Arizona State Legislators to Spur Outreach in Colorado

CONTACT: Karen Schutte

An Arizona contingency including two of our State Representatives will be headed to the Colorado State Capitol on June 6 to meet with current and former conservative officials. They will be discussing common legislative issues and meeting with grassroots activists in the state.

Representatives Terri Proud and Brenda Barton will be participating in this exchange with Laura Donnelly of University of Arizona and Mike Shaw, First Vice-Chairman of Pima County GOP. The inspiration behind this was Senator Al Melvin and the coordination of Charles Heatherly, Colorado Senate Executive Policy Director, along with Winning With Women.

Others expected to attend are former Colorado Congressman, Tom Tancredo; Colorado Deputy Attorney General, Cynthia Coffman, Congressmen, Mike Coffman; and Colorado State GOP Chairman, Ryan Call.

Lesley VanBorssum, of Winning With Women stated, “The purpose of Winning With Women is to bring together women at state and regional levels, to make a difference in the political process. As this effort crisscrosses America, we enable women to do what they do best: develop relationships and support for women breaking through the ‘steel ceiling’ of government service.”

Also attending the event will be Lisa Ruth, a local Tucson artist and educator who will have a premier showing of her original art collection entitled “Women and Courage”. Another showing of this collection is planned for Scottsdale in August.



  1. Interesting that a U of A representative is part of the contingent. Is this an example of taxpayer-funded political activism? I thought we had enough of that with taxpayer-funded Tea Party license plates!

  2. Abigirl, it’s not tax payer funded activism. The person who works for U of A is paying her own way, as is everyone else who is going. I was supposed to be on this trip tomorrow also, but I became very ill. I would’ve had to pay my own way as well. Winning With Women is full of some great leaders who are also volunteers. We’re fortune enough to have some fantastic State Legislature’s involved. I hope that you will look up Winning With Women on FB and see for your self what we’re all about. I think you might like us enough to even join in our cause. Take care!

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