Arizona’s Felix and Oscar


Arizona’s Felix and Oscar – Local Televangelist and Major Food Bank Operator Hires Former County Attorney Rick Romley

PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA. – March 5, 2009 – It’s an odd pairing, like Felix and Oscar. Or Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts. Don Stewart and Rick Romley are now working side-by-side.

Stewart is a 69-year old televangelist, born in Jerome, AZ, who now lives in Paradise Valley. Romley is a Vietnam War hero who served for sixteen years as the Maricopa County Attorney.

The charitable arm of Stewart’s ministry, Feed My People Children’s Charities, owns two of the largest food banks in Arizona: Northern Arizona Food Bank in Flagstaff and Borderland Food Bank in Nogales. Stewart founded Northern Arizona Food Bank in 1987 to help better serve Native American communities. Borderland was acquired just two years ago after it nearly went out of business.

Locally in the Arizona Republic and nationally in the New York Times the extreme importance of food banks in the current economic climate have recently been highlighted.

“Televangelists may be right behind lawyers and Wall Street CEOs when it comes to public regard. People always seem to want to investigate, question or follow what we do. The recent news around Ted Haggard certainly didn’t help matters. For all these reasons we have taken the unusual step of recently hiring a man of impeccable integrity and law enforcement credentials to serve as an independent consultant to our operations,” Stewart said.

“I am grateful to Mr. Romley for taking on the assignment because I think it is a continuation of his public service which I have long admired as an Arizona resident. We feel very privileged to have his independent counsel and thought it was important for this ministry to communicate it because of the important message it sends to the public and religious community,” Stewart said.
Romley said he has been asked by the ministry, its food bank operations and other charitable endeavors to review policies and procedures.

“Any business or charitable endeavor can improve its operations. In this case where I can help improve
or ratify various activities I think it will ultimately provide an important public service that this televangelist is taking extraordinary steps to do the right thing. On a national level it would be like Joel Osteen hiring Rudy Giuliani,” Romley said.

Raised in Jerome, Arizona Stewart’s Christian Bible teachings have taken him across the world with revivals in 89 different countries.

The group’s food bank efforts have been applauded by local sheriffs, supervisors and community leaders in both southern and northern Arizona.

Besides the food banks in Arizona, Feed My People Children’s Charities conducts many national and international operations, including rescuing produce at the Mexican border for distribution around the U.S. and operating more than two dozen feeding centers and child care facilities in the Philippines.

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