Arpaio issues statement: Has NOT endorsed Susan Bitter Smith


CONTACT: Chad Willems
April 22, 2010 (602) 235-9320


Arpaio Campaign Releases Statement on CD5 Endorsement
Wishes to Clear Up Rumors Circulating Among Republican Activists

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – The Re-Elect Joe Arpaio 2012 campaign released the following statement today regarding the Republican nomination contest in Arizona’s Congressional District 5:

“Despite rumors and innuendo to the contrary, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has made no endorsement in this year’s race. Some candidates, activists and bloggers have been making misleading comments and statements lately and he wishes to assure grassroots Republicans that he is remaining neutral,” said Chad Willems, Arpaio’s campaign manager.

Sheriff Arpaio hopes that those who are spreading these rumors would cease and desist. Further, Arpaio urges the Republican candidates and activists to avoid any in-fighting this year and work towards beating Democrat Harry Mitchell in November.


  1. Precinctcommitteeman says

    No surprise there, he had to say something considering she is deceiving people into thinking he’s endorsed her with that video of him on her website. She lost his endorsement when she decided to become a trustee for the Defend Don Stapley trust fund. She chose a crook over the law and a friend. Not the kind of person we want in Congress.

  2. Did Joe endorse Janet Napolitano for the Supreme Court like he did when she ran for Governor and ruined out state?
    Does he still owe her something? Or is the debt repaid?
    We endured all those years of Napolitano partially because of Sheriff JOes endorsement.

  3. When will we get a statement of neutrality for the CD-3 primary? Can anyone explain Joe’s endorsement of Vernon Parker?

  4. Pingponglee says

    Bitter-Smith sent me a postcard with a picture of her and Sheriff Joe,whom, we know has NOT endorsed her or anyone else for that matter. Her card is an “invitation” (suggested contribution is $50) to meet with her at someone’s home in Fountain Hills. I will pass.. This postcard is a fraud, just as Bitter-Smith. Joe must rue the day he endorsed her last time.. Not now though, Thank heavens! The debt is paid..

  5. Nothing new!

    She “maxed out” on Phil Gordon a couple of years ago!

    Susan has always played both sides of the street!

    It finally caught up with her!

  6. Not Crazy Pam says

    Real question is why Susan Bitter Smith’s employee Judy Eisenhower was sending out this:

    From: Judy Eisenhower
    Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 5:15 PM
    To: Judy Eisenhower

    District 8 Members.

    Sheriff Joe is mad. He asked me to send this to you in case you received the ugly e-mail from Common Sense concerning Susan Bitter Smith, candidate for Congress from Congressional District 5.


    The attachment had a picture of Sheriff Joe proclaiming he endorsed Susan.

  7. She just keeps bouncing around from one to the other. Never leaving the dance with the one that brought her.

  8. Eisenhower works for Bitter Smith. It was borderline unethical for Eisenhower to send that email to District 8 PCs without disclosing that relationship. Now that we know the email wasn’t true, Eisenhower should step down from leadership in District 8.

  9. susan who?

    has she ever held office.

  10. nightcrawler says

    I like Sheriff Joe and believe he does a good job. He is one of my favorite elected officials.

    I like hot mustard. I like ice cream.

    I do not like hot mustard on ice cream.

    Who cares who Joe endorses ? Are you all mindless sheep ? Need someone to think for you ?

    Any candidate, no matter who it is, that puts Joe’s endorsement up as a major reason to vote for them is a lightweight.

    Joe is Joe, you are you..

  11. Joe Arpaio strongly endorsed her for the 2008 race in CD5 and called her “conservative, very conservative” then. That race was less than two years ago and she hasn’t significantly changed any of her positions or associations since then. So it is partly Sheriff Joe’s own fault that people are confused.

    The main reason Arpaio isn’t endorsing her is that she chose her friendship with Don Stapley over her friendship with Arpaio and became a trustee of Stapley’s legal defense fund.

  12. It shows a lack of ethics to imply heavily someone is endorsing one’s candidacy when there is no endorsement.

    That’s deceiving the voters. So, who needs a “representative” who is comfortable with pulling the wool over constituents’ eyes?

    How hard is it to run straight and pick up other endorsements … oh, maybe there aren’t any …


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