Joe Arpaio Endorses Augustus Shaw

Augustus Shaw

For Immediate Release: Monday, February 8, 2010

TEMPE, AZ – District 17 House Republican Candidate Augustus Shaw announced today that he received the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“Augustus Shaw is the only Republican candidate that I will support for District 17 House. He has a proven track record of leadership and offers the voters in Tempe and Scottsdale a real choice this November. They can either vote for tax-and-spend liberals or they can send a true conservative to the legislature to fight for lower taxes, less spending and getting our state back on track,” said Arpaio.

Commenting on the endorsement, Augustus Shaw stated “I’m honored to have Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s endorsement. He has been a leader in our state’s fight against illegal immigration and his ‘get tough’ policies on criminals have yielded a lower crime rate across Maricopa County.”

Shaw brings a wealth of experience to the race. Augustus, an attorney by trade, is the founding attorney and managing member of Shaw & Lines, LLC, a law firm that employs 8 Arizonans. As well as being the 1st Vice Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, Augustus currently serves on the City of Tempe Transportation Commission and has served on the City of Tempe Redevelopment Review Commission. He has also served on other various Boards and Commissions, including the Maricopa County Bar Association Foundation, Maricopa County Board of Adjustment and The Leadership Centre.

“Arizona is sadly in a state of disarray. A new vision is needed in order to solve our State’s economic problems. I am running because I believe District 17 and Arizona can and should have a representative who puts the interests of working families and taxpayers first. We can and should do better,” added Shaw.

Augustus is married to Andrada Shaw, also a Tempe native and has two wonderful children, Ezekiel Augustus Shaw, age 5 and Audrey Isabella Shaw, age 2.

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  1. Cindy Sanders says

    LOL. Joe must be worried if he is endorsing a Democrat in Republican clothing.

  2. Cindy, could you please explain why you think Augustus Shaw is a Democrat in Republican clothing? I have met Shaw, but I don’t know him well, so I would appreciate your insights.

  3. James Howell says

    How is Augustus Shaw even anywhere near a democrat? He was just re-elected as the 1st Vice Chair of the State Republican Party. He’s been endorsed by Laura Knaperak, one of the most conservative former legislators in the State. Could a “democrat” do that?Just becuase he’s black, does not mean he’s a democrat!

  4. James, thank you. I was concerned that the situation might be as you described it.

  5. yougot_it says

    Augustus Shaw IV, a Republican candidate for state representative in Tempe’s District 17, has been disciplined twice by the State Bar and was scolded by a judge in 2006 for his aggressive tactics as an HOA lawyer.

    The case, easily findable with a Google search for Shaw’s name, spurred a Maricopa Superior Court judge to write in a minute entry that Shaw’s actions were an example of “abusive litigation practices run amok.”

    After the brutal, March 9, 2006, minute entry by Judge Peter Swann excorciating Shaw for trying to collect thousands of dollars he didn’t deserve, the Arizona Republic fired Shaw from a gig writing columns about homeowner-association issues.

    The minute entry also spurred the Bar to punish Shaw with a year’s probation and mandatory ethics classes.

    Shaw, who was recently endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio (why doesn’t this surprise us?), admits begrudgingly that he’s become the blogosphere’s “poster boy for evil in the HOA industry.”

    The title seems well deserved, if based on the 2006 case.

    According to the minute entry and a May 24, 2006, Republic article about the case, Glendale resident and state worker Stacy Mobbs owed her HOA, the North Canyon Ranch Owners Association, about $343 in fees, plus another thousand for late fees and legal bills. When she wouldn’t pay up, Shaw — the HOA’s attorney — played hardball.

    Shaw filed a lien against Mobbs’ home in Superior Court, stating that if she didn’t pay $1,479.68, the HOA would foreclose her property.

    The 2006 Republic article by Michael Kiefer states that Mobbs brought a cashier’s check for the amount and obtained a receipt showing her balance had been paid in full. Shaw returned the check, telling Mobbs she owed more. A lot more.

    Now Shaw demanded $6,000 in attorney fees alone, Swann’s minute entry states.

    At about the same time, Shaw sent an e-mail to Mobbs threatening her with court action if she tried to contact the HOA board of directors without first going through him.

    “I HAVE WARNED YOU TIME AND TIME AGAIN NOT TO CONTACT” the board, Shaw’s nasty-gram begins.

    Mobbs filed a complaint against Shaw with the State Bar.

    That prompted a “demand” by Shaw to drop the complaint, states Judge Swann’s minute entry.

    Egregiously, the demand was accompanied by an offer to settle the case for just $2,000, which Swann noted was still “more than 400% of the amount actually owed.”

    “The use of a threat of continued litigation in an attempt to dispense with possible disciplinary proceeding is highly inappropriate,” Swann wrote.

    Maricopa Superior Court
    Judge Peter Swann wrote in 2006 that when actions like what Shaw did in the Mobbs’ case take place, “the profession as a whole uffers…”

    Swann didn’t fail to notice that Shaw had made the demand for the $6,000 even after being told there was no likelihood of attorney’s fees being paid in the case. (Mobbs was ultimately ordered by Swann to pay her bill and reasonable late fees).

    Swann went on to call Shaw’s e-mail to Mobbs “abusive” and unprofessional.

    “When a lawyer communicates in such fashion while representing a client in connection with a judicial proceeding, the profession as a whole suffers, and mounting public criticism of lawyers is more difficult to defend,” Swann wrote.

    Shaw, 37, contends that he was a “young attorney” at the time — like this happened back in the 70s or something — and claims to have to learned from his mistake.

