Auld Lang Syne 2010 … Real Hope & Change

Wishes for the New Year: (Previously my Santa list)…

  1. Return ALL U.S. troops from overseas (Iran, Afghanistan, Korea & Bosnia)
  2. Repeal the 17th Amendment & return to how the Constitution said US Senators should be selected
  3. Send the man in the White House on a lifetime assignment to his homeland.
  4. Repeal all aspects of Obama-Care
  5. Repeal the entire Food Safety Act
    & fire all members of Congress who voted for it
  6. Repeal Cap-n-Trade and legislate barriers against *any* climate change U.N. schemes and fraud
  7. repeal the Patriot Act I and II
  8. Open the Gulf oil operations
  9. Begin construction of an oil refinery in the Yuma Arizona area
  10. Begin drilling U.S. domestic oil reserves, including Alaska
  11. Open Arizona’s uranium fields to mining operations and create jobs
  12. Begin building state-of-the-art Nuclear power & Clean Coal plants
  13. De-fund Homeland Security, it’s an expensive failure
  14. De-fund the US Department of Education, since its creation education costs have soared and education outcomes have declined
  15. De-fund the USEPA, since its creation jobs have moved overseas in record numbers
  16. De-fund the UD Department of Energy, since its creation energy prices have soared to record levels
  17. Send John McCain to find Jimmy Hoffa
  18. Return immediately to the Gold Standard
  19. Terminate the Federal Reserve Bank
  20. Expel the United Nations out of the United States and terminate all payments to any of their organizations.


  1. Conservative 2 the Core says

    Happy New Year and all that.

    But this is stupid except number 17. The rest were as dumb as CQ’s you know what. Come on people we need to work together.

    Amen. and H B to JC. and CQ grow a pair!!!!!!

  2. You forgot to add: Redraw Arizona’s southern border (Gadsen Purchase) from just west of Nogales in a straight line directly to Puerto Penasco. Arizona needs an open water seaport.

  3. Hmm.

    1) If the US withdraws its presence in strategic arenas, then OTHER nations, far less desirable will move in. For example, after decades of ruinious wars, two-thirds of which were foreign invasion or foreign financed, devastated Afghanistan cannot defend itself. If the US pulls out, then the Taliban and its violent backers will take over. Very possible is a scramble to fill the power vacuum of exiting US troops, it will be another battleground of various nations trying to capture the region because it’s so strategic, and the USA will be out of the loop, at great cost, allowing America’s enemies a strategic and military advantage which will eventually be used against us. All the regions where the US maintains a presence have the same combination of factors – which is why the American military is there. The Left loves to wail about the “people” but think nothing of stripping them of the ONLY EFFECTIVE security they’ve had to live even half-way normal lives in decades.
    If more Americans who sat in comfort sipping lattes of thirty varieties while our soldiers fight in the extreme elements had a CLUE as to what the stakes were … by living a few violent years without the security our very same soliders provide for us, then they’d be more sympathetic to helping men and women who had for years no schools to send their kids to, and no guarantee if they sent their kids to school in the morning, they’d come home alive that night. Our soldiers meet these people, meet the enemy, they KNOW.

    It’s so awful to see so many Americans who have no idea how high in esteem our soldiers are held by people in other countries who have to deal with them, and how pathetically easily Americans are swayed by our enemies’ propaganda against our own military.

    20) Don’t withdraw money from the UN until South Sudan votes in Referendum for independence on January 9, 2011, for it has been the UN which has made that historic vote possible, while demining, building roads, providing vaccines, medical care, humanitarian aid of all kinds, schools, and security that made it possible for a census, the first elections in decades, and now a vote for full independence. THe UN ALSO provided Operation Lifeline for years from Kenya into into South Sudan as its people fought to be free of sharia-imposed second-class citizenship and slavery.
    It was through the UN, that US material support in food, financing, medical supplies and all sorts of aid could be distributed.

    Thus, the UN has its uses – and it’s best with leadership from free nations, not with totalitarian regimes – which will be the ones to lead it if the USA winges off in a sulk, a mistake AMericans will rue later.

    So, 1) and 20) are of the same material : isolationism.

    The world today is more accessible than it was on December 6, 1941, and on December 7, 1941, America found out the hard way that wars will find us even if we try to hide from them.

