As Tucson candidates fall off ballot, Vogt is ready for November

As candidates for Tucson’s City Council and Mayor fall off the ballot one by one, candidate Tyler Vogt is clear to run against a long time incumbent who has been caught up in the Rio Nuevo debacle.

In an open letter to Tucsonans, Vogt writes, “I take this election and our city’s future as an imperative “must win” situation, both for my family’s future and our city’s longevity. I believe the citizens of Tucson will agree.” He continues, “Our city’s future is at stake and the citizens of Tucson cannot afford to have the city continue in decline as we are currently witnessing. The citizens of Tucson deserve to have a knowledgeable, motivated individual seeking to change our city’s course from the sunset of past failures to the dawn of Tucson’s prosperous future.

Vogt moved to Tucson in 2000 after serving in the United States Navy Reserve for 15 years. According to his website, “ He holds two degrees, a Marine Engineering degree earned from United States Merchant Marine Academy and an Electrical Engineering degree from Valparaiso University.”

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  1. Well, if only Shirley Scott would just resign, dammit. Then we wouldn’t have to bother with an election – we could crown him prom king and be done with it already.

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