Tom Horne refuses to enter gay marriage debate

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Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Horne refused to file a brief in court defending traditional marriage

The truth is, Horne is a RINO on everything except illegal immigration, and even there he’s a Johnny-come-lately who has been barely active   

Courts in Arizona are constitutionally barred from recognizing the same-sex marriages from other states.  This past week, a panel of liberal judges from the Arizona Court of Appeals ignored the constitutional prohibition and, using a transparent trick, recognized a same-sex marriage from Hawaii.
A same sex couple filed for divorce in the Maricopa County Superior Court.  The Maricopa County trial judge, faithfully following Arizona law, refused to accept jurisdiction of the case because the parties were two females.
The women had been married in Hawaii with a wink and a nod.  Hawaii allowed the marriage because one of the women “identified” as male.  Hawaii essentially pretended that the “husband” was really a man, rather than a woman.
The liberal panel of Arizona Court of Appeals was all too happy go along with the ruse – to pretend that the “husband” was really a man, even though the “husband” had borne three children after the sham wedding.  The Court of Appeals decided that Arizona should accept jurisdiction over the sham marriage.  The Court couldn’t escape using nonsensical language in its opinion.  Referring to the “husband” the Court said “he had retained the ability to bear children, and in fact gave birth to three children following his marriage to Nancy.”
Why was it so easy for the Court of Appeals to run roughshod over the Arizona Constitution?  Because Tom Horne refused to defend Arizona’s traditional marriage policy.    In fact Tom Horne was asked to file a brief with the trial court to defend traditional marriage.  But he refused to do so.
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Espressopundit: Good chance Andrew Thomas will win the GOP primary for governor

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Friday, August 1st, 2014

“Andrew Thomas can win if he’s the only GOP candidate standing up against illegal immigration and the gay lobby” 

Greg Patterson, no fan of Andrew Thomas, explains how Thomas is successfully capturing the right wing base as the only non-establishment candidate 

thomas signs

Respected political pundit Greg Patterson of was interviewed last week by KJZZ about Andrew Thomas’s chances of winning the governor’s race. Here is what he said, paraphrased:Thomas has a good chance, because unlike the other candidates for governor, he’s not part of the establishment. The rest of the candidates are towing the narrow, establishment Republican line. 

Thomas has distinguished himself from the others by supporting SB 1062, the bill that was similar to Hobby Lobby, allowing businesses an exemption from the law if it substantially burdened their exercise of religion. There is a big chunk of the electorate that is not happy with the defeat of that bill. 

Of course, the establishment social conservatives like Cathy Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy will avoid him. But the truth is, many people are very upset about what happened with SB 1062, especially considering at one point BOTH Obama and Clinton opposed gay marriage. Now those viewpoints are being targeted. 


Phil Boas of the Arizona Republic said this group of people is very frightened by what they see as intimidation tactics. Thomas’s statement that he will fight the gay lobby will resonate with a lot of people. There is a strong social conservative non-establishment segment of the electorate, and he’s the only candidate directly appealing to that group.

This is a large, split group of Republicans in the GOP race, so Thomas can win this with only 21-22% of the vote. He can win if he’s the only one standing up saying he will secure the border AND stand up to the gay lobby.  

I wrote an article about him in 2010 where I said he was unfit to serve in public office. However, I think his supporters will see he stood up to the liberal judges who disbarred him, so his background doesn’t hurt him. 

Supposedly the Democrats are going to come out in support of him, because they see him as the weakest candidate in the general against Duval. Well, it hasn’t happened – evidence they DON’T think he’s the weakest candidate. 


The truth is, independent voters, who might be more likely to vote against him, have a tendency not to vote in large numbers. 

There is no one in this primary going after hard right, the non-establishment conservative voter. Frank Riggs would be an underdog against Duval.

Chances of Thomas winning? Long shots pay more, better than 5 or 6 to one. 


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Andrew Thomas new TV ad: Only candidate who supported traditional marriage SB 1062

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Thursday July 31st, 2014

Thomas for Governor - Faith, Family and Freedom
Thomas for Governor – Faith, Family and Freedom
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Rob Haney and Tom Morrissey endorse Andrew Thomas for Governor

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Saturday July 26th, 2014

August 20, 2013                                                         


Arizona’s Conservative Grassroots Leader Endorses Andrew Thomas

Says Only Andrew Thomas Can Be Counted on to Provide Strong, Consistent Conservative Leadership


Rob Haney, immediate past Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party, has issued a public letter of endorsement of Andrew Thomas in the race for Governor.  The Arizona Capitol Times has called Haney Arizona’s conservative grassroots leader.  

Rob Haney’s explanation of support will be handed out to voters at public meetings, gun shows and other venues throughout Arizona.  They express well the reasons behind the swelling conservative grassroots support for Andrew Thomas:

Why My Vote Is for Andrew Thomas for the Next Governor of Arizona

Seventeen years’ experience dealing with the “Top-Down” direction imposed nationally by the Republican Party elites and in Arizona chiefly by Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, is why I support Andy Thomas for Governor.  Andy Thomas has a proven track record of supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution and the Republican Party Platform, and he carries the arrows and battle scars that come with that fight.  