    But he also says the Bar investigation and criticism of him that followed on the Internet was rooted in racism. His evidence? People who commented on blog posts about the incident targeted him with racial slurs.
    ​”I’m not going on the record to call anyone racist,” Shaw says. “I’m going to say I personally felt the people around Miss Mobbs, people pushing this issue, were pushing it solely based on race. I felt if I was an attorney of another color, this issue would not have risen to where it did. When a black man asserts a dominant position, that’s seen as being threatening.”

    As a conservative Republican, he goes on, he would normally be the last one to pull the race card.

    “But in this unique situation, I believed it played a central role in the bar complaint and the fervor that it was prosecuted on,” he says.

    We asked Shaw yesterday if the State Bar had punished him for anything else. Shaw answered that out of nine complaints filed against him with the Bar, he’d only been disciplined once.

    But this morning, the State Bar told New Times that it placed an order of informal reprimand in his file in 2008 because of another problem.

    Asked about that today, Shaw confesses that the 2008 discipline must have slipped his mind.


    We encouraged Shaw to explain what happened, causing the candidate to come down with a classic case of “passing the buck.”

    According to him, the Bar’s action was nothing but “BS.”

    “I don’t even feel that thing’s valid,” he spews. “It wasn’t me who did it. I wasn’t the one who did the bad act.”

    A junior associate at Shaw’s firm helping Shaw to collect a judgment award from someone they were suing accidently sent the person a bill that was 12 times higher than it should have been. Whoops.

    The person (and the person’s attorney) caught the mistake, which was corrected, and later filed the Bar complaint. The junior associate resigned because of the incident, Shaw says.

    Read the Bar’s reprimand letter by clicking here — we think you’ll agree it makes the incident sound worse than Shaw’s version).

    So, to recap, Shaw:

    *Used the legal process as a “weapon” (in Judge Swann’s words) to make money.

    *Overcharges people.

    *Writes nasty demand letters to the people he’s suing.

    *Has convenient memory lapses.

    *Throws blame around like a kid throwing sand at the park.

    and let’s not forget

    *Cries racism as a half-assed cover for problems he caused.

    Except for the part about crying racism, he’s not too different from more than a few Phoenix-area lawyers.

    But unlike most lawyers, Shaw has thrust himself into the political arena to take his lumps. And he knows none of this reflects well on him.

    Referring to this article, Shaw says, with a touch of glee, “I’m happy this is coming out in June rather than in October.”

    Shaw’s running against Ed Ableser, the incumbent Democrat, and several other challengers including another Republican
    The pot calling the kettle black.

    “I’m not going on the record to call anyone racist.” Shaw, ‘Election 2010’

    From: Augustus H. Shaw IV
    Subject: RE: “I Wanna be a HOa Lawyer (‘Lookie here, Brother’), by Velet Jones Esq.”
    Cc:,,, “‘Mark Lines'”
    Date: Monday, November 20, 2006, 4:48 PM

    Thank you for sending me the below. I greatly appreciate it and hold no malice to you. The remainder of this message is not written to you, but you may feel free to post it.

    In my humble opinion, this story only has “legs” at this point not for the substance of the story, but for the fact that I am an African American who dares to serve, with distinction, the HOA industry and my clients. This assertion can clearly be seen in the comments of “Velvet Jones” and his/her ethnic slur use of “Ebonics,” geared toward me, in his/her messages.

    No one comments about the thousands of hours volunteered to the industry, or the countless dollars me and my firm have donated to the HOA industry. Additionally, no one has bothered to contact the State Bar regarding their amended order to insure that what someone states is fact.

    People just throw around racial slurs and continue to make race an issue here. How sad. It truly shows me, to my delight and horror, that this has nothing to do with my abilities as an attorney or the content of my character, but has to do with the color of my skin. I guess Dr. King’s monument on the Capital Mall still hasn’t reached the good people who have commented below, especially Velvet Jones.

    Have fun bashing me. I know now you are small minded people with an agenda. I’m reminded of a saying that I share with my young son, which is truly appropriate here, “I’m rubber and you are glue, your hateful words bounce off of me and stick to you.”

    With Pride and Defiance ,

    Augustus H. Shaw IV
    Shaw & Lines, LLC
    4523 E. Broadway Road, Suite 101
    Phoenix, AZ 85040
    Phone 480-456-1500
    Fax 480-456-1515
    web site

    Posted On: Friday, Jun. 11 2010 @ 8:43PM

    yougot_it says:

    Thanks. When I got to the bottom of the email I thought I read

    Must be telling me something.

    Posted On: Friday, Jun. 11 2010 @ 8:55PM

    yougot_it says:

    If you are changing your residence aren’t you required to change your address with the Arizona Department of Transportation within 30 or is it 60 days?

    This came from azcapitaltimes

    Shaw said he often spends his weekends at the District 20 home where his wife and children still live, but stays at his in-laws’ house during the week. He said his driver’s license, bank records, car payments and other documentation all list the District 17 house as his address. He said his family will join him in District 17 in the fall.

    “I am a resident (of District 17), and it shouldn’t matter where my family lives,” Shaw said. “This is a disgusting ploy by the Democratic Party to remove a candidate that they know can beat their candidates. And they want to do it by trying to drag my poor family and my poor autistic son into a political arena.”

    Posted On: Friday, Jun. 11 2010 @ 10:18PM

    yougot_it says:
    So does this mean, all these years, that he never changed his address to his current house where his wife and child lives? Someone please check and verify this.


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