Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee Announces Endorsement of Jim Waring for Phoenix Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday August 1, 2011

(Phoenix, AZ) – The Arizona Taxpayer Action Committee is pleased to announce the endorsement of former State Senator, Jim Waring, in the race for Phoenix City Council, District Two.

During his service in the Arizona State Senate, Jim Waring earned the title of ‘Champion’ and ‘Friend of the Taxpayer,’ a ranking bestowed by the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the largest grassroots taxpayer educational organization in the State of Arizona.

Shane Wikfors, Treasurer of the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee, commented on the race, “Our expectations are high as we anticipate the difficult decisions ahead for the City of Phoenix but we believe Jim’s experience, wisdom and temperament will prevail in bringing sound fiscal sanity back to city governance.”

The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee issued this critical endorsement days ahead of thousands of early ballots being mailed to Phoenix voters on Thursday, August 4th.

Candidates were asked a variety of questions related to tax rates, types of taxation, city budgeting, unions and the growth of city government. The survey is available online here.

“The race for District Two is the epitome of the battle between government unions and taxpayers,” Wikfors said. “We believe Jim Waring represents the interests of taxpayers and will hold special interest government unions in check,” he said.

The PAC is expected to make one final endorsements in the race for Phoenix Councils, District 3 and, in the mayoral and council races in Tucson.

The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee (ATAC) is the largest taxpayer advocacy political action committee in Arizona. ATAC recently participated in and won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision eliminating the matching funds provision of Arizona’s “Clean Election” law.

For more information about the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee, please visit or email the committee at



  1. Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association
    SCIA for Phoenix (PAC)

    Endorsement of Bryan Jeffries for Councilman of the City of Phoenix, Arizona

    It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure that I announce today, on behalf of the Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association political action committee (SCIA for Phoenix) that we proudly endorse Councilman Bryan Jeffries for Councilman of District 2 in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association was formed by residents in North Phoenix out of share desperation by a consistent and unresponsive elected official who should have represented our interests. Fortunately for us that Councilperson resigned to run for Mayor.

    Prior to his appointment by the Phoenix City Council as interim Councilman of District 2, Bryan Jeffries sought us out to listen to our problems concerning Sonoran Boulevard (The Road to Nowhere). Over the course of several months Bryan Jeffries investigated our complaints and determined that we had legitimate concerns. As newly appointed Councilman, Bryan Jeffries put together a plan to mediate the problem. After establishing the stakeholders in the community, Bryan Jeffries formed a Solutions Conflict Forum. The results of the Solutions Conflict Forum was brought to the City Council Policy Committee and voted on unanimously by Bryan Jeffries and his colleagues on City Council.

    The ability of Councilman Jeffries to listen to his constituents, research the problem and put together a successful plan in such a short time is testament to his character, intelligence and leadership qualities.

    Bryan Jeffries is not a career politician. He is a leader of one of the most respected group of adults in our society. These are people who risk their lives for us. These are the people who protect us from disaster and again when disaster strikes. These are the civil servants we rely on to protect our homes, families and children. These are the firemen and firewomen whose careers are so intertwined with our safety that sometimes people take them for granted and focus more on their pensions than what they do for society. This is called knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

    We, in very north Phoenix, in District 2 know the value of Bryan Jeffries and we know the cost to us if Councilman Jeffries had not been there for us. We believe that the real testament to a person is what they do and not what they say. And what Bryan Jeffries did for his community in District 2 speaks volumes for his candidacy. We are proud to endorse Bryan Jeffries for Councilman of District 2 Phoenix, this day, July 19, 2011.

    Thank you,

    Clif Freedman, President
    Bryan Cazier, Vice-President
    Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association
    Paid for by SCIA For Phoenix PAC

  2. Finger Wags says

    SCIA = FUFG (Fake Union Front Group)

    “And what Bryan Jeffries did for his community in District 2 speaks volumes for his candidacy.”

    Maybe our good friends at SCIA/FUFG can tell us what that is, because according to Jeffries signs he apparently went to High School. Congrats idiot.

  3. PolicyPundit says

    Finger Wags – Bryan Jeffries has a master’s degree.
    Jones was endorsed by the Indiana firefighters unions when he ran for city council and then state legislature. Does that make him a union goon?
    Jim Waring sought and got the fire union endorsement every time he ran for state senator. Does than make him a union goon?
    Jim Waring voted every time for the Janet Napolitano budgets that used up our rainy day fund. He voted to mortgage the state buildings so we could borrow more money.
    Let’s see – we’ve had:
    Waring for Senate
    Waring for State Treasurer
    Waring for Congress

    Now Waring for Council …

    eveny notice how he keeps the bottom part of his signs empty so he can keep changing the sign decal on the bottom to put a new race on it?
    Doesn’t that tell you something about the guy?
    Fake Republican Intentional Nightcrawler Grabbing Everyone’s Revenue = FINGER
    I think Waring is giving you the finger, buddy, who just didn’t see it.

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