I have served as a precinct committeeman, State and County Member-at-Large, two terms as Legislative District 11 Chairman and two terms as Maricopa County Chairman.  When I stood up and exposed elected Republican officials for not following the Republican Platform or the U.S Constitution, I was attacked by the McCain led Republican Establishment.  No effort was spared by this group to silence me and others who dared to challenge the McCain ruling cabal. This cabal consists of the politicians, Chambers of Commerce (business owners who depended on the cheap labor of illegal aliens to staff their operations while we pay through our taxes for their benefits), columnists, radio hosts, lobbyists, bloggers, the “Interfaith-Social Justice” liberal class, and the agenda driven liberal lawyer class.  

What I experienced was nothing compared to what the McCain cabal had in store for their primary targets: Senator Russell Pearce, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  These were the three stalwarts who stood for the “rule of law”, represented the Republican grass roots, and most significantly for the McCain surrogates, opposed the illegal alien invasion.  These three had to be stopped  or the rest of the country would be tempted to replicate the Arizona actions that addressed the illegal invasion.

Have you ever known a more direct campaigner than Andy Thomas?  I have not.  Andy tells you his core beliefs, what he represents and the actions he will take once in office to correct government failings.   Others will equivocate about the issues, lie about their true beliefs, and avoid addressing the issues once in office.  Andy Thomas will not prevaricate.  From my experience, I know who the good guys are in the Republican Party and who the bad guys are.  Andy Thomas wears the whitest of the white hats.  

In the Republican Party, we have a large quantity of “bipartisan” joiners with the Democrats.  We have very few fighters for the conservative side of an issue.  Even Rubio and Christie, who we believed were with us, have shown their true colors when they flipped using the “patented” McCain Flip-Flop.  We know that Andy Thomas is a fighter representing the base of the party and there will be no flip from him and his record proves it.   

It is clear to me that our judicial branch of government no longer fulfills the original intent of our Founders in interpreting the law while being the least powerful branch of government.  They are now not only the most powerful, but hold veto power over all conservative initiated legislation when their liberal friends in the ACLU file suit to stop conservative passed legislation. 

They wield this power with a liberal bent worthy of their liberal education and the liberal dominated American and Arizona Bar associations to which they belong.  Judges are selected from this liberal dominated class of lawyers.   It is no surprise to me that these lawyers attacked Thomas where they could dominate the proceedings.  It is also no surprise that everyone from the Maricopa County Republican Committee to conservative columnist Michelle Malkin to even liberal writers at the Arizona Republic denounced the attack on Andy Thomas.

A panel from the Arizona Bar pulled Andy Thomas’ law license.  However, the federal Grand Jury (which is so noted for the ease of securing an indictment on minimal evidence that the term “they would indict a ham sandwich” refers to the Grand Jury) which looked at the same case at the request of the Obama Justice Department refused to indict him or Sheriff Joe Arpaio for lack of evidence.  The Grand Jury is made up of the non-lawyer class and rejected as insufficient the same evidence the lawyer class used to pull his license.  What does that tell you about how out of touch, liberal and dishonest our courts have become?   What it tells voters is that Andy Thomas did nothing wrong and was falsely accused because he challenged the liberal judiciary on issue after issue.  With this simple and honest explanation, he can explain to voters what actually happened and win their support. 

The Republican and Democrat ruling class consider Thomas dangerous because they know that once elected he will keep his campaign promise to attack corruption by both the Republican and Democrat office holders.  The “cabal” will devote a great amount of money and effort to defeat him.  They have started with “He can’t win” (because of all the baggage from their charges).  The Republican establishment also stated that Senator Cruz of Texas was not able to win.  But he did, and now is our most effective conservative advocate in the U.S. Senate.   

Andy Thomas won the only straw poll in the race so far, by ten points over his closest competitor.  The poll was done by a web site that opposes Andy’s candidacy.  He is picking up signatures and $5 Clean Elections contributions from voters with amazing ease.  I know because I have been at the meetings collecting them for him. 

We are not going to reverse the slide into oblivion by the Republican Party by selecting the same type of liberal leaning, milquetoast Republicans for our candidates.  If we do, we will get promises to seal the border, enforce current immigration laws and oppose Obamacare.  But we would only continue to see their promises reversed and conservative principles abandoned while they surrender to Democrats yet claim victory through bipartisan legislation.  This legislation has always moved the political spectrum to the left.  Don’t you think fifty years of this process is enough? 

Which is easier to take, a dagger to the chest from a Democrat governor or one to the back from a McCain-supported Republican governor?  But there is another choice.  That is why I will vote Andy Thomas for governor, secure in the knowledge that our laws will be upheld.  You will recall that Andy supported legislation to force judges to deny bond to criminal illegal aliens, he followed the law and prosecuted employers who knowingly hired illegal aliens and he prosecuted illegal aliens as co-conspirators in human trafficking cases.

Do you really believe there are only 11 million illegal aliens in the country, that there is very little inflation, that the border has never been more secure, and that the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare will save us money?  Where do our leaders come up with this malarkey?  It is from all the people I described in the second paragraph.  Andy has assured me that he will faithfully consult the conservative grass roots of the party as he has in the past.  They have been ignored too long and the party has suffered enormously because of it.     

In our hearts, we all know that Andy Thomas would do the best job as governor.  Let’s make sure he gets there.  


Rob Haney                                                              

Immediate Past Chairman

Maricopa County Republican Party 

June 10

Immediate Past GOP Chairman Endorses Andrew Thomas

Tom Morrissey, Immediate Past Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, has endorsed Andrew Thomas for Governor.

