Arizona Taxpayer Action Committee Watching Legislative Votes

There’s an article in The Arizona Capitol Times this morning about a pair of political committees will be employed to “corral votes” as the budget process moves forward.

One PAC the Arizona Capitol Times failed to mention was the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee, an independent PAC associated with the former Arizona Federation of Taxpayers – now known as the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity. ATAC has been especially vigilant of the votes being made by the current Legislature and will be weighing those votes as part of its endorsement process in 2010.

This PAC will carry tremendous weight as an independent PAC and because it has been closely allied with independent taxpayer advocacy organizations. As the 2010 election cycle continues to progress, watch for ATAC to play an important role in returning the State of Arizona to fiscal responsibility by working to elect solid taxpayer advocates.


  1. If you read the Cap Times article, it’s clear that the legislative committees will increase party discipline, as Lucy Mason notes. ATAC may be effective, but without a direct hand and six-figure budgets to spread around the state, they will be a fairly minor player.

    And if you’ll recall, there is a tradition that the next US senator up for election was given great deference in the fundraising structure of the party and its leadership structure. That means with McCain up Pullen would be replaced by a pro-McCain fundraiser. Is this tradition breaking, and if so, are these separate funds an indicator of that?

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