scare tactics to try and pass this tax increase. Teachers and students should never have been put at risk to help motivate passage of this tax proposal. The economy is very weak, and a tax increase will hamper any economic recovery. Targeting education cuts to motivate voters is outrageous and will not stand. If Prop 100 fails the Governor and legislature will be forced to come back into special session and pass a reasonable, “fear free” budget.”

“We need an energetic new Governor with new ideas. Recently, I outlined a modernization plan for our state Medicaid program that can save the taxpayers over $1 billion a year, as well as a debt restructuring proposal that uses historic low interest rates to save taxpayers an additional $1.4 billion.” Martin continued, “I have a plan that could bring the state’s budget into balance without a historic tax increase, and allow this state to pass a very much needed Jobs Recovery package. We can protect teachers and classrooms without a tax increase and without sacrificing jobs.”

“Terry Goddard has offered few ideas of how to reform state government finances during this crisis, it is not surprising that he would support a taxpayer bailout to prop up unsustainable spending levels,” Martin said.

Martin continued, “The problem with Goddard’s contingent support of Prop 100, which he threatened to withhold if a Jobs Recovery package moved forward in the Legislature, is that he has offered no specific ideas on how we will replace the 300,000 plus jobs that have been lost since the recession began.”

“What’s worse is that Governor Jan Brewer took the bait and killed any efforts to for a Jobs Recovery package to pass this year. She chose a so called ‘temporary’ tax increase over creating new jobs. Creating jobs should have been the priority, it is a better and more permanent solution to this economic crisis.” Treasurer Dean Martin continued, “It’s one thing to take pot shots at business tax relief to make our state more competitive, but they have no real solutions to help the small business entrepreneur. How do they propose we get the roughly 10% of our citizens back to work? Their only solution seems to be continued deficit spending and protecting a bloated government bureaucracy.”

Treasurer Dean Martin continued, “We need a Governor who understands that Government needs to make the same kinds of belt tightening measures that all households have during this crisis. Since this recession began State spending has actually INCREASED by $300 million.”

Treasurer Dean Martin created so citizens could see the waste and overspending in government through a complete and transparent view of how the state collects and spends your money. ”

paid for by: Vote Dean

Witness the Quality of People Supporting Prop. 100

We’ve seen Jan Brewer’s inarticulate admonitions to vote for Prop. 100, we’ve seen Goldwater underscore that there is more fat to be cut from government. Now, we see the quality of individuals who support prop 100 in this video.  According to this story, a benighted ASU student who supports Prop 100 decided free speech isn’t a right to be accorded to those he disagrees with.  The student was caught red-handed tearing down anti-Prop 100 signs by Mr. Brandon Trichel.  According to Mr. Trichel, about 80% of the anti-Prop 100 signs have been torn down by those who want to take more money from you to spend on what they deem your money is best spent on.  It is little wonder the No on Prop. 100 campaign looks disorganized when thugs are tearing down the signs.

I can’t urge voters enough to go to the polls on Tuesday and vote NO on Prop. 100.  The election was purposefully held on an odd date (Tuesday, May 18) and was intended to be the only issue on the ballot so that a low voter turnout and voter disinterest would allow highly organized constituencies to confiscate more of your money so they can waste it.  Teachers unions, school administrators, police unions, fire unions, the brainwashed parents of public school students, local government workers, construction contractors that build schools and their associated trade unions, etc. will all turn out on Tuesday if they haven’t already sent in their early ballots to force those least able to afford higher taxes to pay more for their purchases.  Arizonans should know well that the lottery was supposed to fund education, and we have repeatedly voted for bonds and overrides and we have thrown money at education time and again all to no avail.  No matter how much money we throw at education, greedy administrators and entrenched special interests will ensure Arizona’s students remain at the back of the pack.  It’s time to send state government a loud and clear message that it’s time to trim the fat.

Mr. Trichel, I strongly urge you to press charges against the student.  It will teach him that the First Amendment still means something and it will convince future tyrants who hate liberty and the free exchange of ideas to think twice before trampling on the rights of others.  Would this tool or his ilk have mercy for any anti-Prop 100 individuals who were caught tearing down Yes on Prop. 100 signs?

Eve Nunez: “We need to treat the immigrants that are here humanely.”

Nunez pro-illegal aliens

In the above video, Eve Nunez, candidate for LD 12 Senate, is characterized as opposing SB 1070.  She claims she’s against illegal immigration and that she believes in securing the border. Then she says at 4:22, “[w]e need to treat the immigrants that are here humanely.” She also says that Leviticus 19:33-34 directs that, “[w]e should treat immigrants as we treat our own.”

A point of semantics, but an important point none the less: “Immigrants” are here legally and if an individual is in the U.S. illegally, they are an “illegal alien.” If one believed in deconstruction, the subtext of Ms. Nunez’s quotes is that she believes illegal aliens are legal immigrants. Do the quotes above sound like statements from someone who believes in secured borders and stopping the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S.?