Morrissey, who served as state Republican Party Chairman from 2008 to 2012, praised Thomas and urged voters to cast their ballots for him.

Morrissey said, “I support this great man and urged him to run for Governor.  Andrew Thomas is, by far, the leader we have been hoping would arise.”

“I am honored to receive this endorsement from Tom Morrissey, who was an outstanding and solid conservative during his time as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party,” Thomas said. 

Morrissey’s endorsement adds to the list of Republican and conservative leaders and activists who have endorsed Thomas.  They include Rob Haney, Immediate Past Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party, Anna Gaines, nationally renowned leader of the fight against illegal immigration, and Andrew Costanzo, the floor leader of the Arizona Republican Party’s censure of John McCain in 2014.

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Unethical Bar prosecutor who disbarred Andrew Thomas finally exposed, loses job

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Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

Wednesday July 23rd, 2014

Attorneys in Colorado and Oregon calling out John Gleason for political targeting

“Abused his authority to selectively prosecute effective advocates of their license without due process of law”

Finally some justice is being done. John Gleason, the slimy Colorado Bar prosecutor the Arizona State Bar brought in to disbar Andrew Thomas, because they knew of his history of successfully politically targeting conservative attorneys, has lost his job over it – AGAIN. Gleason was forced out of the Colorado State Bar after his targeting of Thomas, and could only find a job with the State Bar in Oregon, leaving his family behind. Now, only a year later, he’s out there too.

Here are some excerpts from the article in Oregon Live:

After a short, stormy run that antagonized some lawyers around the state and divided the Oregon State Bar, John Gleason, the bar’s high-profile new disciplinary counsel, quietly left the job and Oregon late last month.

“Gleason came here with a goal to radically change Oregon Bar discipline which he disclosed only to (Bar Executive Director) Sylvia Stevens and I’m glad he’s gone,” said Greg Hendrix, a Bend lawyer and former chair of the bar’s State Professional Responsibility Board.
Here are some excerpts from the comment after the article, written by a successful Colorado attorney who Gleason targeted:
Far from being cause for concern, John Gleason’s premature departure from the post of Disciplinary Counsel should be welcomed by anyone devoted to “Equal Justice Under the Law”. Gleason is third-rate lawyer and under- qualified career bureaucrat with little to no meaningful experience in private practice who, even while his Colorado office routinely ignored or countenanced massive ethical lapses by attorneys for the rich and powerful, complaisantly abused his authority to selectively prosecute and unconstitutionally deprive effective advocates for the little guy of their liberty and property interests in their profession and license without due process of law. I am a Stanford Law School graduate with over 25 years of experience in labor and employment counseling and litigation in the private, public, and corporate sector.
In 2006, I won a $1.22 million ADEA jury verdict against the City and County of Denver on behalf of a long-time firefighter whom it had unlawfully terminated on the pretext of fraudulent shoplifting charges after he turned age 50 (and retirement eligible). In Nov. 2006, the presiding judge, Robert Blackburn, entered judgment in the full amount of the verdict, stating that there was more than enough evidence of willful age discrimination to support the jury’s verdict.
In late September, 2007, however, Blackburn fraudulently, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally granted a new trial in the case on the basis of alleged trivial misconduct by me during trial that was never the subject of a motion for mistrial and was therefore waived, as a matter of law, as grounds for a new trial.
As Alan Prendergast of “Westword” reported soon thereafter, and as the new trial order itself impliedly admitted, there were absolutely no grounds for a new trial. As the jurors Prendergast (and, later, Asst. Attorney Regulation Counsel Kim Ikeler) interviewed attested, the judge’s new trial order was completely unfounded, and they had decided the case in full conformity with the evidence and the law, as instructed:
After interviewing the jurors, Asst. Attorney Regulation Counsel Kim Ikeler told me on Jan. 31, 2008 that he found no clear and convincing evidence of misconduct by me during trial, and would therefore recommend dismissal of the complaint against me.
Nonetheless, at the request of the City of Denver, which has numerous Democrat allies on the Colorado Supreme Court, the Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel directed Ikeler to defraud the Attorney Regulation Committee by unlawfully and unethically concealing evidence (the juror’s statements) exculpating me in order to gain permission to prosecute me, then subjected me to a retaliatory and completely unfounded witch hunt and show trial for the purpose of: attempting to force me off the case before retrial; providing a fraudulent veneer of credibility to Judge Blackburn’s blatantly unlawful new trial order; retaliating against me for humiliating the City and its lawless officials so very publicly and gleefully; making an example of me to any other maverick, politically unconnected attorney who might be encouraged to do the same, given the massive corruption and stupidity within the City of Denver’s government; punishing me for my searing criticism of Judge Blackburn and the Colorado Supreme Court.
For the serious crime of winning my client’s case, and vindicating his federally protected rights, against the resistance of a massively powerful, corrupt, and dishonest bureaucracy, another massively powerful, dishonest and corrupt bureaucracy, the Colorado Supreme Court, effectively destroyed my reputation, and ability to ever again practice law, by suspending me for a year and a day for the void-for-vagueness offense of “interfering with the administration of justice” by winning my client’s case through very hard work and skillful lawyering. They exploited local mainstream media to defame me from behind the cover of the fair report doctrine by conspiring with them to portray me in the worst possible light, and refrain from reporting the wealth of evidence exculpating me. Only a few isolated bloggers came close to reporting the truth, and then only after they had parroted false reports I encouraged them to retract, for example:|
My very well-founded appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court was, of course, ignored. I was informed by expert counsel that there was no chance the US Supreme Court would take up my case. Because of overbroad abstention and immunity doctrines, I could not sue in federal court for this blatant violation of my right to due process and deprivation of my liberty and property interests in my career and license.
In short, I was judicially lynched by Mr. Gleason and his colleagues in the Colorado Supreme Court as part of a politically-motivated prosecution that had no foundation in the facts or the law. They did the same thing to me for which Gleason was hired (by Andrew Thomas’ political enemies in Arizona) to disbar Andrew Thomas: abusing prosecutorial powers to punish political enemies.
THAT is the sort of bureaucratic weasel the Oregon Bar hired as its Disciplinary Counsel. Maverick Oregon advocates for the little guy should be relieved by his premature departure under pressure.
Here are some excerpts from another article & comments about the complicit judiciary (sound familiar?):
You have experienced what I believe sadly is the norm of the Colorado Judicial Branch. It has become so flagrant and the “players” so comfortable in their roles that there is no possibility of correcting it. Think about it. What can you or anyone possibly do to overcome the corruption that has become so deeply embedded in every facet of our government. Yes, you can try and fight it, but for what purpose? Unless you resign yourself to the role of bending your knee and bowing your head; life will be very difficult for you as an attorney in Colorado.
It is obvious that this is a political prosecution, and that Gleason, a political reptile who has long abused the power of his office to oppress enemies of those who control the State of Colorado, and protect their friends from scrutiny or prosecution for their routine subversion of justice for fun and profit, was called in to provide the result desired by Thomas’ political enemies.
SunnyFebruary 28, 2014 at 7:07 PM
Very good, Mark. Andrew Thomas’s chief political enemy is Conley Wolfswinkel, a Phoenix developer who is partners with S&L crook Charles Keating, who is a “business partner” of Larry Mizel’s, Mizel being a Colorado homebuilder who–like Keating–is also a big S&L crook. He obtained huge loans from Silverado Savings & Loan which he never paid back. It is zillionaire Larry Mizel who picks the public officials in Colorado, via his criminal campaign-contribution shakedowns. (There’s a classic Denver Post picture of Mizel’s “green light” to John Hickenlooper to run for governor over lunch, for example.) The governor then appoints ALL judges in Colorado, and it was one of these, chief justice Mary Mullarkey–herself appointed by Mizel stooge Roy Romer–who selected John Gleason to head the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. That selection is more than a little curious because Gleason flunked out of college and never practiced law before joining OARC, despite lying about his “prosecutorial” and “extensive private practice” experience on his bios which are online. So we come full circle: my take is Gleason was imported to Arizona because Wolfswinkel wanted to end Thomas’s career, and needed a mob plant with “disciplinary power” to do it. Aside from the fact he is a lawyer impersonator, as mentioned, witchhunts and abuses of power are John Gleason’s trademark.

