At A Threshold

Today is Election Day and America is at a threshold in what I believe will be either a dramatic turn to the left or a slightly turn to the right.

I pray to God that a majority of Americans will be risk averse and vote for John McCain. The election of Barack Obama will be a vote based almost entirely on emotion and not long-term rational thinking. A vote for Barack Obama will result in a shock to our political system that will result in more citizens becoming dependent on big government that may take generations to wean from. This type of dependency is dangerous if not fatal to democratic republics because it sets the stage for a bitter divisiveness between those who create wealth and those who depend on the voluntary dissemination of that wealth through economy in the form of jobs, goods and services. I am one who fears the election of Barack Obama will further divide Americans on this issue. It may even lead to the political suicide of our form of government.

On the other hand, John McCain was not my first choice for President but I believe he is who our country needs in leadership at this moment in our history. While some Republicans may disagree with his choice in Sarah Palin, I am one who believes she brought back energy and momentum to the base of our party. Many Americans are voting for the GOP ticket because they identify with her. She is one of us.

The election of John McCain will hold the line against those dictators, terrorists and rogue nations around the world who are working toward America’s demise. Electing John McCain would send the message that the United States will stand firm against evil in the world. The election of Barack Obama would send the message that the US will sit down with the devil to negotiate and make deals with him.

The election of John McCain will also edge back our economy from the ledge of a great depression that was triggered by government sponsored enterprises that were protected by liberal Democrats. He will fight a Democratic liberal supermajority which would do everything in its power to raise taxes, push a hyper liberal agenda and make every effort to transform our country toward a European socialist democracy. I would also expect him to prevent a liberal takeover of the judicial system in particular, the US Supreme Court where the most damage could occur.

Yes, this election is extremely critical for the future of America. Depending on who we elect, we may witness a dramatic historical and political shift much like the one that occurred in the 1930’s or we may see our future grabbed back from the edge of political precipice that could have led to our demise. I pray Americans will make the right choice and see the long-term future instead of the here and now.


  1. Check out this article in this morning’s WSJ:

    Let’s see Paulson was a GOP hire. Paulson is talking about nationalizing more of the financial world. And who was yelling ‘Socialism, Socialism’ for the past 3 weeks?

  2. I’m really not crying a river right now for the billionaires who will lose money under Obama when everyone else is having to cut back and make do on as little as they can.

  3. This has to be one of the best endorsement editorials I’ve ever read. The writer, by use of solid reasoning, makes a good case for people like me, who hasn’t been a fan of John McCain, feel good about voting for him.

    Smart voters would be wise to refer to the Sonoran Alliance recommendations when making their voting decisions, instead of the Arizona Republic picks.

    LD 6

  4. Really smart voters would be wiser still to make up their own informed decisons and not mindlessly regurgitate what some newspaper or blog or friend tells them to do.

  5. there is nothing mindless about reading thoughtful opinions from others in order to help inform your own. It is mindless to only listen to one opinion or one side. Very well written and expressed, DSW. thank you.

  6. Annie Hoyle says

    Thank You! Beautifully written!

    “Billionaires”, are you kidding me?! That is exactly the mentality that is going to ruin our country (not to mention my husband’s small business that makes over $250,000 and is about to lay off a few people)! A little research goes a long way!

  7. Annie,

    Whoever wins this election – and that is from the President down – has a major problem on his and her hands in the coming months.

    We are in for a long recession – not unlike the one in the 1870s. This will not be over in a few years like the Great Depression.

    I am sorry for your husband’s struggles. He is not alone – just about every business is in the same boat.

    We are in a major reworking of our economy right now – and what makes it scarier than 1870s or 1930s is that we are no longer a rural economy. We are a heavily urbanized country who survives by buying stuff grown and made oversees. We are no longer a country who produces much anymore. As much as some people want to talk about the ‘creative’ class, you can’t eat bytes for supper.

    I keep reminding my wife that we have some farm land in another state – we may end up there… – most people don’t have than option.

    And we know what do with some flour, water and salt. I have started asking people if they know what do with those three items. If they are under 55 they give me a blank stare. My wife and I can survive – we were raised by parents who survived the depression.