  4. ………………..
    DSW Says:
    January 1st, 2011 at 2:00 am
    You forgot to add: Redraw Arizona’s southern border (Gadsen Purchase) from just west of Nogales in a straight line directly to Puerto Penasco. Arizona needs an open water seaport.

    That’s good! But why be timid? Since AZ’s border now seems to be the northern boundry of the southern Congressional districts, the biggest contiguous blue band in the entire country after the mid-term elections, let’s think outside the box: If so many illegal Mexicans want to be legal Americans, maybe the simplest way to keep harmony between those who don’t want illegals to jump the queue in front of those who are doing it legally PLUS resolving the real problem of drug mayhem in border zones crossing into our country, is we should annex northern Mexico and sic Janet Napolitano and the TSA on the cities we acquire. Maybe then she’s be too busy to bother the rest of us.

    Yah! Build the fence two hundred miles south, from the Baja to the Gulf of Mexico. No more “wetback” jokes, the Rio Grande will be USA on both banks!

    No sense in getting yelled at and having street intersections blocked by outraged Lefties staging theatrical “die-ins” for taking a little bit of scrubby land, so make it bigger and solve a lot of problems. Buy it, like we did the last time. If Mexico can’t control it now anyway, maybe it’s time for a mutually beneficial deal?

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    To poster #1: how do you define yourself a “conservative”? Perhaps your “title” should be “Neo-Con 2 the Core”

    Klute, if you had half a brain and didn’t live in South Park, you’d be aware that a refinery site has already been in the works in Yuma for sometime now on and off again.

    wanumba, what about the fear and terror Americans live in along the Tucson Sector of the border in Herford? Why aren’t our troops keeping them secure at night? Why are large tracts of land in Arizona effectively off limits to Americans because the “enemy” has taken the land?

    Who cares about Korea, Bosnia or Afghanistan? They should figure it out for themselves. Our precious troops should be at home not in those foreign crap-holes defending corporate interests.

    And if Southern Sudan is such a peoples paradise, why don’t you move there yourself?

    Its time Atlas Shrugged and took care of our own problems with our own solutions and let the world tend to itself as it did for hundreds of years before we came along.

    Let the French take care of the world for awhile… or for that matter, the Chinese.

  6. ……………………
    Veritas Vincit Says:
    January 1st, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    wanumba, what about the fear and terror Americans live in along the Tucson Sector of the border in Herford? Why aren’t our troops keeping them secure at night? Why are large tracts of land in Arizona effectively off limits to Americans because the “enemy” has taken the land?

    Because our government hasn’t tasked our national defense with the job, as simple as that. And to be brutal, it’s still lightyears better than ANYTHING in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, or a dozen other nations not even in any sort of war. Or Mexico, for that matter.

    How about a referendum to northern Mexico: vote to be a new US state and the US military will be tasked to and clean out the drug cartels and build a very nice, and tastefully decorated FENCE to keep them out?

    Mexico City Elites and the usual Leftie grievance-mongers would have a bird, of course, because they’d both be out of business, but such a referendum vote would be a very, very interesting indicator of what the PEOPLE in northern Mexico really think of their current governance.

    What better way to make “stateless” people a … state?

  7. The Truth Will Prevail (Veritas Vincit), you are real American and TRUE PATRIOT in the terms the Founding Fathers would recognize!

    AMEN BROTHER. May posterity KNOW WELL that you were my countryman!

    People who call themselves patriots and conservatives should mark well.

    The founding fathers would recognize Veritas Vincit. They would NOT recognize most of you.


  8. ……………………..
    Veritas Vincit Says:
    January 1st, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    And if Southern Sudan is such a peoples paradise, why don’t you move there yourself?

    The POINT is, after losing two million people to war with their own government, a terrorist-designed, sharia-Islamic regime, in a few days’ time, on January 9th, the Southern Sudanese have a chance for independence, voting for self-determination and self-governance that was made possible by Americans, amongst others, through the mechanism of the UN.

    It’s not ALL bad news ALL the time. Our media just doesn’t TELL us about ANYTHING good.