It bears mentioning that Gleason was advanced early in his career by the sheriff of Arapahoe County, Pat Sullivan, who gave him rave reviews on evaluations. Sullivan was arrested in 2010 for offering to exchange drugs for homosexual sex, an offer he also apparently routinely made to jail inmates in return for letting them bond out, when he was sheriff. Gleason currently runs, on the side, a nonprofit called “Warrior Youth Sports,” which I have been told, by a parent of a child involved in it, is engaging in financial improprieties. I’m wondering if there are worse abuses afoot, a la Jerry Sandusky. Are we concerned yet? 

See “John Gleason–Lawyer Impersonator?” (and follow-up posts) on my blog,, for documentation supporting what I’ve said about this man. There should be more documents, of course, but Gleason’s personnel file at OARC, including his application, has been unlawfully withheld. This sure looks like they’ve got to hide that application, because it shows the reptile lied to get the job–as well as that he was profoundly unqualified. Complying with the Open Records Law and producing these records would, of course, impair Job #1 at the OARC, which–as Mark and I both know firsthand–is to protect white collar crime.
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Andrew Thomas leads by more than 2-to-1 in Maricopa GOP poll

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Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

Sunday June 8th, 2014

Despite misleading news articles, Andrew Thomas doing extraordinarily well in race

Grassroots conservatives solidly backing Thomas

Here are the results of the 40 people, including 24 MCRC EGC members and 16 attendees, according to Chairman A.J. LaFaro.


Andrew Thomas: 16

Ken Bennett:   7

Frank Riggs:   7

Doug Ducey:  5

Christine Jones:  2

Scott Smith:  0

Al Melvin:      0

U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon, not in the governor’s race, garnered a single write-in vote.


Wil Cardon:  19

Justin Pierce: 15

Michele Reagan: 4


Mark Brnovich: 19

Tom Horne:  17


Jeff DeWit:  26

Randy Pullen:   9

Hugh Hallman:  4


Diane Douglas:  35

John Huppenthal:  4


Doug Little:  35

Tom Forese:  32

Vernon Parker: 8

Lucy Mason: 1


Joe Hart (Uncontested)


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Corrupt Democrat supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox gets her $1 million from taxpayers for stress

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Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona
Monday June 2nd, 2014
Left wing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirms $975,000 settlement to corrupt Maricopa County Supervisor

Even the other county supervisors – who are mostly corrupt themselves – voted against her awarding herself money for “stress” over being prosecuted for filing false financial forms and voting on a grant to Chicanos por la Causa which was a conflict of interest considering they’d given her a loan at a great interest rate. 

