Arizona’s Next-Gen Maverick Strikes Again

Rep. Jeff Flake was one of seven Republicans who voted to formally rebuke Rep. Joe Wilson for his “You Lie!” ourburst during President Obama’s address to Congress.  Wilson had already apologized to both the President and the Vice-President and they had accepted his apologies, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went along with the most liberal elements of the Democrat caucus and allowed the House to move against Wilson anyway.

Republican leader Rep. John Boehner had it right when he described it as “a witch hunt” and a “partisan stunt that the American people are not going to respect.”  The rest of Arizona’s GOP delegation voted with Wilson and were even joined by Democrat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  Flake’s YES vote was echoed by the rest of the Arizona Democrat delegation.  To put it even further into perspective, even Rep. Barney Frank didn’t vote YES.


  1. Goodyear GOP says

    We’ve got Trent Franks over here, and thank goodness for that. What an embarrassment Flake continues to be. That cocky smile must drive conservatives on the east side absolutely nuts.

    Hey Jeffy, Wilson already apologized. Way to play into Pelosi’s hands and give her the cover of “bi-partisan”. What a joke.

  2. The headline is our future unless he is taken on and beaten. His number one friend seems to be Hernandez, and his actions over the last few years demonstrate that he does not deserve to have an R after his name.

  3. The little Flake is like dandruff and needs to be washed right out of our hair.

  4. I used to like Flake. But now I see that he is jst like all the rest, just another flake. He’s got to go away too.

  5. Antifederalist says

    Joe Wilson DID violate the decorum of the House. It would have taken him less than 5 minutes to walk on the House floor and say he’s sorry to his colleagues. Yes, he apologized to NObama, but he would have appeared to be the bigger man by just saying he’s sorry to the House for violating its sense of decorum. He also would have blunted the criticisms of those whining Dummycrats. I might have voted for the resolution too while SUPPORTING WHAT HE SAID! He just made his outburst at the wrong time and place is all. Wilson has said as much himself publicly. All he had to do was repeat those same comments in the well of the House. Again, Wilson could have said in the well of the Hose, “I violated the decorum of the House and I deeply regret my outburst. Please, accept my apology. However, I stand by my statement even though it was made at the wrong place and time.” I think Joe did himself a disservice by not apologizing to House Members. Had the Dummycrats at that point CONTINUED to persecute him, they would have REALLY boosted his fund-raising efforts. It would have been a tactical error on their part to pursue it farther.

    While he could have gained some popularity by apologizing simply for the TIMING of his outburst, the Dims going after him is probably putting wind in the sails of his supporters and making him a martyr. You realize the Tea Partiers in D.C. last weekend were carrying “Joe Wilson for President” signs? The Dims likely helped his fund-raising efforts. If his support was flagging before, he reinvigorated it with his statement, and, likely, so too did the Dummycrats’ resolution.

  6. I did not realize being a conservative meant putting party before principle. The fact is Wilson made a mistake that violated House rules and than when he realized he was the hero of the right refused to apologize to thte House. If you read Flake’s statement it simply stated that Wilson having embarrassed the House needed to apologize. Flake record as a conservative particularly as related to the budget is great and I am proud to call him my congressman.

  7. Larry:

    Now if Jeff only believed in enforcing immigration laws…..!

  8. Goodyear GOP says

    Larry, I read Flake’s statement as well and found it to be completely self-serving garbage. Shadegg is right. The vote was hypocritical at BEST. Flake was silent when the Democrats did it but now that he has a chance to take a shot at a Republican and get all MAVERICK on us he fires away and hides behind his “conscience”? Puh-leeze. I remember that gutter trash he threw at Russell Pearce last year so I don’t want to hear about Jeff Flake and “conscience” or “decency” or “decorum” in the same sentence.

    Hard to believe that only seven Republicans put principle before party and that all the rest put party before principle. I’m going to suggest that Larry is wrong here. I’m sure Trent Franks voted principles first as did the vast majority of the Republicans. Still, if Larry wants us to believe that selectively enforcing the rules against only Republicans is in keeping with Flake’s principles, then that’s just another reason to throw that bum out of office as soon as possible.

  9. Goodyear GOP says

    Of course, thinking about it, Flake is the guy who wants to do business with Castro, so the argument that he really is voting his principles is gaining strength, although it further damns him by reminding us of how utterly screwed up his principles are.

  10. Congressmen shouldn’t yell at the President during a formal address but passing a resolution condemning that based purely on the content of what was said (and compiling a list of acceptable criticisms) is very dangerous territory. Does anyone remember what was said about President Bush? One Congressman during a debate claimed troops were being sent to Iraq “to get their heads blown off for the President’s amusement.”

    For a list of what is allowed to be said, go to:

  11. Jeff Flake is the best! He stands by his principals and doesn’t back down – now THAT takes good character. If voted with all the rest he would be going against his values and principles…how two-faced would that be? Although we may agree with Cong. Wilson…what he did was wrong. And regardless of the fact that this was a “political move” on the part of Pelose and gang…still need to believe in principle and decorum….otherwise, we become animals or British.

  12. Send da Flake back to his island, and have him take his illegal aliens with him.

  13. Steve Calabrese says

    Why the hatred for Flake? I don’t get it. The man is a solid conservative who is also a man of principle who understands that principle must come before party.

    One of the reasons we Republicans consistently get clobbered today is because our elected officials talk a conservative talk, but they really are just slaves to big business and whoever is funding their campaigns. There is a difference between being pro-business and giving business whatever they want. George Bush posed as a conservative yet expanded the size of government beyond any president in recent memory. The Republican party is full of hypocrites who tell people what they want to hear even as they shovel taxpayers dollars towards their major contributors.

    Jeff Flake is different. He tackles each issue almost in a vacuum, judging it both by practicality and principle. He realized that there is NO WAY anyone is ever going to get the illegal alien problem fixed without BOTH securing the border AND providing a route to legalization for those who are already here – let’s face it, we don’t want a repeat of the Reagan amnesty where people flooded over to get in but we also don’t have the ability to move 20 million people against their will! Any solution to the illegal alien problem is going to require BOTH sides to give – we need a rock solid, non-porous border and we need a plan to deal with many of the people who are already here. Anyone in elected office who denies this is denying reality. Jeff Flake had the courage to try to do something about this and was treated with tremendous abuse by his own party.

    Now, Flake is attempting to maintain the civility and decorum of the House. Wilson screwed up. Period. He may be right – Obama may be lying – but a Congressman should never interrupt a presidential address like that. Some things transcend party line – look at the other events of this week, when hard-core leftist liberal James Carville called Matt Latimer an unprincipled barbaric little twerp for betraying the confidence of George Bush by revealing private conversations with the President.

    James Carville put his political beliefs aside to defend the principle that a sitting president – of ANY party – deserves a certain amount of respect. Now Jeff Flake has done the same thing – and Sonoran Alliance condemns him for it. It’s sad, really.

    And finally, to those “conservatives” who blindly condemn Flake for not acting as they like, let’s look at the true measuring stick of Flake’s conservatism – his voting record. He’s voted to spend less taxpayer money than practically anyone else in Congress. He’s consistently opposed increasing the size of government. He’s been a solid conservative, but because he also doesn’t follow the pack – the pack of legislators who vote with their campaign contributors – he is outside the “elite group” and is consistently condemned. What a shame.

  14. Veritas Vincit says

    …wish Flake would loose that inept stupid grin … it used to agitate Jake too. Jake used to get ruffled every time he saw Jeff doing that.

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