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Sunday, April 25, 2010




A letter Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent out to his supporters


Arpaio Juggernaut gets behind Montgomery, reminds voters to put the recycled County Attorney in the blue trash can!

We have a very grave problem that has arisen in Maricopa County that strikes at the very heart and soul of our battle to stop the flood of illegal aliens flowing into our country every day.

The County Board of Supervisors that has done everything from cutting my budgets $1.6 million dollars to stop me from investigating illegal immigration to failing to supply life-saving equipment and patrol cars to my deputies has now betrayed the Republican Party by appointing an interim County Attorney who has openly opposed me and every program that I have worked so hard to put together.

This move is a further blatant attempt to undermine and frustrate investigations into the Supervisors own suspected wrongdoing.  The Board’s appointee has gone so far as to encourage inmates during a riot, putting my deputies in harm’s way.  He has already publicly denounced my efforts to stop the terrible impact of illegal immigration in our County and has called my efforts to enforce our laws against illegal immigration “McCarthyism.”

His name is Richard Romley.

This charlatan Republican candidate must be defeated at all costs in the Maricopa County special election for county attorney!

Romley has betrayed Republican values and openly and aggressively supported Democrat candidates for higher office.  He will do it again in this election cycle.  HE IS A TRUE “RINO” (Republican In Name Only).  When the race is important, Romley always endorses the Democrats time and time again.  Even more disturbing is the fact that Romley worked for Liberal Democrat Terry Goddard as Goddard’s Lobbyist and Special Advisor up until the week before the Board of Supervisors appointed him.  As Goddard’s Special Advisor, Romley was paid $130,000 in the last two years alone.  Who do you think Romley will be working for in this year’s Governor’s race with Goddard as the Liberal Democrat nominee?  Romley’s election to this office would be one of the biggest tragedies for the future of our state.

Thank God there is a candidate for us to stand behind and support.  A great and highly qualified candidate I refer to is Bill Montgomery.  We must help this man win the office of Maricopa County Attorney at all costs or I am out of business in the fight to secure our borders.

Let me tell you that Bill Montgomery is not only a seasoned and highly experience prosecutor with hundreds and hundreds of felony cases under his belt, he is also a West Point graduate and decorated Veteran of the first Gulf War.  He is a family man who possesses the highest honor and integrity.  He is a steadfast supporter of our fight against illegal immigration.

Bill Montgomery needs your help now.  I have pledged to him my unwavering support and he is the man that must take us to the next step in our fight.  The open-borders candidate Romley will do everything that he can to quickly dismantle all the progress that we have made to fulfill his own personal agenda and that of the Board of Supervisors.  If he does, crime will go back up in Maricopa County and impact our entire community. WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.  NOT NOW.  NOT EVER.

This will be the most urgent and necessary campaign donation that you have ever made in your life.  Bill Montgomery needs the financial support now to win this election.  Not next month, not next year.  Early voting begins in just 90 days (the primary election will be held August 24, 2010) and there is nothing more crucial than that he beat this open borders opponent.

Please send your support for Bill Montgomery today.  We need to get the word out that Montgomery is the true Republican and true conservative in this primary.

I want to thank you for your support in my efforts to lead the fight against illegal immigration in our state and nation.  This week the State of Arizona will be the home of the toughest immigration law in the country.  We cannot take any steps backward and Bill Montgomery will lead the charge in the prosecutor’s office for our efforts to fight illegal immigration in Maricopa County.

This request I am making of you is beyond urgent.  We need help for bill now.  I pledge to you that I will put all of my efforts into supporting Bill Montgomery to win the Maricopa County Attorney election.  Voting starts in just 90 days!  Please pass this message on to everyone you know.  We cannot lose this battle.  If Bill Montgomery loses, we all lose and we lose for many years to come.

Will you join me in this fight?

Your contribution today of $410 (the maximum), $300, $200, $100 or even $50 today is critical towards helping Bill Montgomery become the next Maricopa County Attorney.  I need your help now.

I have enclosed a contribution card and envelope for your use.  I cannot thank you enough for your past support and hope you will join me again this time.

Click here to contribute to Bill Montgomery online.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County

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  1. Romley had a couple of scraggly looking paid petition signature gatherers collecting signature for him yesterday at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show. No one was stopping by their table. What gun owner or person who respects the Constitution wants to support a County Attorney who ran one of the most notorious anti-2nd Amendment administrations ever? Under Romley, even defending yourself with a gun was treated like a crime.

  2. Rick the “recycled” rat needs to re register and a DemocRAT. Despite SB1070 getting support from 70% of the voters, the Rat is opposed. So let’s see, his anti second amendment and pro illegal immigration. Why would anyone even consider a County Attorney that supports anything ILLEGAL?

    Montgomery is a great choice. He will enforce our laws.

  3. Maybe Montgomery can hire illegal immigrants to work in the jails just like he did in his T.V Commercial.

  4. Alicia Gegner says

    Romley was appointed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Shall I repeat that?

    When you consider the nature of the people on the board and their hideous track record that almost always goes against the needs of the people, that should speak volumes about Mr. Romley.

    Romley sides with illegal activity. Just what we need for a County Attorney, an advocate for law breakers!

    Bill Montgomery really is Mr. Squeaky Clean. We know this guy, and think very highly of him.

    It is time for us to clean out the filth in government from top to bottom. Let’s flush Romley down the tubes.

  5. EastValleyPC says

    Sam, Sam, Sam. Goddard trotted out that false accusation 4 years ago and had no traction with that lie. If Romley, aka Goddard Jr., wants to try that again, it will be just one more example of why he is a Democrat and not a Republican.

  6. romely has made it a point to endorse democrats. he even backed brewer’s democratic opponent when she ran for secretary of state. what guarantees are there that he won’t back his good friend terry goddard in the governor’s race?

    Romley has a right to be pro choice. he has the right to back Terry Goddard and Mary Rose Wilcox. He does not have the right to run as a republican.

  7. His campaign isn’t going well. Every time he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in it. He might not even make the ballot. I he does, it’s unlikely his campaign has the legs to go the distance.

  8. Roger is right, but twisted. Romley is likely to fail even with Stapley and the group of liberals and Democrats helping.

    Montgomery wins this one. With Joe behind him, he will get the conservative vote and money. Bill should have been appointed in the first place

  9. Blue Meanie says

    We do not need another war hero with a sense of entitlement. Romley was gone and should have stayed gone. McCain is going and should have also just retired.

    Montgomery is a West Point graduate with a sense of duty, not entitlement. He gets my vote.

  10. Romley, McCain, Stapely, Mary Rose and perhaps Susan Bittersmith should hold hands as they walk into the political sunset!

  11. We need someone to replace Andy Thomas. I know Bill Montgomery and he is the person to do that. Romley sides with O’Bama & the rest of the Liberals. Romley is against 1070. 78% of Arizonans are for 1070.
    Bill Montgomery will get my vote.

  12. Blue Meanie says

    I never thought I would say this. but…

    GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY!!!! (or at least marine)

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