UNBELIEVABLE……Read the story here. Must be nice to be powerful and connected. The rest of us little people would be in prison.
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Top Horne staffer resigned because she said he turned AG’s Office Into campaign HQ

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

Friday May 9th, 2014

“Every day, all was campaign [work],” explained staffer who resigned over the illegal activity

“Horne would come out at any moment and derail an official project and pull me into his office and start talking about stuff that was campaign-related”

WOW.  Anyone want to take a poll on how soon Horne resigns?
Reprinted from

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is running his re-election effort from his state office, and using AG staff members to raise money, organize events and do other campaign-related work on state time.

These are among the many serious allegations leveled against Horne by ex-staff member Sarah Beattie, who resigned April 22 from a job in the AG’s constituent services division, complaining that the office was “not following campaign laws.”

Beattie sat down with me Thursday in the Chandler office of her attorney Tom Ryan to detail her role as a state employee tasked by Horne to raise money on his behalf, even though her job, ostensibly, was working for the people of Arizona.

“Every day, all day was campaign [work],” explained Beattie, who said her desk was 20 feet from Horne’s office at one point. “Horne would come out at any moment and derail an official project and pull me into his office and start talking about stuff that was campaign-related.”

The 26-year old said Horne would give out her AG office phone number at campaign events so that potential donors would call her, and that she personally watched Horne make fundraising calls from his state office.

See also:
Tom Horne’s Zombieland Amusement Park Dive-Bombed by the Irish Wolfhound 

She detailed how members of Horne’s executive staff would meet each Wednesday to discuss campaign-related issues, how several AG employees labored for Horne on state time, how government resources sometimes were used, and how Horne once asked her to delete a campaign-related email that he inadvertently sent to her state e-mail.

“The AG’s executive office is the campaign headquarters [for Horne],” Beattie alleged.

But the following excerpt from Beattie’s affidavit, which Ryan plans to file soon with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, is perhaps her most damning statement against the highest law enforcement official in Arizona:

Between August 1, 2013 and the date of my resignation of April 22, 2014, the majority of people employed in the executive office of the Arizona Attorney General were campaigning for Tom Horne during regular business hours. This included Tom Horne himself.

By way of example, Tom Horne kept a white three-ring binder on his shelf behind his desk. The spine of this white binder was deliberately mislabeled “Border Patrol.” The contents of the binder have nothing to do with the Border Patrol. Instead the binder contained a substantial list of donors from the 2010 campaign and the 2014 campaign with Tom Horne’s handwritten notes from calls that he made to donors.

The contents of this binder were solely dedicated to campaign fundraising and solicitations. I have seen Mr. Horne use the binder marked Border Patrol daily to make campaign solicitation calls in his office.

Ryan and Beattie showed me the binder, which was organized in sections: by donors who were attorneys, by the donor’s employer, and so on.

On the pages, there were scribblings in ink, which Beattie said were made by Horne.

“It was in his office and I was supposed to make copies [of pages] for myself,” Beattie told me. “I always had to go in and get it from his official office.

“I had forgotten that I had it, and the office had fallen into a state of panic, afraid that it had fallen into the wrong hands. I think I blamed someone else for losing it. I found it in my car a few weeks later, and I just continued to blame someone else.”

Beattie has other documents to back up her claims of widespread political work by state employees on campaign time, such as agendas for Horne’s regular 2 p.m. Wednesday “calendar meetings.”

I was shown one such document, with the notation at the top, apparently made by someone at the AG’s office, which states, “deep blue is political.”

Most of the items mentioned on the agenda were in deep blue.

“I was asked to participate in these official calendar meetings because of my know-how with fundraising,” Beattie explained.

Horne was always at the meetings, she said.

According to Beattie, AG staff members were advised to bring in their own computer equipment, and use their own cell phones and personal e-mail accounts, so as not to create a public record.

“They said do your stuff on your laptops, be cautious, don’t send anything to your official e-mails,” she recalled. “It was very coordinated. It was very smart. I’m sure he’s not the only guy in the country that’s running his campaign on tax dollars.”

I asked who specifically asked her and other staff to do this, and she said both Horne and Horne’s chief of staff Margaret Dugan made this request.

According to election law experts I’ve spoken with, the use of personal devices and accounts on state time would not insulate Horne and his staff from federal and state laws regulating political work by public employees.

Indeed, the AG office’s own policies on political activity, as set forth in a memo sent out to AG staff last year, advise that, “No public employee may participate in any political or campaign work while on the public’s time.”

Specifically, there are laws regulating both state and federal political activity by government workers, known as the Hatch Act, and in the case of the state, the “little Hatch Act. “

Election law expert and former Assistant Arizona Attorney General Jim Barton saw several problems for the AG’s Office in the allegations raised by Beattie.

“Basically, you have two classes of regulation,” he told me. “You’ve got one that has to do with Hatch Act stuff or mini-Hatch Act…So, essentially, is he requiring his employees, employees of the state to violate the Hatch Act?

“That’s one big class of problems. And then you have a misuse of public resources, right? That’s another class of problems.

“And if they’re using their own e-mail accounts, and they’re using it for stuff that they’re assigned, it creates a question about whether that becomes a public document that they created at work, at the direction of the attorney general.”

