Attorney warned Mark Dixon that Bar disciplinary judge would try to “take him down” for exposing corruption

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mark Dixon sends legislature another Bar complaint he’s filed regarding Bar Disciplinary Judge O’Neil
Dixon’s assigned CPS attorney told him in writing that O’Neil and the establishment would try to stop him and take him down for exposing the corruption

From: Mark Dixon []
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 10:41 AM
To: Eddie Farnsworth (; John Allen (; Kelli Ward (
Subject: FW: State Bar complaint Kent Volkmer


It is my understanding that there is difficulty in finding attorneys to come forward regarding the State Bar and William J. O’Neil.  Please review the following complaint and how it directly applies to the problems I am asking you to address.


Thank you,

Mark Dixon



From: Mark Dixon []
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 10:21 AM
To: ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘
Subject: State Bar complaint Kent Volkmer


Arizona State Bar,  Board of Governors,


I am forwarding this complaint to you due to my low expectations by the management of the Arizona State Bar.  Without going into detail there is a severe problem within our judicial and legal system which has, in essence, destroyed my family.  I will ask you to read the enclosed complaint and ask any questions you have, I am an open book.  So far the violation of my rights have been completely ignored along with my right to due process in this case and several others.


My involvement in this started with the seizure of my dog by Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies for my ex-wife.  Thru the process of discovery it was uncovered that William J. O’Neil provided protection/instruction to do this wherein my ex-wife arranged and assisted in O’Neil getting a $300,000.00 loan.  There is no associated court case for this action, no warrant, no order of the court, just an absolute abuse of power.  To be specific this act was done thru the good ole boy network  and all you have to do is use the old adage.  If you want to know what motivates people to do unethical and illegal things  just follow the sex and follow the money.


I filed a judicial complaint 12-231 against O’Neil and he was found innocent on all counts.   Interesting thing though, George Rimmer only posted the cover letter to the complaint, not the complaint itself.  Every allegation in the complaint is true and accurate, if only there were just a little investigation done.


I have been targeted as a crazy person among many other things, well if any of the hearsay and slanderous accusations are true, arrest me, charge me, indict me but someone give me my due process and make things right.


Again I will sit down with anyone, any organization, local, state or federal agency, who will look at the evidence.  The evidence and documents speaks for itself if someone has the courage to follow thru with justice.


This same scenario has happened over and over and over to many others but the system beats them down thru a fictitious system of due process, well it is past time to hold people accountable and clean up the system.



Mark Dixon




From: Mark Dixon []
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 9:37 AM
To: ‘
Cc: ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘
Subject: State Bar complaint Kent Volkmer


March 19, 2012


Arizona State Bar Association

Maret Vessella

Chief Disciplinary Counsel

4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 100

Phoenix, Arizona 85016-6266


Re:  complaint against attorney Kent Volkmer,

Ms. Vessella,


Although your website prefers individuals to initiate complaints by phone, my complaints are being submitted in writing so there will be no misunderstanding as to the allegations and charges being made.  By the nature of the complaint and the individuals involved it is prudent to have a documented record to avoid any misunderstandings or misstatements.


In 2011 I was granted sole custody and decisional making authority over my daughter and adopted teenage son by Pinal County Superior Court and the Hon Kevin D. White.  I began having problems with my daughter and in November 2011 she “ran away” and subsequently was picked up by the Mesa Police Department at which time, under the instruction of CPS, I refused to take custody of her in the hopes of her getting help from the system, these instructions came directly from CPS.  Soon after, Mr. Kent Volkmer with Cooper & Reuter LLP and President of the Pinal County Bar Association was assigned to represent me in the associated dependency case JD201200006.  Early on in the proceedings I was found NOT IN NEGLECT .  My daughter’s mother was found in neglect.  The Hon. Kevin D. White ordered family reunification and a specific set of criteria which were to be followed.


Shortly after, a hearing was scheduled for Monday, May 14, 2012.  I was called by a confidential informant at CPS and told not to go to the hearing.  The AG in the case, along with CPS employees, were going to do their best to incite me to lose my temper in hopes that I would be found in contempt of court.  If that didn’t work, I was informed that there were going to be several Pinal County Sheriff Deputies there to arrest me for discharging a firearm while putting down a horse at William J. O’neils house as I am a prohibited possessor.  O’Neil asked me to put down and bury the horse.  According to the informant, O’Neil had offered statements that this had occurred.  I did bury a horse at O’Neil’s house but the horse was shot by a Mesa police officer.  O’Neil did not know this because he was not present.  This was all orchestrated in order to silence me from exposing O’Neil and his activities.


On Thursday, May 24, 2012 another hearing was held where again CPS through Stefani Veal offered false testimony, under oath, about communication with me and missed appointment related to those communication.  Ms. Veal and CPS also ignored the reunification orders of Judge White as they went about doing the bidding of O’Neil and others, using my daughter to attempt to silence me.


Mr. Volkmer then went about gathering the transcripts of the hearing, and issued a subpoena to CPS requesting all communications between CPS and myself.  The CPS response to the subpoena was only half hearted and many vital communications, damning to CPS, were left out.


On September 11, 2012 I received this email:


I tracked down the emails.  I will be scanning and sending them to you shortly.  It looks like you caught them with their hand in the cookie jar.  As you stated, there were never any emails about the july 5th psych eval.  She completely made up the emails and the fact that a psych eval was even scheduled.  If you can, I need you to request from Dr. Silberman a list of any and all appointments that his office had scheduled for you.  If need be, once I get the transcripts, I can give you the exact date they said you had missed an eval.  I believe that date was July 5, but I cannot be sure right now. 