    The Southern Sudanese publically thanked President Bush and the American People for making the Comprehensive Peace Agreement possible (CPA). (Didn’t hear that in our hate-filled media, did we?) And to the ever-lasting disgust of our very same hate-filled media, the Southern Sudanese cheerfully declared a national holiday to congratulate Bush on his re-election.
    Talk about not getting with the “official narrative.”

    But who knows about this? Haven’t found an American in this state in the three years we’ve been here that has heard ANYTHING of it, even though US taxpayer money contributed to freeing a people trapped in war and slavery.

    Come on, be happy to hear that history is about to be made in 8 days, and American values and support have been part of making it possible.

    Liberal Leftie George Clooney “gets” it, and he’s acknowledged it was Republicans and Conservatives who’ve been the driving forces for this, not Liberals.

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    wanumba, why can’t the people in northern Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, or a dozen other nations take care of their own problems and work out solutions that are best for them?

    Without the “developed” or “developing” world interfering, shouldn’t those gardens of human paradise be allowed their own self-determination without foreign meddling?

    By suggesting that our involvement and military are necessary for their survival, you are making the case that they are ergo inferior to us and it is our burden to care for them because they cannot care for themselves. Rudyard Kipling coined an expression for what you suggest and the entire British Empire was based on your premise.

    Let them be and let them make their own self-determination without foreign intervention. And if there is regional struggle, let them evolve their own solutions and welcome them once they’ve worked it all out.

    Meddling in your neighbor’s domestic affairs never makes for good neighbors. So why is this any different?

    As for a new state carved from northern Mexico? Again, let them solve their own internal issues. We have enough on our plate to deal with. Good fences have always made for good neighbors.

    Oberserve; thanks brother.

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    wanumba; I will celebrate anytime a people become free and enact self-determination. And I appreciate your update as well. You are correct, our media has not informed us of this.

    It is unfortunate that I am aware of the Chinese complicity in Darfour which I believe is on the southwestern border of Sudan is it not? I am also aware that the killing and genocide in Sudan can be directly attributed to those of the “religion of peace” brought to us by their Prophet Muhammad about 1,350 or so years ago. As I understand the matter in the Sudan, it is the Christian population that has been forced into the southern portion of the country by the Islamic population. Is this accurate?

  11. …………………….
    Oberserve Says:
    January 1st, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    The founding fathers would recognize Veritas Vincit. They would NOT recognize most of you.

    Founding Father Thomas Jefferson established the foundation of our military structure in 1800 by projecting our brand spanking new US Navy all the way to North Africa to battle Barbary pirates at their home ports to free Americans imprisoned in slavery and to stop aggressive Barbary pirating that had been projected from from the Mediterranean into the open Atlantic Ocean. Our Marine Corps ‘theme’ states “To the shores of Triploi.” It’s not hyperbole.

    When Jefferson took office, to his fury he discovered over 1/8 of our entire national budget was tribute payments to Barbary Muslim sultanates under the overall authority of the Ottoman Empire, protection racket money to pay the North African Barbary kingdoms from attacking US merchant ships.

    George Washington fought the political battle to get funding for a standing navy,expressly to deal with the Barbary terror against Americans, but the super frigates, led by the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides), were not completed during his term of office.

    The original idea of a defensive system of coastal naval protection was literally blown to pieces by French, Barbary and British warships. Our Founding Fathers switched to a navy of offensive warships and had much better success defending the nation by projecting that force to the sources of the harrassments.

    America in 1798 was an international maritime trading nation, regularly trading in China, Phillippines and Russia and all European and Caribbean ports.

    America did not get great by being isolationist, militarily or economically.

  12. Veritas Vincit says

    Isn’t the Sudan now part of the Islamic Grand Caliphate?

    It is interesting to note that in Bosnia; Afghanistan; and Sudan a common thread in the misery index of these places seems to be Islamic encroachment. Oddly much like in the U.K. and France (of which our media tell us nothing).

  13. ………………………
    Veritas Vincit Says:
    January 1st, 2011 at 4:37 pm
    Is this accurate?

