Arizona Supreme Court: “Don’t Delay but We Won’t Enforce”

Breaking news that the Arizona Supreme Court has denied Governor Brewer’s demand that the Arizona Legislature transmit the budget to her. Arizona legislative leaders believe that the Governor will immediately veto the bill thus forcing a shutdown of state government.

In holding the bill, the legislature believes that the Governor will finally get involved in the budget proces and demonstrate some leadership.

Since this fiasco began, the Governor has been taking the advice of her private consultant which involves derailing legislative efforts to pass a tax-free balanced-budget which would lead to her consultant’s advice to push for an 18% tax increase.

The best advice for the governor would be to:

  1. Fire the consultant
  2. Denounce any type of tax increase
  3. Sign the Legislature’s budget
  4. Continue to monitor state revenue closely
  5. Prepare for more cuts
  6. Prepare for Special Session(s)

I’m sure that Republican leadership would be willing to forgive and forget Governor Brewer for her missteps and bring her back to the table in the spirit of cooperation to move the State of Arizona forward.

This could all be settled if the Governor would follow the above prescription, pick up the phone, call Speaker Adams and President Burns and then call a joint press conference to explain to Arizonans that everyone is on the same page now.

Here are links to the pertinent documents related to the case:


  1. no money says

    Great advice!!!

  2. By denouncing “ANY” kind of tax increase, she would have to veto the bills since they are full of back door tax increases by the cities, and future tax increases to cover the massive borrowing and other costs to cover the rollovers in future years.

    Special sessions are a HUGE waste of taxpayer money. Why pass a budget you admit you have to come back and fix?

  3. Maricopa GOP says

    Roger. Why don’t people show all their cards at the poker table at the beginning of the hand, or give their competition what is in their sealed bid in advance of the bidding process, or display all of their options and fall back plans when conducting a merger.

    You might want to go back to the liberal public school monopoly institution of your choice and take a remedial Basics of Business 101 course.

  4. Oh okay, I see how it works. PRETEND we’re not passing a tax increase because we’re spineless and full of s*%t.

    NOT the Republican Party I am part of. Your post is a perfect example of why Grover Norquists’ “pledge” isn’t worthy of wiping my butt. The only pledge that is happening is an attempt at self preservation and 100% hypocrisy.

  5. Roger is right. The Leg produced neither a balanced budget, nor one without tax hikes. Why don’t we just tell the truth here?

  6. Maricopa GOP says

    I am glad that you have shown your high level of intellect with your lack of verbage.

    Actually it is spineless to not make the necessary cuts and push for a referral to raise taxes during a recession. That is really not a Republican position as stated in the Platform.

    But, then, you do not sound like you belong to the Republican Party that met in Minneapolis or at Sunnyslope High or at ASU West. Which Repubican Party are you a member?

    Oh yeah, the Hershberger, Hubbs, Arnold, O’Halleran, Hellon, Binder, J. Burns Republican Party. Too bad for you that they have all been tossed out of office by the real Republicans.

    By the way, your butt does need wiped.

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