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As the Voters Stand For Marriage, the President Stands Opposite

As the Voters Stand For Marriage, the President Stands Opposite

On Tuesday, North Carolina became the 32nd state to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as only the union of one man and one woman. The amendment passed with a strong majority – 61 percent – voting in favor.

State marriage amendments are now 32 for 32 – in each state where the people have been able to vote on marriage, the people have said YES! to protecting marriage. Only through the courts and state legislatures have advocates in a small minority of states been able to redefine marriage to include same sex couples.

On Wednesday, after this historic vote in North Carolina, President Barack Obama made some history of his own, becoming the first sitting U.S. President to support redefining marriage, the cornerstone of our society.

The President’s announcement was no surprise to those who have followed his statements on marriage. It’s a relief to have the President finally state his position clearly so that no one can doubt or explain away how the President views marriage. I will leave it to the political pundits to dissect the President’s motivation and timing for his statement. This much is clear however — within hours, those favoring same-sex marriage began donating significant dollars to re-elect President Obama.

National Reaction

The backlash against the President’s flip flop on marriage has come from across the country.

Alliance Defense Fund’s Litigation Staff Counsel Jim Campbell said, “This shows that the Obama administration doesn’t understand the public purpose of marriage. Marriage – the lifelong, faithful union of one man and one woman – is the building block of a thriving society. It’s not something that politicians should attempt to redefine for political purposes. The President has spoken eloquently about how fatherless homes often hurt children and society. Today’s statement is a tragic contradiction that promotes the creation of even more fatherless and motherless homes.”

Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council said “The President’s announcement today that he supports legalizing same-sex marriage finally brings his words in sync with his actions. From opposing state marriage amendments to refusing to defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DoMA) to giving taxpayer funded marriage benefits to same-sex couples, the President has undermined the spirit if not the letter of the law.”

Hugh Hewitt pointed out how the President first was “for same sex marriage before he was against it and before he was for it again“, and that “marriage between a man and woman is ordained by God for the happiness of humankind and the building up of society, and that it is to be preferred to any other situation for the raising of children.”

In California, where they are in the midst of defending their marriage amendment in court, known as Proposition 8, Ron Prentice, the Executive Director of the California Family Council said, “The first chapter of the biblical book of James refers to a double-minded man as one who is unstable, “blown and tossed by the wind.” Thank God for the millions of Americans rejecting the president’s view of progress.”

Three Bills Remain on the Governor’s Desk

Three CAP-supported bills remain on the governor’s desk, awaiting her action:

  • HB 2622 enables children attending schools that have received “D” or “F” grades from the state and children adopted from foster homes to be eligible for Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program.
  • SB 1365 protects professionals from losing their state licenses for practicing their faith and strengthens protection for religious organizations that contract with the state.
  • HB 2625 protects religious employers from being forced to violate their religious beliefs by being forced into providing insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs and contraception.

She has until Tuesday to act on these bills. Follow our Facebook page for the latest updates.

About Center for Arizona Policy


  1. Are you homosexual? If you are not, you would have no fear whatsoever regarding gay marriage. I am a married heterosexual, and let me tell you that I would never consider marrying someone of the same sex. I would never even consider a relationship with someone of the same sex. I am not attracted to people of the same sex. Get it? Homosexual marriage does not affect me. It may lead to more stability in homosexual relationships, which would benefit homosexuals, but it does not affect me. I cannot see the negative effect that homosexual marriage has on heterosexual couples.
    I do see the negative effects of divorce on hetrosexual marriage, and I support a complete ban on divorce. CAP doesn’t. What does that tell you about CAP? Their agenda is not an agenda to protect marriage — it is an agenda based on a desire to rid the world of homosexuals — mainly because of fear. Fear of homosexuals because deep down, they find the idea of homosexual sex titiillating, and they don’t want to succumb to that fear. In other words, this organization is full of closet homosexuals who want to wage a war on homosexuals in order to repress their own homosexual desires.

    • wherewasi says

      I agree with most of what you said. You lost me on the last point though.

      I really do not think that homosexuality is a CHOICE that anyone makes. I was born heterosexual, and have lived my entire life content with that gender identity. I have never questioned it. I believe Michelle Bachman’s husband could put me in therapy for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for 10 years and not be able to convince me that I am anything other than what I was born as – a heterosexual. I am not and never will be physically attracted to other women. I believe that the same is true of homosexuals. I don’t believe it’s a choice – I believe it is how they were born.

      I think it takes a lot of guts for our President to stand up and be counted on the side of equal rights, civil liberties and confronting the hate the permeates our current social mores.

  2. AZ Indep says

    The first two comments are exactly correct, and they don’t even cover the entire scenario. Fear of being gay, and hate for those who are, is the hallmark of the right wing everywhere. Innocent kids have had their minds and even their bodies destroyed at the hands of their sexually repressed, abusive, 14th century-minded, nutcase religious parents and their trusted religious leaders. These are today’s teabagger hate-filled crazies that have taken over the republican party. If Mormon-Man gets elected, whatever good that’s left of this country will be finally destroyed by the right wing, with their theocracy, their raptures, their death squads, their anti-woman, anti-minority, anti-gay, anti-personal rights agendas. It’ll be like the Taliban running Iran, right here in the USA. NO more arts, no sciences, no progress, no inventions, no research, no stem cells, no tolerance, no free press, and of course no abortions….with no interest whatsoever in what happens to the children these lunatics will require to be whelped under all circumstances. And their mantra about smaller government? Another Big Lie – the right wing is ready to expand government exponentially by whatever numbers it takes to monitor every aspect of citizens’ private lives. Freedom of religion will only exist if your religion is christian, all others will be harassed or killed. Personal freedoms will vanish as the theocracy thumbs its nose at the US Constitution. That’s the nightmare we’re facing if the republicans are able to pull off enough voter fraud as they did in 2000 and 2004 to get Mormon-Man installed as Ignoramus-In-Chief.

  3. And another point. The LDS church (which is a big chunk of conservative voters in the west) HAS redefined marriage. Joseph Smith redefined marriage to be between one man and many woman, back in the 1840’s… And, before Utah was admitted to statehood, the LDS church again redefined marriage, to be between one man and one woman. Our conservative friends in the FLDS church haven’t, and still practice polygamy today. So don’t tell me that we have never redefined marriage in this country — we have, on at least two occasions.

  4. kirstenkodykrischris says

    I’m sure Kris Mayes is supportive of the President’s stance, as she’s now out and proud.

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