Arlen Specter’s Wild Ride

If you have been following the machinations of Senator Arlen Specter (R D-PA) over the last couple of weeks it’s hard not to wonder if he has lost his mind or he just doesn’t give a damn anymore what people think. 


First Specter announces he is switching parties and in doing so decides not to use the tried and true excuse of that the “party left me” in explaining his decision.  Instead he very candidly observes that he’s switching solely because he can’t win a Republican Primary.  Or in other words to the Democrats – “I can’t get my own party to support me, so will you guys help out?

Then we have his comments on the Sunday talk shows where he states very plainly that if Jack Kemp would still be alive today if Congress had only spent more on cancer research – a very crass and tasteless way to make a political point.  

But Arlen wasn’t done with using cancer for political purposes.  Yesterday there was a story about an Arlen Specter website called Specter for the Cure where any reasonable person would think they are giving to a charity fighting cancer when in reality they are contributing to Specter’s reelection campaign.  

Finally, we have a report today from the New York Times that Specter believes that the Courts should award the Minnesota Senate Seat to Republican Norm Coleman.  Now, I happen to agree with Specter on this, but one wonders if this is the right move to make when you just switched to the Democratic Party.  Especially considering that the last thing you want to do is upset the liberal base of your new party when you are trying to avoid a primary.  Well, it only took a short time until the crazies over at the Daily Kos were inflamed by Specter’s comments and calling for his head.  

He’s your problem now Democrats.  


  1. He doesn’t care if he upsets anyone. In a head to head against Toomey, he gets the D vote no matter what. But, to show a dislike for Franken may garner some support from right of center moderates.

  2. I don’t think he ever gets to the general. There is already a Dem Congressman – with money – circling the waters and now he has inflamed the base of his new party. They got Lieberman in the primary, and I bet they get Specter as well.

  3. Veritas Vincit says

    Re: paragraph #3; how much has been spent on HIV/AIDS research and how much on Cancer Research? Time line would be helpful to track annually since 1976 perhaps?

  4. George of the Desert says

    Hee hee. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. CongressDaily says he may well be primaried. GOOD!

  5. I hope he gets dumped early. The money he took, including the very morning of his departure, declaring his loyalty and love for the GOP….shows him to be the lowest of character and without regard for anything beyond personal gain.

  6. Steve Calabrese says

    As a former Democrat, I am appalled by the way my former party rushed to embrace the man behind the Magic Bullet Theory. I guess JFK doesn’t mean anything to today’s Dems.

    Specter is and always has been vermin, no matter which party he belongs to at any given moment.

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