Arizona Tea Party Update

If you plan on attending any of the Arizona Tea Parties tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15th, here are links to information about the various events:

Detailed information about the Phoenix and Tucson rallies

Information about rallies in other Arizona cities

News release about tomorrow’s rally at the AZ State Capitol

The tentative speaker list for the rally at the Capitol

The State Capitol is located at 1700 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Stay updated on state tax and budget issues at!

Join the activist alert list by emailing For district-specific alerts, please include your city and zip code–or your state Legislative District number (not your Congressional district), if you know it.



  1. SonoranSam says

    Don’t forget to teabag all of Arizona.

  2. Just for the record,

    4000 estimated by police in Tucson

    2200 people confirmed by providing contact information while attending the event.

    easily half or more of those attending did not sign in.

    Tremendous Success.

  3. I found a short video of the Tucson Tea Party! Great Job!

  4. Feel free to stop by my LJ for photos from The Klute eye perspective.

  5. Capitol Police place estimates between 5500 and 6000!

    Thank you Arizona for the beginning of a great movement!

    Please go to the Americans for Prosperity – Arizona website and sign up for upcoming news and events:

    We will also want your photos of all events. I will get you an email address to send those photos.

  6. Holy crap Batman! .1% of the Arizona population turned out against taxes… We are on to something here…

  7. “We will also want your photos of all events. I will get you an email address to send those photos.”

    Better hurry – The Huffington Post already put one of mine on the front page.

  8. hey now Jay be fair 9000 of 6.34 million people is .14% of the state!

  9. I was also misinformed about the tea party movement until I joined a great site that made me understand it better. I met many of friends on the site and must say I was impressed with the way they think. I thought they were all insane people then I discovered why they are the tea party movement. It is because they care about the United States and the constitution.

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