Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin: No Guarantee AZ Can Pay Bills in January

Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin is sounding the alarm again. Next month, there is a strong likelihood that the State of Arizona will no longer be able to issue tax refunds or even pay it’s employees. The State is broke and with Arizona government spending more than it brings in, the state will likely begin to issue IOU’s. Here are several video clips in which Dean Martin reminds us of the economic realities. For conservatives like myself reading between the lines, this means the Legislature must make more spending cuts and bring the budget back into alignment with revenue. Yes, there will be pain but if lawmakers don’t demonstrate fiscal fortitude and responsibility now, it’s going to be much more painful later. And let’s not forget that even if the sales tax gets referred to the ballot AND the voters pass it, it will NOT solve the problem. In fact it will most definitely worsen the recession and prolong any recovery.


  1. More money needs to be CUT from the budget.

    The argument for not cutting more is based on increasing revenues next year to meet the gap, whether or not the stupid tax increase referral goes to the ballot.


    While means the squishy Brewer-RINO tax increase plan is already a failure before it gets out of the gate!

    The only responsible approach to save Arizona from default not just for next year but thereafter and to protect taxpayer interests as well as bring business to this state is to CUT THE BUDGET.

  2. By the Bush Precedent it’s:
    The Janet Napolitano years of deficit spending, thus, the Napolitano – D for Democratic Party – Deficit.

    Nonsense to have everyone phrase it as if it just hit random, unforseen, like a meteor from outer space.

    The AX, not the TAX.

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