Attorneys Of Valley Criminals Continue Record Contributions For ACLU Tim Nelson

Nelson Continues to Take Thousands of Dollars from Criminal Defense Attorneys at Tuesday Night Fundraiser

Campaign Cash Comes From Leading Death Penalty Opponent; Defenders of Child Murderers, Gangsters and Drug Kingpins

ACLU attorney Tim Nelson, the Democratic candidate for Maricopa County Attorney continues to take record amounts of cash from the same people he would oppose in court if he were elected – criminal defense attorneys. And it happened again just last night.

Some of that campaign cash comes from lawyers who have defended child murderers, child rapists, drug cartel leaders and mobsters who have murdered witnesses and paid millions in cash in bribes. The most prominent death penalty opponent in the state also has thrown his support behind Tim Nelson.

Not only have these defense attorneys given record amounts of money to the Nelson campaign (now over $30,000), some of them – the defenders of the worst criminals in Arizona – actually served on his Host Committee for the October 7th fundraiser.

This event committee included:

*James Belanger, the president of the anti-death penalty criminal defense attorney group called Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice. Belanger has defended:

· Oreste Fulminante, who confessed to murdering his 11 year old stepdaughter and may have sexually-assaulted her.

· James Granville Wallace. Wallace pleaded guilty to beating his girlfriend and her 16-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son to death.

*Larry Hammond is Nelson’s partner at the liberal, anti-death penalty law firm of Osborn-Maledon. Hammond has defended:

· Francisco Javier Arellano-Felix, Mexican drug cartel leader. According to his plea agreement, Arellano Felix and his partners murdered informants and potential witnesses and paid millions of dollars in bribes to law enforcement and military personnel.

· Felipe Cisneros – who ran the Cisneros crime family with his brother Luis. Working with the gang known as the “New Mexican Mafia” a prison guard and his 16-year-old son were murdered in their home, they attempted to assassinate Arizona’s top prison official and there is evidence they killed up to a dozen other witnesses. “The accusation that these defendants pose any security risk to judges or anyone involved in the judicial process is, I think, totally without merit,” Hammond said while defending Cisneros. As for the government’s list of homicides, Hammond said, “There’s going to be a huge dispute over who committed those murders.”

· Sammy the Bull Gravano, well-known hit man for the Gambino crime family.

*Ryan Papetti, who represented John Lee DeBarge in appellate proceedings after DeBarge was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a 10 month old girl by fracturing her skull. In subsequent court proceedings, DeBarge admitted to murder and child abuse.

“It is unconscionable that Mr. Nelson has decided to let people who oppose the death penalty and defend the worst perpetrators of murderous domestic violence in our state lead his fundraising effort,” said County Attorney Andrew Thomas. “He ought to return every single dollar from these lawyers and find new people to raise his money.”


  1. They missed Chad Belleville, one of the slimiest attorneys in the “adult entertainment” industry. You wouldn’t want to accept money from that guy without washing it first. (shouldn’t be accepting his money in the first place) He is the attorney for, which describes itself as “delivering genuine, raw fetish since 1997” and represents gay porn stars. He’s on the board of the Arizona ACLU – figures. ACLU Tiny Tim is in bed with folks like this, no pun intended.

  2. Well yeah, those defense attorneys are bound to have a lot of money to donate, considering they have guys like these giving them so much work:

  3. I bet lots of conservatives upon finding they had a relative charged with a heinous crime would make a fast track to Mr. Belanger’s office for a consult…

  4. Spin away my liberal friends. Your boy is bought and paid for by the criminal defense bar. He knows it and I suspect most voters will soon figure it out.

  5. Where does this information come from?

    The department of corrections doesn’t list belanger as one of james wallace’s attorneys.

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