My next step is to draft and file a motion for transcripts.  Once I get those, I will then file the Order to Show Cause.


I havent heard anything about any other things involving you.


I will keep you updated.

            Best Regards,

Kent P. Volkmer

Cooper & Rueter, LLP

PO Box 15005

Casa Grande, Az  85230-5005

(520)  836-8265

Fax:  (520) 421-0916


On November 2, 2012, after a long runaround, the transcripts were finally were received.  Shortly after this, communications between Mr. Volkmer and myself came almost to a halt.  In one conversation, in December, Mr. Volkmer informed me that he was leaving the firm, Cooper & Rueter to start his own practice and was taking this case with him and would get the Order to Show Cause filed in early January.


In regards to my exposure of William J. O’neil, Mr. Volkmer offered this opinion.



I read the affidavit.   With the exception of some gramatical issue, it reads well.  You sure are putting your neck on the chopping block.  Frankly, I agree with you disclosures and ultimate position, but you need to be prepared to deal with fall out.

I would expect O’neill to come out and blast you.  I would also expect the “establishment” to try to bring you down.  As long as you are willing to confront them, you can submit it.  I expect the attorneys to clean it up and correct a few errors and then send it back to you to be signed. 

Finally, realize that everyone will be questioning your integrity and calling you a liar.  Be prepared to provide copies and supporting documentation to back up your statements.  

Best Regards,
Kent P. Volkmer
Cooper & Rueter, LLP
PO Box 15005
Casa Grande, Az  85230-5005
(520)  836-8265
Fax:  (520) 421-0916″

Mr. Volkmer has failed to properly and timely pursue work in my case as my attorney.  He has failed to respond to me.  He has failed to file an order to show cause or protect my parental rights in my case.  I was warned by Mr. Volkmer that CPS and the Courts will try and stall, do nothing, waiting for my daughter to turn 18 so they can just bury the case in closed files.  Well “they” have taken a great role in destroying my family.

The only plausible explanation that Mr. Volkmer would abandon me at this would be directly due to pressure from William J. O’Neil and the “establishment.”  Even the judge in this case has a vested interest in not having CPS found in contempt of court, his future appointment to the court could be at stake.


Not at all what i said.  I said that i had heard that birch will likely ask & listen to o’neil when making the appointment of presiding judge.  If that happens, people think he will nominate White, as White was his Protoge.  Never heard anything about promises.  Never heard anything about that being used as leverage.  It was simply a conversation a number of attorneys had when speculating about who out next presiding judge would be.  Not the first time that i heard the rumor/speculation.  Doesn’t mean anything at this point & wouldnt even become relevant for another year.


In regards to the transcripts, i will ask today & let you know what I need to do.


—–Original Message—–

Date: Thursday, October 04, 2012 7:04:10 am

To: <>

From: “Mark Dixon” <>

Subject: tell me what you think asap please




Last night you said you herd at the courthouse O’Neil promised White the presiding judge because Berch was going to let him pick the next presiding judge.  Do you think this is an attempt by O’Neil to get White to throw me under the buss, do you think anyone would come out and openly admit it, could I put this in as an additional complaint to the commission on judicial conduct?


Please let me know exactly how much money I need to bring down for the transcripts and also please get them ordered today.  If you can persuade them to put a rush on it do it even if it costs a little extra.


Get back to me asap plz.




CPS, thru its agents, lied under oath and with the assistance of the AG’s office did their utmost best to have me found in contempt of court on several occasions.  Mr. Volkmer has, in the past, been a very valuable ally.  He did a very good job representing me until his own career and livelihood were jeopardized by what I believe are threats from members of the Arizona State Bar and the Arizona Supreme Court Presiding Disciplinary, Judge William J. O’Neil.  He would only abandon me to save his family, his livelihood, his carrear and himself. I believe Mr. Volkmer to be a good and honest man who has been threatened and intimidated by the “establishment” and William J. O’Neil, the Arizona Supreme Court Presiding Disciplinary Judge.

Simply put, an Order to Show Cause hearing would expose O’Neil’s influence and the extreme abuse of power.  Mr. Volkmer has either been intimidated into submission or has become part of the problem, either way he has failed in his duties as my counsel and seriously harmed my case by his inaction and neglect. Now it is time for the Arizona State Bar to take stock of its stated mission and do the right thing.  From the State Bar website.

The State Bar of Arizona ensures that Arizona citizens have equal access to legal services of the highest quality and to a system that affords prompt and fair resolution

All the accusations I have stated are fully documented, along with many others.  My right and request is that a full and unbiased investigation be initiated and the individuals involved in the acts which have resulted in the destruction of my family be brought to justice and exposed for the cowards they are.  A lot of innocent and well-meaning people have been hurt already but those who are truly guilty of wrongdoing keep getting away with their acts thru the use of threats and intimidation.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, stop the corruption and start making the judicial system work for the people.




Mark Dixon


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  1. This is ridiculous. I don’t know and don’t care much for what the history is behind this. Mark making comments about CPs and stefanie veal and Kent volkner is ridiculous. I have worked with both of them. Stefanie is kind and honest. She helped me in the worst situation. Helped guide me through the process. Spent many hours of phone Calks and meetings with me to help. CPs is not the enemy. When you see them as such you will fail. They are there to help. Stefanie veal helped explain things and put me in touch with others who could help. I am forever thankful to her. I have talked with other families she has helped while waiting for court and she is an Angel. Thank you Stefanie

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