Attend Alice Lara’s fundraiser tonight? Why should you?

Listen to Alice Lara’s latest video discussing why she is running for Healthcare District Board #5, and if you like what she has to say, consider attending her fundraiser tonight from 4-6pm at Copperstate Consulting.


  1. I was going to attend, but now I have to suspend that until we solve this financial crisis.

  2. one who knows says

    You should not have went, and here is why:

    1. This hospital should be closed down. The burn unit would be sold off to another hospital in town.

    2. This hospital is nothing more than a dumping grounds for the other hospitals in town. All hospitals, bylaw, MUST provide basic healthcare to anyone who asks…..why then do so many end up at County? MONEY Just dump them on the county taxpayers by sending them to the County Hospital.

    3. Partner with ASU? Wasn’t that tried already, and they spat in our eye? Can you say Banner Hospital?

    4. The Clinics — yes, they (uh, you and I, as taxpayers) operate, and pay for, 10 or 11 clinics (some are even dental!!) throughout the county….in direct competition with citizens (other doctors)who are paying taxes to their own competitors. This hospital is the first step in “universal health care” — paid for by YOU, and ran by who — a political person who is paid over $1,000.00 per day to run a business that she has no experience in.

    5. Alice, you want creative solutions? CLOSE THIS HOSPITAL — force the other hospitals in town to do what they are SUPPOSED to do. They take federal tax money — let’s let them earn it!

    6. Ask yourselves: Why are hospitals in town now being required by the IRS to quit calling themselves “non-profit”? could it be because they are making too much money — by DUMPING under or un-insured patients on the taxpayer’s back at Maricopa County Hospital?

    Folks, there are many more reason to close this hospital — please learn the facts, and vote for someone who will do the right thing: CLOSE MARICOPA COUNTY HOSPITAL

  3. Kathleen Bishop says

    That is a workable idea,”CLOSE it down!”
    And educate the public they have rights to get care else ware.

    Thanks for using common seance.

  4. I dont know anything about the “dumping” commit made other that it is illegal. I was under the impression that people go there on their own because they dont have insurance. However, you could ask my son, who didn’t have insurance and they charged and he paid on the spot $800 for an ear infection. Don’t most big cities have a facility like “county” that is for indigents? Its also true that all hospitals have to take any patient that comes in the door or by ambulance and make them stable before they can be released or referred some where else. I work at a non profit hospital and have no knowledge on the profits, how ever we do have to make a profit to continue to grow, build new facilities, buy new equipment. The difference is, we dont have share holders to answer too. As far as the commit about this being a dumping ground for us tax payers to pick up, close the f-ing borders. If you go to and look at city populations and demographics, you will quickly see that cities with large medical facilities also have higher than average Hispanic populations along with higher than average crime rates. Its not just a border state problem. You could also look at the northern states that have people from Canada coming over for medical care instead of waiting 6 months for a MRI in their country. This country has huge problems and the biggest start to fixing them is a wall and mass deportations. As far as the position you are running for…There is no one who I would consider a better applicant for ANY position in this country than you. I am appalled at Obamas wife who says she is finally proud to be an American since her husband is running for President. This comes from a women who by all of American standards lives a privileged life. You on the other hand consider it a privilege to be an American and with it comes responsibilities. Cant you find something easier to run for, like Senator? Fixing health care is going to be a real project.

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