Beattie said she was hired by the AG’s office in August 2013 to do fundraising for Horne’s campaign.

Initially, she worked for Horne’s outreach director Kathleen Winn, during which time, she said she did fundraising, helped with events and worked on a document referred to as Horne’s “17 Achievements,” which Beattie said was handed out at political events.

But Beattie said she did not like working for Winn, and went to Horne, threatening to quit, because the political season was beginning. She said she needed to find another gig, if she wasn’t going to work for him.

“I said I would be willing to work in constituent services…but that I would need a pay raise,” she told me. “Horne said, `We need you through November, so please stay.'”

Horne gave her a couple of pay raises, eventually bumping her up an additional $10,000, to $45,000 per year. She then moved to the executive offices on the second floor of the AG’s main building.

Beattie said that her role increased with proximity to Horne. But she complained of Horne’s sloppiness when it came to maintaining any semblance of a wall between political activity and official duties.

For example, she says Horne often gave out her office number to potential donors at political events, and she would end up receiving calls on that line. She had to admonish Horne to stop doing this.

About three months ago, she claims Horne sent a campaign-related e-mail chain to her AG account by accident. After realizing what he’d done, she says he approached her and asked her to delete it.

“He said, `I really messed up, didn’t I? Can you delete that e-mail?'” remembered Beattie.

If true, this would involve the destruction of public records.

Beattie said she found Horne’s politically risky behavior worrisome.

Once, she said Horne brought former AG employee and gal-pal Carmen Chenal along as they scouted a location for a fundraising event at Molina Fine Jewelers in Phoenix.

She snapped pics of Chenal’s hands, as Chenal tried on rings with massive jewels. The metadata on the photos shows they were taken at the GPS coordinates for the shop’s address on October 15, 2013.

In fact, Chenal herself confirmed to me that the photos were legit, and that she had been at Molina’s on the day in question.

“Sarah Beattie gave a ride to Tom Horne to Al Molina’s shop,” Chenal said in an e-mail to me. “He is Cuban like me and a friend. I met Messrs Molina and Horne there to go to lunch for the purpose of introducing Mr. Horne to Mr. Molina to see if he could help Tom Horne raise funds for his campaign.

“Sarah wanted to try on rings. She tried one on, then kept urging me to try one on and I did at which time she took a picture with her cell phone. I kept resisting because I have arthritis and do not wear rings.”

The AG apparently did hold a campaign event at Molina’s after this visit. A spokesperson for Molina’s told me that there was cocktail party for Horne at the jewelry store in November.

Things came to a head in April, after Beattie said Winn and Horne used a state car to drive to a campaign meeting.

“The day I quit, I was very straightforward with Tom on why I was leaving the campaign,” she told me. “Because of him and Kathleen Winn taking a government vehicle to the previous campaign meeting.

“I said I’m not going to put myself at risk, and if you’re not going to look out for us, I will look out for myself here.”

Aside from herself, she said Winn, Dugan, AG legislative liaison Brett Mecum, and Garrett Archer, an AG policy aide, were all involved in campaign work on state time.

Mecum had his hands “in every part of the campaign,” she said, and Dugan was constantly prompting people to do more. Winn helped put together events.

Archer was involved in anything “data related,” she said.

“Anything that would have come from the campaign server would have come from Garrett,” she said.

Horne spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham denied Beattie’s allegations.

“All significant campaign work, including meetings, has been done at an off-site location, at lunch time, or after work,” she explained in an e-mailed response.

“Some state employees have done volunteer work for the Tom Horne campaign,” she admitted. “Those who have done that have done so on their own initiative. No one forced them to do so. Our office does not track who volunteers for what campaigns on their own time.”

Grisham further insisted that, “The AG does not conduct fundraising calls in the office.”

Also, Grisham claimed that any time Beattie was with Horne to make fundraising calls, the calls were “off site,” and “several people…could attest to that.”

(Note: Beattie said fundraising calls were made both onsite and off site.)

Asked about the work Archer does for the AG, Grisham had the following reply:

“Some of Garrett Archer’s job duties include federal and state relation issues, videography, analyst for legislative team, official website and social media work, annual report, and legislative issues relating to copper theft and scrap metal.”

Grisham also claimed that “internal staff who have been named are considering lawsuits against Ms. Beattie.”

I called Winn, who denied allegations that she had done any campaign work on state time.

“No, not at all,” she told me. “I’ve done very little in this new effort.”

As for Beattie’s claim that she worked on Horne’s “17 achievements” document on state time, she said that if Beattie did so, she did so on her own time.

Regarding the allegation involving the use of a state car, Winn said Beattie “is not being accurate,” and has her facts wrong.

Grisham later told me that Winn “at one time drove a state car from an official event to a campaign meeting on her lunch hour.”

She says Winn was “formerly reprimanded,” and had to “pay the state $10 to reimburse her mileage.”

I asked if, considering the current allegations, as well as the AG’s rather voluminous record of past unethical conduct, Horne would resign.

“Tom said he has no intention to resign,” Grisham replied.

Told of Grisham’s responses to Beattie’s allegations, her attorney Tom Ryan had a few choice words.

“Facts are a stubborn thing,” Ryan said. “Mr. Horne is entitled to his own opinion, but he is not entitled to his own set of facts. Sarah is speaking the truth, while Horne is palavering nothing more than truthiness.

“As to the threat of lawsuits they would be about defamation of character. Truth is an absolute defense to such claims.