    Let’s see in a pretty big nutshell (sorry): The South considers itself “African” while the North, conquered by the Arabs and intermingled, calls itself “Arab.”
    The Northern mixed Arabs for centuries have slaved and extracted wealth from the South, never developing it.
    The British colonized Sudan, fighting the Arabs to end the human slaving of South Sudan.
    Watch the movie, “Khartoom” to see how the British Gordon fared against the mystic “Mahdi”-led Arab rebellion. The Brits came back, though.
    In the South, the majority are Christian, and they rebelled when the north tried to impose sharia law on them. The civil war was horrific, two million Southerners killed, 4 million fled. With southerner Joseph Garang uniting the major southern tribes, the Dinka and Nuer, the South was able to fight the North to a peace treaty to end hostilities five years ago. The treaty: Comprehensive Peace AGreement (CPA) agreed that the South would have autonomous local governing, share the oil wealth and provide for elections, a census and Referendum for independence in January 2011.

    Darfur is western Sudan, and it’s the same Northerner extractive governance. Khartoum wants the oil under the ground, damn the residents, who in this case are African Muslims, not considered “Arabs” so they aren’t slaughtered as wantonly as the Southern “infidels” were, which is thin comfort to know that when one is at the receiving end of it. Equatoria is a region in the east that is nearly in rebellion from Khartoum bad governance, too.

    CHina is moving into Africa oilfields, bigtime, taking advantage as our own companies are ham-strung by Democrat policies. American oil companies are much preferred by Africans, but thanks to political decisions orchastrated by Democrats, they have to pull out here and pull out there, then the CHinese move in.
    Southern Sudan had NOTHING at the end of hostilities. Well no, they had six klicks of paved roads and landmines all over the place. Worse than nothing.
    They need to sell oil, but they need foreign companies to pull it out of the ground for them until they can go industrial themselves.
    So, thanks to Democratic meddling, the CHinese snatch the contacts. This is an artifically constructed situation, not necessary at all.

    What makes a body sit down and ponder bigger things than all this, is in the Bible – use NIV, (not King James) and read Isaiah 18.

    The Southern Sudanese are VERY VERY aware of this prophecy for the land of CUSH:

    Isaiah 18: 3 & 7

    “All you people of the world…”

    “…At that time gifts will be brought to the LORD Almighty
    from a people tall and smooth-skinned,
    from a people feared far and wide,
    an aggressive nation of strange speech,
    from a land divided by rivers –
    the gifts will be brought to Mount Zion,
    the place of the Name of the LORD Almighty.”

    The Southern Sudanese churches are bursting at the seams, overflowing with worshippers and excitement – the Dinka and Nuer are a tall, smooth-skinned people – averaging over 6’5″ to 7′, in a land divided by rivers.

    Before fleeing to Afghanistan, Bin Laden went to Sudan to claim the mantle of the Mahdi who defeated Gordon, and warned that Sudan was the key to the Caliphate and could not be lost …

    There is a real fear in the North right now that they will lose the easing of Islamic restrictions they’ve enjoyed for five years; that the furious Islamic extremists may try to crack down and may even try to overthrow ‘Mr. Crimes AGainst Humanity’ President Bashir for being “soft” on the Southerners and “losing” South Sudan. No joke.

    A lot that has unexpected international ramifications is going on in Sudan and we never hear about it. The US media is not going to inform anyone. Not the ‘narrative.’

    BBC New Front Page has links to their Africa section archive of reports about Southern Sudan over the past five years. Some good stuff.

  14. Veritas Vincit Says:
    January 1st, 2011 at 4:26 pm
    wanumba, why can’t the people in northern Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, or a dozen other nations take care of their own problems and work out solutions that are best for them?

    Without the “developed” or “developing” world interfering, shouldn’t those gardens of human paradise be allowed their own self-determination without foreign meddling

    There’s “meddling” and there’s strategic defense. That’s where the debate is required to make sure it’s truly necessary and not some trendy, emotional knee-jerk reaction.

    I was joking about annexing Northern Mexico, though if things keep deteriorating in Northern Mexico, I wouldn’t be the least surprised if given a Referendum choice as described, a majority would vote “SOMEBODY HELP US.”

    AS for the “underdeveloped world” I’ve lived years in Nigeria, and years in Ivory Coast, which is going through a round two of a toxic political presidential fight that started when we were there in 2000. We have been in coups, next to cvil wars and too close to anarchy. There is nothing in the USA that resembles any of this in any way apart from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars – generations ago, and the brief period of frontier lawlessness before settlers established law enforcment.

