Attorney’s General race.


     Bill Montgomery’s campaign manager was at one of the Tucson area legislative district meetings this morning talking up the blogs. She kept mentioning the Democratic leaning Rum, Romanism and Rebellion. Hey Stephanie, when you are talking to a room full of Republicans why don’t you mention a Conservative Blog!

     Really, we love Bill and his manager here at Sonoran Alliance. Bill is the type of solid Republican that makes the party great: good ideas, integrity, and solid values. Oh, and he served as a tank commander in the U.S. Army. 


     One small note, if you say your guy is blogging every day on his site then he should post something every day.


  1. Stephanie Johnson says

    Oro Valley Dad…You failed to mention when I was talking about Bill blogging and our new website I said that we still have a few bugs to work out. Bill is blogging everyday, except Sundays, but we are having some technical diffuculty getting them posted each day. Please be patient…our webmiester is not finished with us yet! We should be able to regularly update the Blog, The Top 100 Reasons Not To Re-Elect Terry Countdown, photos, and press releases soon. Hey…a good reason to keep checking back with us! Your meeting was a lot of fun…and kudos to all conservative blogs including this fine one!

  2. What did she say about me? Do you think she likes me? Do you think she’ll go to the winter formal with me?

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    Stephanie was very nice to you. She did mention that pretty far down in the comment section some people got kind of ugly about Jonathan Paton.

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