Arvizu Advertising Seeking Bankruptcy for $3 Million

Phoenix Business Journal is reporting that Arvizu Advertising is in court seeking relief from 207 creditors to the tune of $3 Million.

Local creditors include KTVW – Univision 33 ($1.2 Million), KUVE-TV ($139,191), McDonalds, The Arizona Republic, Ryley Carlock & Applewhite PA, Chicanos Por La Causa – Tucson, and dozens of media outfits.

The PBJ reports:

Arvizu Advertising is one of the oldest marketing and pubic relations firms in metro Phoenix, primarily serving the region’s booming Hispanic market and businesses. Its clients have included Basha’s and its sister company Food City, Quest Communications Inc. and McDonald’s. The company has created numerous public service announcements targeting Latinos, and is well known for its philanthropic endeavors in the community.

According to the 2008 Phoenix Business Journal Book of Lists, Arvizu was the largest minority-owned firm in the Phoenix area, generating $113 million of local gross revenue in 2007. Arvizu Advertising, similar to many other marketing firms here, has struggled to keep its book of clients, while others have cut marketing budgets. The industry continues to shrink, as real estate advertising vanished after the housing crash and other economic drivers, such as tourism, flounder in the deepening recession.

One factor not mentioned in Chris Casacchia’s report is whether or not a reduction in the Hispanic population has been a contributing factor in Arvizu’s decline.


  1. Other than wishful thinking on your part, what evidence do you have that there has been a reduction in the hispanic population?

  2. Tom Prezelski says

    They don’t need evidence, they’re conservatives.

    The implication is that a majority of Mexican-Americans are here illegally and Sheriff Joe’s posturing has frightened them back over the line to Sonora. This is pure bunk and inconsistent with what we know about demographic trends in Arizona and elsewhere.

    By the way, guys, you consistently mis-spelled “Arvizu.” While it’s not necessarilly a common name, it is a fairly well established one in these parts going back a century or two. People who call themselves the “Sonoran Alliance” should know that.

  3. Hey Tom,

    I also heard this premise on Horizon last night (after I posted the piece) coming from Dennis Hoffman at ASU.

    I’ll make the corrections to the name. I also thought it was incorrectly spelled but I ran with the spelling that Phoenix Business Journal used. They have since corrected it.

  4. I bet I’m boosting your alexa ranking, haha. I like reading at your site. Thanks for the hard work!

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