    The big lesson, amongst many lessons: there is no civilization or advancement without security, in local policing or national defense. It is physically impossible to get ANYTHING accomplished with armies stomping through, with bandits or rebels marauding unchecked. Take away a destablizing factor and suddenly a non-productive place blossoms.

    Before we judge a place or people as not having what it takes, how would we do in the same circumstances?
    Sudan is a good example: the South was devastated by Arab slaving for centuries. That made it practically impossible for villages to develop into towns and then into cities – the slavers ambushed and took everyone. In order for families to survive, they had to live in a “drop and run” state. Slavers could find empty villages with crops in the fields, and KNOW that the people had to come back SOMETIME, and they’d be waiting for them, along the usual paths, near the water, it’s not possible to be settled and escape the slavers. An organized defense is nearly impossible after the first surprise raid – the fighting men are killed or captured, leaving women and children defenseless – captured and enslaved or hiding in the bush, free but starving.

    RECENTLY, Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan for years have also been plagued by a particularly horrible rebel militia, the Lord’s Resistance Army, the LRA, headed by Joseph Kone, a murderous, brutal mystic, whose original mission was to overthrow the Ugandan government, since morphed to keeping Kone alive at all costs. The LRA terrorized thousands of square miles of Uganda, sweeping in, attacking villages, killing adults and stealing the children to be forced to become Kone’s foot soldiers. Entire schools of children were captured, the LRA was destroying the region’s families, the villages, children were sent to larger towns for their own protection. Vast swaths of extremely productive farmland were abandoned as people fled for safer regions.

    The LRA are extremely adept bush and forest fighters. The Ugandan Army was no match for them, so the Ugandans appealed for international aid. A Guatemalan contigent of crack jungle fighters was sent in and destroyed by the LRA, their deaths were horrific.

    The LRA has marauded for years, wrecking thousands upon thousands of lives and displacing hundreds of thousands more, a problem that required a serious military intervention, and hasn’t yet got one. Steady squeezing, but at the attrition of thousands of kidnapped children, many whom died of abuse and disease in the bush, has forced Kone and the LRA into a narrow zone in Darfur. WHat a place to be. Kone could have been finished off years ago.

    There are times that a self-limiting situation occurs when a nation will ask for help, and it is possible to help. Rwanda, LRA, Sierra Leone. The rebel militias – modern Vandals – had destroyed normal functions of society and their presence meant nothing could be accommplished until they were gone.

    It took Europe over 600 years to recover from the collapse of the invasions and the subsequent pointless destruction they caused. It looked no better than any squalid Third World nation today.

    There is a strong case that can be made that in certain cicumstances that providing military assistance to countries what don’t have a strong defense is beneficial and prudent. The Rwanda genocide was one. Triballly squabbling Somalia is not. But most of our military activity should be and generally over two hundred years has been limited to clear threats to our national security that cannot be resolved through other means.

    Just saying “no” to everything doesn’t work. “Yes’ doesn’t either. The Republicans have done betetr than Democrats in picking which fights to fight, and fighting to win.

  15. By the way, thanks Veritas Vincit for the chance to explain, and answer good questions about the points you raised in your list. I took it in good faith as a discussion-starter for the New Year on topical issues that will be debated nationally and locally in the months ahead.

  16. Veritas Vincit says

    Indeed I have read Mr. Jefferson’s remarks concerning the Islamic terrorists of the Barbary Coast. And, as I recall, we went; kicked ass and came home. We didn’t try to rebuild and we didn’t care about Europe’s problems (which continued).

    I have an interesting book in my library which you may wish to locate and read sometime as I think (from your interest in the subject) you’ll find a very good read: “AFRICA and The American Flag” by Commander Andrew H. Foote, D.Appleton & Company, New York 1854

    I am an isolationist and take to heart the admonishment of the Founders in regards to European and other foreign intrigues. My personal foreign policy is simple: Walk softly and carry the biggest stick on the planet and be sure everyone knows I’ll use it. But, when left alone, to be a pleasant member of the global community yet always vigilant of our own interests.