“Sarah was well aware the Horne camp would try to throw the kitchen sink at her to get her to back off. That is why, in my opinion, Sarah Beattie is a real profile in courage, which is a lot more than what I can say for the scoundrels in the Horne camp.”

Ryan also offered a warning shot for Horne and his lackeys.

“They do know she is submitting a report to State and Local authorities which carries immunity from liability, right? And threatening a witness who is going to the authorities could well be seen as witness tampering.”

Ryan has already submitted a litigation hold letter to the AG’s Office, and is preparing Beattie’s complaint to the Secretary of State, which he says he will also submit to the Arizona Clean Elections Commission, which has certain investigatory powers, and the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, among others.

Ryan said Beattie did not intend to sue anyone, and had nothing to gain financially from coming forward.

Quite the opposite, actually. Any future career in politics she might want would be hurt by this.

As for himself, Ryan said he was volunteering his help to Beattie as a public service.

Why is Beattie granting interviews now, after canceling a press conference she and Ryan scheduled last week?

Beattie says she’s been angered by a whisper campaign against her regarding her past, orchestrated by someone in the AG’s office.

She admits to having a DUI on her record, to having done cocaine when she was younger, and to having once worked as a stripper.

All of which, she alleges AG employee Bret Mecum was attempting to peddle to other journalists, as evidence of her unreliability.

If so, that’s highly ironic, given Mecum’s tawdry past.

“I’ve never been shy about turning my life around,” Beattie told me. “I don’t think I’m the story. But on the off chance that some girl were to pick [up the story] and see how I was getting bashed for my past and think, `What’s the incentive? Why turn my life around if I’m always going to be judged by what I’m doing at this moment?’ I couldn’t live with myself if I found out that was the case from some young girl.”

She said she worked as a dancer from ages 18 to 20. In order to change her life, she moved to North Carolina, where her parents live, stayed for a year, and then returned to Arizona.

Beattie claimed the AG’s Office was aware of her past, and she provided an e-mail to Kathleen Winn, reminding Winn to tell human resources about her DUI. She said she and Mecum were roommates briefly, and confided in each other.

I’ve asked Mecum if he has been spreading malicious gossip about Beattie. He did not answer the question, and said all inquiries should go through AG spokeswoman Grisham.

Grisham responded that she knew nothing about any malicious gossip being spread, and so couldn’t comment on it.

Horne’s Republican rival, former state gaming director Mark Brnovich, when asked about this latest spate of allegations against Horne, answered with tongue firmly in cheek.

“I don’t know what I can say that would speak louder than his own actions,” quipped Brnovich. “The best case that Tom Horne has ever made is clearly the one for early retirement.”

If only that were in the offing.

Horne has zero credibility. Which by itself, helps Beattie’s credibility almost as much as the physical evidence she brings to the table.

As far as the truth goes, I would hope that a court of law might one day determine that.

But this is Arizona, after all, where the attorney general is as corrupt as they come, and has so far evaded any responsibility for his actions.

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Tom Horne Brought Common Core to Arizona

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

Wednesday May 7th, 2014

It was Tom Horne, not John Huppenthal, who adopted Common Core standards

Horne in 2010: “We are committed to our involvement in the PARCC Consortium.”

Reprinted from

by Harry Mathews

Submitted 5-3-14 by Common Core Observer on Gilbert Watch 

The Superintendent of Public Instruction is responsible for executing various education laws and State Board of Education policies. The state superintendent also serves in a leadership role implementing various education policies in our state. The superintendent’s mission is listed on the website:

“This unique opportunity allows the state superintendent to develop best practices and strategies which take into account the needs of our children at every stage of the process: from birth to college to the workforce.”

Most of the outcry against the implementation of Common Core in Arizona has occurred in the last two years and has been directed at the current Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal. Conveniently for Tom Horne, he’s escaped criticisms from conservative grassroots for his role in the implementation of Common Core in our state. Remember, Tom Horne served as Arizona’s Superintendent of Schools from 2006-2010.

NGA’s Former Chairman, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, Created the Task Force to Revise Educational Standards

Ironically, the Common Core floodgates were opened by former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano in 2006-2007 when, as the chair of the National Governor’s Association, she created a task force to revise the education standards throughout the country. The task force returned with their verdict: Common Core!  Nary a peep was heard from Tom Horne against the standards that were being so meticulously crafted by the Democrat governor and her team while he served as superintendent.

In 2009, then Superintendent Horne traveled to DC with other Common Core compadres (Gov. Jan Brewer and then Arizona Senator Rich Crandall) to apply for a No Child Left Behind waiver. This waiver was contingent upon Arizona adopting the Common Core standards. Not a problem for Horne. The details could be worked out later. Money, to Horne, was more important than ensuring that Arizona would not be fettered to a one-size-fits-all education system.

When twenty-six states banded together on June 23, 2010 to create a common assessment system, Tom Horne was so excited about his involvement that he joined other… to state his unequivocal support of Common Core standards, saying:

“We are committed to our involvement in the PARCC Consortium. This effort, to create a strong system of assessments, will support AZ’s vision of equal access to a rigorous curriculum for all students, measured during the academic year, and then again at the end of the year by quality summative assessments. Building strong learners who are both college and career ready is critical not only to the K-12 community that we serve, but to the university system and workforce as well. We look forward to this partnership and the opportunity to share teacher resources, as well as strong assessments with partner states.”    

