Ash on Steele

The following message was sent to Arizona Precinct Committeeman by National Committeeman, Bruce Ash:

To all of my GOP friends–All of you on this list represent leadership and the hard working activists of our party. I am reaching out to you for your views on the future of the Republican Party

I am forwarding a very recent broadcast sent by former Lt Governor Michael Steele who has announced himself as a candidate for RNC Chairman.

As your National Committeeman I will be voting along with my other colleagues in late January for the next leader of our party as we re organize ourselves and prepare for the re building of the GOP in 2010 and beyond. I hope you will spend about 2 minutes and listen to this presentation from Michael Steele . Many of us are familiar with Mr Steele from his frequent cable appearances but in this video he presents himself for our consideration as RNC Chair. I would appreciate any thoughts you have about Mr Steele and how you feel about his qualifications and capabilities for this position.

There are several others at this time who have presented themselves as candidates for the same position. All of the men and women have their own unique resume and strengths. I will forward their information as this campaign un folds. This is truly OUR party and as we prepare for future victories I want to involve each of you in this process. Please feel free to pass this onto other GOP friends so I might hear from as many interested folks as possible.

Thanks for your participation. The icon you can click on is located lower on this page.

All the best…….

Bruce Ash
National Committeeman-Arizona


  1. Michael Steele is a conservative realist. The Mutineers are already trying to define Steele’s obvious and common sense observations and ideas as a serious character flaw of moral relativism. Is anyone surprised?

    Steele has smart, anti-sheeple who will support and fight for him. Thank you Bruce!!

    These kinds of words MUST come from the GOP if it is to survive:

    “They (Tighty Righties) have been beating me upside the head with it and let me give it to you straight on: Wake up people. I mean what are you going to do? Are you going to kick these folks out of the party? I have watched this party self disintegrate for the last four or five years. I’ve watched this party isolate itself from itself.”

    —-Michael Steele as told to David Brody, CBN Senior News Correspondent. Published 12/08/2008


  2. BTW – “Tighty Righties” was my insertion to let you all know who “they” are. Steele didn’t say that.

    Just in case one of the sheeple wondered……

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