I don’t see how, under SB 1070, law enforcement officers are being inhumane by asking if someone is here illegally if they have no ID AFTER the individual has been stopped for some unrelated offense.

The Left has criticized the U.S. for sending mixed messages, for claiming it wants to stop the flow of illegal, yet it offers benefits at taxpayer expense to illegal aliens. By asserting that the U.S. should coddle illegal aliens, Ms. Nunez is sending those mixed signals. One could conclude that Ms. Nunez’s quotes are exactly what the Left wants to hear: that the mixed signals will continue and the flow of illegal aliens will continue unabated. One could conclude that Ms. Nunez is actually sympathetic to the Left’s hopes.

Ms. Nunez tries to use the Bible to shame citizens into not supporting the enforcement of immigration laws. I ask Ms. Nunez and illegal aliens, “What would Jesus Christ do?” Would Jesus break the laws of a neighboring country and enter illegally? Would Jesus pay a criminal a large sum of money to smuggle him into a foreign country? Would Jesus be a mule for a drug cartel? Would Jesus be unwise and allow coyotes to hold him hostage for ransom? Would Jesus associate with individuals known to be rapists or would he show them the error of their ways? Would Jesus remain in a country illegally? Would Jesus work under the table in contravention of U.S. labor laws? If the law required a work permit, would he work without one? Would Jesus lie to get a drivers’ license? Would Jesus drive without a drivers’ license? Would Jesus acquire a fake ID or Social Security card? If Jesus were going to pay taxes on his illegal labor, would he illegally acquire and use the Social Security number of another or a deceased individual? Would Jesus use an emergency room at U.S. taxpayer expense? Ms. Nunez, is it humane for illegal aliens to cost Arizonans $2 billion a year or are illegal aliens doing economic violence to the taxpayers? Would Jesus sneak his pregnant wife across the border so that his child would be born a U.S. citizen? Would Jesus, as an illegal alien, send his children to public schools at taxpayer expense? Would Jesus loiter on private property hoping to get a job? Would Jesus submit fake documents to an employer to illegally obtain work? I think everyone can see that every illegal alien breaks multiple laws and it is not Christ-like activity. In fact, Jesus Christ, in the New Testament, tells us to, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” I think most believers and scholars would agree that the admonition applies to more than just taxes. I’m sure most believers and Bible scholars would agree that being law abiding is the Christian thing to do. Illegal aliens simply aren’t law abiding, yet I don’t see Ms. Nunez asking illegals to return home like Jesus Christ would do. Instead, I hear Ms. Nunez, in contravention of what Jesus Christ would do, saying, “Hey, make illegal aliens comfortable so that not only are more illegal aliens encouraged to come to the U.S., but those already here have no incentive to return home.” In essence, Ms. Nunez is urging us to encourage illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. and continue to break laws.

Let’s also not forget the “Golden Rule”: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Does anyone believe illegal aliens in the U.S. would have their countries invaded by illegal aliens from other countries? Would illegal aliens in the U.S. welcome others to come into their country and break laws repeatedly? Would illegal aliens in the U.S. have others come into their home countries and impose billions of dollars in costs to the government and ultimately them as taxpayers? The truth is that illegal aliens are not doing unto U.S. citizens as they would have others do unto them in their home countries. Would Jesus Christ approve? One could argue that Jesus would stay home and try to change things from within in his home country before illegally seeking opportunity in a foreign country, continuously breaking laws in a foreign land, and leeching off foreign taxpayers.

In the end, Ms. Nunez selectively quotes the Bible to support her position. That is not Biblical. It’s also an example of the trouble with allowing lay worshipers to call themselves “Reverend.”

LD 12, you have a choice in the Senate race. Please, make a wise choice at the ballot box on August 24th.

Fundraiser for Jerry Walker for MCCC Board

You are cordially invited to the home of
Jerry D. and Mary Ellen Walker at
113 South Ogden Circle Mesa, Az 85206.
This is a fund raiser to keep Jerry in his seat on the
Community College District Governing Board
for Maricopa County.
The event will take place on
Saturday, May 15, 2010.
The time will be from 6 to 9 PM.
There will be light refreshments served at this occasion.

Jerry has worked for programs that ensure student exposure to critical thinking skills.
He wants people to be encouraged to learn how to think.
Jerry also has worked to keep tuition low.
His efforts in the development of work force training has taken
second place to none. This is vital to the economic future of Arizona.
For information on Jerry’s on-going work with the
Veteran Community to make sure that these young patriots take advantage of the G.I. benefits to get a college degree or the appropriate workforce training please go to
Please help Jerry develop the workforce of Arizona and keep both Arizona and the U.S. economy strong.
RSVP to Jerry Walker at (480) 213-4777.
In the event that you are unable to attend, donations may sent to the address above.
Paid for by Jerry Walker for Community Colleges

Party-flopping Nunez Re-Registering Hispanic Democrats as Republicans

As an earlier post noted, Somos Republicans supports Eve Nunez for the Senate seat in LD 12. Ostensibly, they say they’re interested in registering Hispanics as Republicans. However, in LD 12, they’ve been walking precincts, visiting hispanic Democrats and asking them to reregister as Republicans. SR is basically trying to stuff the ballot box by having Democrats meddle in Republican politics in LD 12. Eve is an interloper herself. She changes her party registration with the political winds from Republican, to Democrat when Barry Hussein Obama was popular, and back to Republican when it seems the Tea Partiers are ascendant. That’s not something a dedicated Republican does. She’s a RINO and interloper at best. It also reflects a desire to attain office at any cost. That’s the LAST person LD 12 and Arizona need in the state Senate.

