Arpaio vs. Gascon, again

Watch for Gilbert Road to have less day laborers over the next few days. That’s because Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be conducting crime suppression sweeps in Mesa as announced by local media on Tuesday.

And that’s the issue now between Arpaio and Gascon. According to reports, Sheriff Arpaio sent a hand-delivered letter on Tuesday to Chief Gason informing him that Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies will be conducting sweeps on Thursday. Somehow, the media obtained the letter and it became public that the sweeps would occur. Arpaio was not too happy and pointed the finger at Gascon for alerting the media but Gascon responded by saying that he found out about the sweeps from the media reports.

Either one of these high level law enforcement officials is not telling the truth OR, someone in their offices leaked the letter.

Regardless, look for Mesa streets to have less foot traffic over the next few days while Gilbert, Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler experience an increase in day laborers.



  1. I work at the City of Mesa. I was there when the first media person showed up. I was also there 30 minutes later when the hand delivered letter showed up. This time, it really wasn’t Mesa’s doing. They got the letter from a public records request.

  2. It’s all about Joe, all the time…just ask Matt Salmon.

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