    And certainly never engage in nation building in cultures where we are aliens.

  17. Veritas Vincit says

    Isn’t oil a part of the Sudan issue (and the Chinese too)?

  18. Veritas Vincit says

    and I am enjoying our dialog. I suspect you are an avid reader so here’s another.

    Have you read “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives” by Zbigniew Brzezinski?

    You can read the synopsis at Its a short read and quite easy. Kirkus Reviews has a pretty good summary of the theme of Zbig’s treatise.

  19. Alas, I am no fan of Zbigniew, and disagree with most of what he promotes. I am no fan of the Democrat view, recounted by a Rwandan survivor who got it to her face from the Clinton Administration as she begged for help in Washington for her countrymen during the slaughter, “America has no friends, only interests.”
    It was chilling then, years ago, and I read it again in the past month as a justification for Democratic Party ideas about how America should conduct foreign policy. I suppose it’s Hillary.

    Of course we can have friends, they should be our No. 1 allies, and on “friendly terms” with most nations is more appreciated on both sides than the cold,and remote “only interests.” Governments and leaders are people, they do respond, for good or for bad, to how they are treated by other leaders. NO way can we get good cooperation if they know before we walk in the door that we don’t “do” friend, just “interests.”

    But on a happier note, I’m in agreement with your No. 2 wish: Repeal the 17th Amendment and get back to the original intent and mechanism of selecting senators.

    Number 8) reopen Gulf operations. It may be too late. I was chatting with a guy the other day about his work in the Gulf – an oil field support company – and he said everyone is moving out, looking elsewhere, shifting the big equipment and structures OUT. The big platforms are already being towed to Brazil to set up operatiosn there.

    Thanks Democrats! Gonna make the USA into classic Third World economy, running out industry so we become a import-dependent, non-producing nation with 45% unemployment.

  20. …………………..
    Veritas Vincit Says:
    January 1st, 2011 at 9:46 pm
    Isn’t oil a part of the Sudan issue (and the Chinese too)?

    The Chinese are bidding for every oil extraction contract they can get, of course. We should be too, but we have Democrats who don’t like our private oil companies and make it hard for them to compete.

    As for oil in Sudan, well, oil is Unoilbatanium and it’s sitting UNDER the traditional tribal lands of the peaceful and ethnically dressed DarfuriN’avii and the Southern SudaN’avii, so if the Khartoum military-industrial-sharia complex could just get RID of the indigenous peoples, they could get ALL of the Unoilbatanium, through their Chinese drilling contracts.

    Khartoum already did the blow up the Tree of Life stuff, but it didn’t actually work, because the Southern SudaN’avii united and fought back, being a VERY TALL and dark-colored people who herd exotic cattle, singing and composing poetry to their bovines,and caring for them like pets, so Khartoum is forced to negotiate through the terms set out in the CPA.

    Didn’t stretch a single aspect of it.

  21. Veritas Vincit says

    My list is wishful thinking. Imagine a scenario where all of those items came to pass? How would the United States fare?

    Can we survive 2 more years of Obama and his trashing our nation? He can’t move his agenda through the Congress now so watch him legislate through executive order and rule-making in the Executive Branch cabinet.

    Have you seen your health insurance statement for January yet? Ours jumped 32% as a result of the pending Obama-Care.

    I would encourage you to read Zig’s book. I disdain him but his book is a road map to what the Neo-Con’s are doing with U.S. foreign policy … which Obama is continuing in Afghanistan.

    Posting #21 reminded me of “Tears of the Sun” … an excellent film imho.

    Oil, Chinese money, and the Islamic Caliphate… an unholy trinity.

  22. …………………

    VV says:

    “Zig’s book… his book is a road map to what the Neo-Con’s are doing with U.S. foreign policy … which Obama is continuing in Afghanistan.”

    — Oh, yes, that’s so true. We do have to know what the framework and asusumptions are.

    “Posting #21 reminded me of “Tears of the Sun” … an excellent film imho.”

    —– It took awhile to figure out what was wrong with it, because it’s a harrowing, but ultimately satisfying film ride. The flaw is it’s Hollywood’s guilty conscience film for doing nothing about Rwanda. So they make a film to make themselves fell better.