LD 12’s Republican and Independent voters should be aware that Somos Republicans and Eve hope that enough Republicans will split their votes between true small government conservative challenger Clark Silver and middle-of-the-road and absentee incumbent John Nelson enough that inattentive voters and reregistered hispanic Democrats will be enough to vault her into office. Those who believe that a lack of adherence to Republican principles lead to electoral defeat in 2006 and 2008 should get behind Clark Silver whole heartedly…otherwise, LD12 will suffer at least two years under a liberal Senator that doesn’t care about Republican principles.

Nelson is little better than Nunez. In 2009, he missed 20% of his votes. So, in 1 out of 5 bills going through the Senate, LD 12 didn’t have a voice. Only Democrats missed more votes than Nelson in `09. Nelson missed important votes like voting on the anti-sanctuary cities bill…TWICE! He’s also consistently receives D’s and F’s from the Goldwater Institute for voting to regulate the economy. Republicans are supposed to believe in the free market. Nelson doesn’t. Voting to place government burdens on an economy during a downturn is foolish at best. His grades from Americans for Prosperity and Pachyderm Coalitionare little better. Weiers and Montenegro both are to the right of Nelson. If the voters in LD 12 want to see real conservative change, it would behoove them to vote for the most conservative candidate.

Beware LD 12 voters. Do your homework. Don’t be fooled by moderates and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Arpaio will NOT run for Gov.

Despite the hype that Mr. Vath may be trying to create on his blog, I’m pretty certain that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will NOT run for Arizona Governor.

What leads me to this conclusion? Well, to the best of my knowledge, Mr. Arpaio hasn’t filed a campaign committee to run for governor yet. I understand that means that the Sheriff can’t collect signatures for the race. In the Governor’s race, one needs to collect around six thousand signatures to qualify to get on the ballot. Tomorrow is April 15th and the dealine to file your nominating petitions is May 26th. So, if Joe were to file tomorrow, he’d need roughly 143 signaturees per day to get qualified for the ballot. If he waits until his May 1st announcement to file a campaign commitee, he’d need roughly 230 signatures per day.

Mr. Vath reported that Joe is looking at professional companies to try to collect signatures for him. Be that as it may, I believe Ken Bennett recently reported that 22 people are in the governor’s race among all the parties. Many of these candidates have been getting signatures for quite a while. So, many of the eligible signatures have already been given out. Considering the mounting number of signatures he’d have to get per day, and the number of candidates and how long they’ve been collecting signatures, I have to conclude that Joe would face a very stiff mountain climb to get enough signatures to get on the ballot even if he hired people to get his signatures. I don’t see the man running a write-in campaign.

One may next say, “What about that $2 million he just raised?” Somehow, I suspect that money will be used for his legal defense when the County Board of Supervisors gets ahold of him. This leads me to another indicator that Joe will not run: not only will other gubernatorial candidates be gunning for Joe based on his utter lack of policy experience, his free spending and other issues, but the County Board will be doing their best to eviscerate Joe as well. Does that really bode well in a gubernatorial contest? When the state spending is too high, will the people really vote for a guy who allows his friends to double dip, buys more helicopters than he needs, and wastes money on a mobile artillery piece?

In audio clips of Joe on the radio, Joe said he wouldn’t be holding a press conference on May 1st so media types couldn’t chide him for conducting another “Joe Show”. He said he would simply issue a press release. If the man were really running for governor, do you really think Jason Rose would allow him to get away with issuing only a press release? Jason would spare no expense conducting the world’s largest circus, replete with acrobats, jugglers, bearded ladies, fireworks and Russian bears riding unicycles, with Joe in the center ring.

When has Joe ever shied away from being the center of media attention? How many times has he let warrants pile up and then put on a big media show about apprehending all those criminals he allowed to roam free? How many gubernatorial election years in a row has he made noise about running for governor? It is against Joe Arpaio’s very nature not to try to grab headlines. His statement that he’s just going to issue a press release is a dead give that he’s not going to run.

My ultimate guess: Joe will be announcing his retirement on May 1st.

Come May, I invite all of you back here to throw rotten vegetables at me if I’m wrong, or to watch me gloat when I am proven correct.

CD 4 Candidate Janet Contreras Townhall

Look for more townhalls from Janet between now and the general election. She is the first credible challenger Ed Pastor has had in CD 4.

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