Arpaio Backs Gosar for CD-1 Race

Paul Gosar for Congress

Arpaio Goes for Gosar; Backs Flagstaff Small Businessman for Congress

America’s Toughest Sheriff Knows Gosar will Be Tough in Washington

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz – February 1, 2010. Arizona Congressional District 1 candidate Dr. Paul Gosar picked up a key endorsement as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he is backing the small businessman and dentist in his race to unseat Ann Kirkpatrick.

“Dr. Gosar understands the challenges facing businesses and how to create jobs because he runs small businesses,” Arpaio said. “And because he is a health care professional, he has a deep understanding of the right kind of health care reform our country needs – and not the plan that a Democratic Congress is trying to hoist on America with Nancy Pelosi’s plan.”

Kirkpatrick not only voted for the health care plan that passed the House, she also voted to include taxpayer-funded abortions as part of the scheme.

“I think people know I am a law-and-order guy, but to have the country’s most recognized local law enforcement officer behind me says something,” said Gosar. “I am grateful to have Sheriff Arpaio in my corner as we fight to get Congress back from liberals like Ann Kirkpatrick.”

Gosar, a husband and father of three has lived in Flagstaff for almost 25 years where he owns his practice. He has garnered many awards and honors, such as the Arizona Dental Association’s “Dentist of the Year,” and was inducted into the Arizona Dental Association’s Hall of Fame.

He served as the President of both the Northern Arizona Dental Society and the Arizona Dental Association. He also is the Vice-Chair of the ADA Council on Governmental Affairs.


  1. Joe the Plumber says

    This guy is a flagstaff dentist, you can dress him up but at the end of the campaign he will still be a flagstaff dentist.

    Wonder how he got Joe to endorse, and even more curiously why would people from rural AZ care. They hate the state of Maricopa.

  2. He got the endorsement because Joe does whatever Rose tells him. At the end of the day, Joe can’t vote in D1. Gosar’s immigration stance is not in line with Joe’s policies. Oh, and we love when Maricopa tells us how to vote. Thanks, Joe. I was concerned but you showed me the way.

  3. From Prescott says

    Actually guys I’ve heard Dr. Gosar and he’s quite impressive in a low key and reasonable tone. In contrast to Beauchamp who’s stagecraft without substance is tiring and Bowers who’s renaissance man approach could put voters to sleep, Dr. Paul is refreshing.

    Additionally Dr. Paul is light years ahead of the other candidates in raising money.

  4. Prescott must work for Gosar. I have a dentist and I don’t call him “Dr” These guys can’t even be truthful about the small stuff, I wonder how they will be about the big stuff.

    Seems like this guy is Renzi without the charm.

  5. Conservative to the core:

    Dentist are doctors.

    A “doctor” is a person holding the highest degree in his or her special field.

    You should not be calling anyone a liar until you, at least, get the facts straight.

    Dr. Gosar may be the best chance Republicans have in CD1. He continues to our raise every other Republican in the primary. He is obviously securing major endorsements.

    To early to tell…

  6. Thx for the info..

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