What Tom Horne won’t tell you now is that those “partner states” he was excited to join included the likes of these blue states: Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, the District of Columbia, and Rhode Island. Not exactly partnering with bastions of conservatism, was he? 

It was Tom Horne, not John Huppenthal, who Adopted Common Core Standards

On June 28, 2010, the Arizona Department of Education, which was managed by Superintendent Tom Horne, adopted Common Core standards. This was Horne’s final act in support of Common Core coming to Arizona. He was now free to run for Attorney General, wash his hands of his involvement in Common Core, and let current Superintendent of Schools John Huppenthal take the heat for the implementation of Common Core. And while Huppenthal has been an unapologetic supporter of Common Core curriculum, the reality is that he inherited the mess from Horne.

Tom Horne can give any excuse he wants about why he brought Common Core to Arizona, but the fact clearly remains that Common Core in Arizona wouldn’t be here without the persistence of Tom Horne to get it across the finish line. Recently at a public forum Tom Horne commented that he “didn’t know Common Core was going to be as bad as it was” when pressed on his involvement with the adoption of the controversial standards.

Either Tom Horne wasn’t protecting the interests of Arizonans when he absentmindedly took multiple steps to bring Common Core to Arizona, or he knew what he was doing with each calculated step of the process. Further, if he believes the standards are wrong for Arizona or that Common Core is in fact worse than what he originally envisioned, what has he done in his current role as Attorney General to protect Arizona from this federal overreach?

Tom Horne can say that he is a conservative and that he is fighting for Arizonans against an intrusive federal government, but his actions speak otherwise. When it mattered most to Arizona to stop the federal government’s further intrusion into our education system, he not only failed our state, but he also helped the federal government completely take it over. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by the actions of a career politician who was a registered liberal Democrat until 1996.

Just remember – when you are upset with Governor Brewer and Superintendent Huppenthal over their support of Common Core, you can also thank Tom Horne for bringing it to Arizona.

Horne was caught by the FBI sneaking out of one of his mistress’s apartments during lunch, then hitting a car and leaving the scene without even leaving a note. This is inappropriate behavior for the state’s top law enforcement official! He has been permanently banned from trading by the SEC for unethical behavior.

Everyone knows Horne’s not a conservative, and switched parties to run as a Republican for legislature only because he realized a Democrat could not win where he lived. The only issues he’s ever been conservative on are illegal immigration – and then only in recent years – and bilingual education. Everything else he has a poor record on, including bringing Common Core to Arizona with Governor Brewer – thanks a lot. Any prominent conservative who is supporting him probably has been threatened by him, so take any odd endorsement with a grain of salt…

If you support a guy who cheats on his wife with multiple mistresses, and gets away with a hit and run, then Horne is your guy. Despite Horne’s massive name recognition over Democrat Felecia Rotellini, he is trailing her by 6 points in the latest poll. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is supporting Mark Brnovich, the conservative in the race, for Attorney General. That tells principled Republicans everything they need to know.

Bill Montgomery Supports Mark Brnovich for Attorney General
Bill Montgomery Supports Mark Brnovich for Attorney General
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Another Horne staffer quits citing campaign finance violations, terrified for her career

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

Sunday May 4th, 2014

AZ Republic: Horne staffer says AG ‘not following campaign laws’

Staffers caught on video dropping off election materials during work hours; also, Horne responds to Brnovich campaign email during work hours

Submitted by a reader
The scandals around embattled liberal Republican (a former Democrat until inconvenient) Attorney General Tom Horne continue to escalate. Staffer Sarah Beattie, who worked as an administrative assistant in the AG’s office, has resigned, and stated in her resignation letter that it was due to campaign violations she observed taking place in the office. The Arizona Republic has the full story here. The Phoenix New Times has an even more condemning story here.

Horne may have slimed his way out of prosecution, by hiring the best attorneys and being connected to judges, but the voters of Arizona know exactly what he did. TWO, not just one, but TWO county attorneys including Bill Montgomery sought to press charges against him for illegally coordinating with an “independent” (haha) expenditure committee run by one of his closest friends and alleged former mistress, to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars from California to his campaign. No one believes that he wasn’t illegally coordinating when they read the obvious evidence as laid out here.

Horne was caught by the FBI sneaking out of one of his mistress’s apartments during lunch, then hitting a car and leaving the scene without even leaving a note. This is inappropriate behavior for the state’s top law enforcement official! He has been permanently banned from trading by the SEC for unethical behavior.

Everyone knows Horne’s not a conservative, and switched parties to run as a Republican for legislature only because he realized a Democrat could not win where he lived. The only issues he’s ever been conservative on are illegal immigration – and then only in recent years – and bilingual education. Everything else he has a poor record on, including bringing Common Core to Arizona with Governor Brewer – thanks a lot. Any prominent conservative who is supporting him probably has been threatened by him, so take any odd endorsement with a grain of salt…

If you support a guy who cheats on his wife with multiple mistresses, and gets away with a hit and run, then Horne is your guy. Despite Horne’s massive name recognition over Democrat Felecia Rotellini, he is trailing her by 6 points in the latest poll. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is supporting Mark Brnovich, the conservative in the race, for Attorney General. That tells principled Republicans everything they need to know.

Bill Montgomery Supports Mark Brnovich for Attorney General
Bill Montgomery Supports Mark Brnovich for Attorney General
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