  8. Antifederalist says

    Shane, my good college buddy, I’ve got to disagree with you again. Big surprise? McLame pull the country to the right? Are you running a fever? He’s every bit as much a moderate RINO as Bush, or Nixon, will be every bit as infuriating, and will move us to the LEFT, just like Bush has. I want to first remind the Republicans (I am both a registered Republican and an elected PC) that McLame voted FOR the bailout. The legislation gave Treasury INCREDIBLE power to not only spend OUR tax dollars but to take ownership stakes in financial institutions AND to attach regulatory strings to the money given to such institutions. So, Treasury is in effect now in the business of nationalizing and controlling the financial industry thanks, in part, to McLame’s vote. Additionally, Ron is ABSOLUTELY right that Paulson’s blueprint for the future of financial regulation is nothing shy of national, as opposed to federal, regulation of the industry. So, McLame and the moderates are DIRECTLY responsible for the expansion of federal power. I’ve made the argument MANY times that McLame hates the First and Second Amendments, foolishly believes in man-made global warming, etc. McLame supports the federal government’s foray into education regulation via NCLB. These are all EXPANSIONS of federal power and therefore leftist. If McLame supports these leftists items, how can he drag the country to the right?

    This brings me to McLame vs. a Dim Congress. One would hope that a split in control of Congress and the WH would create gridlock, but McLame is a Lib-kisser! Let’s see…McLame-Kennedy (immigration), McLame-Fiengold (anti-1st Amend.), he was a buddy of Daschle’s, he was enamored with Mo Udall, he was a member of the Gang of 14, etc. How can anyone think he’ll hold the line against the communists when he’s often holding hands with them?!

    As for Palin, while I like her, if I vote for McLame because of her…what’s my hope? That McLame gets hit by a bus and she gets into the Oval Office? Anyone who knows McLame knows that she will NOT have a voice in a McLame administration. He’ll force her to parrot her line or hit the road. Why would I vote for the McLame ticket knowing those 2 things?

    Sorry, Shane, McLame will save nothing from the brink. He too will push the U.S. into a socialist hell…he’ll just push a little softer than NObama will.

    BTW, I voted for Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate. I will continue to kick the Republican party in the teeth until it wakes up and takes a hard right turn. Until they do so, they are complicit with the socialists. Moderates are just a lighter shade of pink.

  9. Obama is a cautious moderate. He will not likely change much of anything. Of course, one could have said the same about FDR when he was running but circumstances drove him in a different directing. I just don’t see this happening with Obama.

  10. Antifederalist says

    No one who speaks about wealth redistribution is a “cautious moderate.” Anyone who argues that NObama is a moderate is just benighted. Take a look at his SPARSE voting record and you’ll see that he’s one of the most liberal senators in Congress. Take a look at the American Conservative Union’s ratings (, or NTU’s, or ATR’s, or the NRA’s, or whoever else of your choice that does ratings. You should consistently find NObama on the far left. Stop taking LSD, Todd, you’re saying some really ridiculously and demonstrably false things. Or is it that you BELIEVE what the leftists have fed you? Or are you purposefully spreading Dim lies for the party?

  11. Antifederalist,
    I certainly believe what I say and have no intention of spreading any lies and I also am not even a Democrat.

    However, I do not rely on organizations’ self-serving efforts to rate politicians as liberal or conservative – I can make my own judgements.

    This talk that he is a socialist or far leftist is clearly absurd. His tax plan calls for slightly raising the top income bracket to the same level it was in the mid-90’s under Clinton, another moderate who actually advanced more of the conservative agenda than most conservatives have (balanced budgets, free trade, dramatic reduction in welfare, etc.).

  12. Wooden Teeth says

    People, we live in a constitutional republic. This is one election. A blip on the historical radar. With a very powerful court system fond of keeping Congress and the Exec branch in check. All is not lost, even if it seems it is.

    Republics crumble from within and from more than just a few sources and for many reasons. Obama may be just one. Tomorrow we can start talking about the rest.

  13. We’ve got 25 people celebrating here in Scottsdale.

    Say it with me.


  14. Wooden Teeth says

    I think Mayor Jim Lane will have more of a positive impact on Scottsdale than Obama’s negative will.

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