    The bad thing about Tears of the Sun is one leaves the theatre believing the right thing was ultimately done, when in real life the great moral decision wasn’t made, the Democrats fled and hid, dodged and parsed, “the meaning of ‘genocide” and people really died, not movie pretend died. But if the audience thinks all is right with the world after the film, then they are satisfied that they don’t have to put themselves out, and can go back to their navel-gazing. A narcissist’s delusion.
    The last Rambo was painful to watch, because Stallon captured the horror of being at the mercy of a totally amoral regime, and his eviceration of the bad guys in favor of the villagers is craved by the audience and is satisfied. But fifty million plus bucks went to making a fantasy that changed nothing in real life.

  23. Veritas Vincit says

    Hollywood is always sculpting the world to their own image and likenesses. Its the only place where you get paid mega bucks to pretend to be somebody else and, after you’ve done that a few times the public actually listens to you as if you know what you’re talking about. Pretty amazing.

    I’ve often wondered, through films and TV is art mirroring real life or has real life begun to mirror art? Remember when SiFy films used to portray a future of hope and prosperity where things actually were better? Now, SiFy is all about a dark neo-middle ages future in which corrupt corporate governments preside over an amoral populace.

  24. ……………………..
    VV says:
    I’ve often wondered, through films and TV is art mirroring real life or has real life begun to mirror art?

    There’s some copying or affectations of what films depict, but ultimately, it’s an elborate deception, a fake presentation of reality. With pounding sound and larger than life images that overflow the viewer, films are designed to trick the mind into accepting the false reality of what’s presented and thus by that influence people’s decision-making. Did we HAVE to hear a gratuitous plug about global warming in the excruciating re-run of ten thousand other movie lines, the dull, dark TRON? Dang, that movie needed some global warming and sunshine and they had the nerve to make it sound like a problem. Besides, won’t DisneyWorld be out of business if Orlando actually chills and stays chilled? There’s a reason Disney avoids Michigan. They have a tough enough time making foreign profits with cold days in northern France and Japan.

    Then there’s the “news.” Have you noticed how intently the unblinking Katie Couric stares at you when she’s trying to convey a concept that you, the audience, is supposed to accept? Keith Obermann does the same thing – The Fixed News Stare. They all do it, but those two seem to be at the apogee of the media staring-ability curve.

    Try and eat a hamburger with that big restaurant TV hanging beside you with Couric focused on YOU. I don’t have TV at home, so it’s rather noticeable – like WHOA! WHO hired Rapunzel’s stepmother to intone the news? If Couric or Obermann pulled out a gold watch and started swinging it – back and forth back and forth – as they fed us the offical narrative – I wouldn’t be the least surprised. And is the news they deliver any different than what’s happened to SiFi? A dark, middle-ages present in which corrupt governments preside over an amoral populace?

  25. Veritas Vincit:

    Whether your predictions come true or not, and if so, it’ll probably take more than a year, I believe circumstances are in your favor!

    Paupers can’t be “globocops”! Other nations will form their own pecking orders and sound commodity based money will always triumph over pure paper (see Revolutionary France and Weimar Germany) despite the snickering of die-hard Keynesians brainwashed by U.S. public “education”.

    A repeal of the 17th Amendment would force Congress’s upper body to pay attention to the home base rather than K St lobbyists (Hi’ Johnny Mack!)

    Prior to the disastrous Wilson changes, Senator were seen to be representatives of their respective State governments. They even had to report to the legislature after every session. The states thus wielded power within the Federal government and their two representatives were faced with accountability and not five year free rides!

    We should also go a step further after repealing the 17th, i.e. having the state pick up the Senatorial salaries!

    That will go a long way to rein in the D.C.establishment bootlicking by “Mavericks”

  26. The Gold Standard? Really? We only hold about 280 billion or so in our Gold Reserves. There is no way the economy can take that kind of devaluation without a massive change in our current standard of living.

  27. Veritas Vincit says

    @ImuGOP … hate to tell you this, but your “current standard of living” is about to crash anyway. Thank the jellyfish of the GOP who won’t stop the Obamanation of Desolation.

    @Carlist … thanks, one step at a time. Or, as the progressives like to say; “Two steps forward and one backward, its a Long March through the Culture.”

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