Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee Announces Initial Endorsements for Phoenix City Council


(Phoenix, AZ) – The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee announced its initial endorsements for Phoenix City Council today setting the stage for voters to make clear decisions in the August 30th Election. Early ballots will be sent out next Thursday, August 4th.

Candidates were asked a variety of questions related to tax rates, types of taxation, city budgeting, unions and the growth of city government. The survey is available online at:

This initial round of endorsements includes the following candidates:

Phoenix Mayor – Jennifer Wright
Phoenix Council, District 1 – Eric Frederick
Phoenix Council, District 5 – Charlie Ellis
Phoenix Council, District 7 – Janet Contreras 

Shane Wikfors, Treasurer for the political action committee remarked, “Voters have an obligation to elect the best candidates who will protect the taxpayers of the City of Phoenix.” He added, “We believe these are the best candidates to lead Phoenix government back to fiscal sanity and away from the unhealthy relationship with government unions.”

The PAC is expected to make additional endorsements over the next week including in the race for Phoenix Councils, districts 2 and 3 and, in the mayoral and council races in Tucson.

The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee (ATAC) is the largest taxpayer advocacy political action committee in Arizona. ATAC recently participated in and won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision eliminating the matching funds provision of Arizona’s “Clean Election” law.

For more information about the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee, please visit or email the committee at




    Someone has to look out for taxpayers; the other Mayoral candidates and council member candidates runnning against these ‘endorsees’ sure won’t look after anyone except their own self-interests. DEFINITION OF INSANITY? ELECTING RECYLCED POLITICIANS AND COUNCIL MEMBER CANDIDATES THAT DON’T HAVE AN OUNCE OF FISCAL SENSE! So glad to see AZ Taxpayers Action Committee chose to endorse the best candidates!!

  2. Which one of these endorsed candidates has taken the Jeffries pledge to refuse the Pension & Perks at city hall?

  3. Has Bryan Jeffries signed off on the taxpayers pledge? I could care less about BJ’s gimmicky pension pledge. It’s one little part of the big picture that he’s ignoring. What I want to know is will continue to be a stooge for the government unions?

    When BJ signs off on this pledge, then maybe I’ll consider taking a look at him:

    Tax Hikes: I pledge to vote against any increases in tax rates, including property taxes, sales taxes, food taxes, utility hikes and impact fees. (initials)_______

    Food Tax Repeal: I pledge to repeal the 2% tax on food that was passed by the Phoenix City Council on February 2, 2010. Although that tax is set to expire after five years, I would vote to repeal it immediately. (initials)_______

    Spending Limits: To continue having strong economic growth, we cannot allow government to grow faster than the private economy. I support a strict city spending limit based on population plus inflation (a conservative standard for government growth (initials)_______

    Responsible Budgets: I only support overall budget increases (including capital budgets) that are kept below the projected annual increase in state personal income, as published by the Economic Estimates Commission. (initials)_______

    Regulatory Burdens: Burdensome regulations stifle competition and increase the cost of goods and services. I oppose the creation of any new regulatory boards. I support the reductions of fees, a moratorium on increases in continuing education requirements, and the reduction/elimination of other regulatory burdens imposed by regulatory boards. Where practicable, I support the sun setting of regulatory boards. (initials)_______

    Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying: I support rules and legislation that will limit and/or prohibit the use of taxpayer money lobbying. (initials)_______

    Transparency In Government: I support measures that will bring transparency to all levels of city government by January 1, 2012. Citizens should be able to readily access information online and view the amounts and specific vendors for all disbursements, except in legitimate cases involving city security and legal privacy. (initials)_______

  4. Nina Marlow says

    We MUST change the make up of Phoenix City Council and Mayor. Electing Eric Frederick, Charles Ellis, and Janet Contreras to city council will be a GREAT start in turning city government around. Now, top it off with JENNIFER WRIGHT as Mayor and we can finally start putting Phoenix on the map as a conservative, great and safe city to live in for everyone and get our spending under control!

    “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” ~ George Washington

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