Arizona Sheriffs battle over immigration on national media

Santa Cruz Sheriff Antonio Estrada appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s show last night. Here is the video from that show.

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Meanwhile, Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Here is that video.


  1. Kevin Falvey says

    Sorry for the off topic, but I need help. The Los Angeles elites are beating up Arizonan small businesses, because we want SB1070. Please help by joining my facebook group, whose aim to grow a grassroots reverse boycott. Sonoran Alliance: Please allow this post to stay here. Thanks – Kevin Falvey (PC/SC – Dist. 11)

  2. Robert Robb discusses what life is like for a Latino/Latina in Arpaio land:

  3. WHy all the focus on Sheriff Arpaio and his deputies? Everyone who has been picked up by them has lived to tell the tale.

    That’s not small thing. BBC had an unintentionally hilarious report on “AMerica’s Toughest Sheriff” and earnestly interviewed a number of inmates, especially illegals. The WELL-FED inmates recounted that the food was “disgusting,” and that the games the Sheriff permits them to play to keep busy were “stupid,” (translation: no soccer) but they play them anyway because they’re bored. They sheepishly admitted to BBC that Mexican prisons and jails were WAAAAY worse.

    So, it’s not so awful after all even for a genuine lawbreaker.

    The question is why does the Latino Community tolerate illegals hiding behind them and in their midst, using them as cover? If the Latino community is annoyed with the possibility of being asked for proof of citizenship to sort them from illegals, why aren’t they directing their anger at the multitude of illegals, instead of the law enforcement?
    The LA city councilman dodged several direct questions and got into vagaries. He claims he read the law, but couldn’t refer directly to it at all, he stuck to propagandist generalities so not at all convinced he did, or if he did, he was deliberately trying to keep understanding of it foggy. The “grey.”

    The “grey” and “fog” of all this is hiding the truth. There is a politically active special interest group that does not want ANY controls on border migrations. It may suit their purposes, but it’s not in the interest of this nation or ANY nation to allow that sort of anarchy.

    Speaking of aliens, why did CNN hire an elf? Cooper looks like Legolas without the magic charm.

  4. Walt Stephenson says

    Google California Penal Code Section 834b.
    It is almost the same as SB1070, it has been on the books for years but the silence on this issue is deafening. It seems it is Calfornia’s dirty little secret.

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