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Arizona Right to Life PAC Speaks on Arizona GOP Chairmanship

Arizona Right to Life PAC Speaks on Arizona GOP Chairmanship

The Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee has released the following statement (from LightHouse Blog):

The Arizona Right to Life PAC has reviewed the candidate questionnaires for both Chairman Pullen, and his opponent, Lisa James. Both candidates’ responses were found to be in-line with the pro-life legislation and pro-life agenda of Arizona Right to Life PAC. Seeing no discernible difference among the two candidates, based on the questionnaires alone, the Arizona Right to Life PAC has decided that both candidates would carry the pro-life cause with them to the Chairmanship of the Arizona Republican Party.

This should make the Life issue a non-issue with those Republicans seeking differentiation between either candidate.


  1. Sherlock Homie says

    Thanks. Every time someone said something about James and Guiliani another person would say something about Pullen’s wife giving to the WISH list. Fair is fair.

    By the way, how important is this issue to the D’s? Are they in the same fight between those who believe in unrestricted access to abortion and those who are more moderate? How exactly are pro-life D’s treated by the state party: are they treated the same way the pro-choice R’s are treated by the GOP pro-life leadership?

  2. Hmm, doesn’t Right to Life usually endorse incumbents where the candidates are equal?

  3. Tru Dat, If I recall correctly, incumbents with a legislative voting record that is strictly pro-life usually get endorsed by AZRTL. There are no voting records here.

  4. Unfortunately, James will lean toward candidates who are weak on the border. Those candidates

  5. This is really lame. Sure, neither Pullen nor James has dedicated their lives to the pro-life cause. But a strong difference can clearly be seen over the last 2 years. Pullen gets control of the state party and hires Querard to help with legislative elections. Fast forward to November, 2008 and we have Melvin in the senate, Montenegro, Jones, and Gowan in the house. Pro-lifers have to like those results. Pullen is allied with the border enforcement crowd and the vast majority of those people are very pro-life.

    James hangs with the moderate wing of the party and most of them are pro-choice abortion supporters. I think Arizona Right to Life PAC really blew it on this one. There was also some other blog that covered how James was all chummy with Napolitano and gave an award to a Planned Parenthood supporter at some luncheon. The PAC should have sat this one out or supported Pullen based on the results from 2008.

  6. I’m reading this last blog left by Kim regarding Lisa James stating “James hangs with the moderate wing of the party and most of them are pro-choice abortion supporters”. Where is she getting this information? She truly needs to check her facts. Lisa James is undoubtedly conservative; she is an advocate for Pro-Life, she has served as a voluteer on the CPC charity events as many years as I have, and has spoken loud and clear about the sanctity of life. She is definitely not moderate in her belief that all life is precious to God-born and unborn! Lisa would be a wonderful Chairperson for the AZ GOP. She held event after event endorsing Pro-Life, Pro-Family, tough on border issue candidates; she kept me posted on all their schedules, encouraged me to attend rallies, and as a result I got behind one and financially supported this candidate-all because of Lisa’s influence and knowledge. She encouraged me personally to register as a Precinct Committeemen, she got behind her candidates and supported their platform and agenda. She believes in the Republican party and desires to shed the best light on it by educating voters and encouraging them to vote. Any time I have a question or concern, I know that I can go to Lisa and get my answers in a concise, clear manner. Whatever Lisa puts her heart and hands too, she does well. Being the GOP Chairperson is no exception. It is time for a change. She is informed, dilligent, hard-working, consciencious and a willing servant of this state. She is right on track with what the “party” is looking for in a Chairperson and she can get the job done! Go Lisa!

  7. For those who don’t know…

    The WISH list is a pro abortion organization. From their own webste, here is their mission: “The WISH List raises funds to identify, train and elect pro-choice Republican women
    at all levels of government — local, state and national.”

    Randy Pullen’s wife has donated to this group. Kind of makes you wonder, just how pro life is Randy?

  8. Maricopa GOP says

    So we are now going to judge a candidate by other family members? What a lot of crap.

    No one has brought Gordon James and his actions into this arena, only Lisa’s. To bring in a really ancient anecdote about Randy Pullen’s wife and a one time situation where she was, unfortunately, bamboozled by some women she knew, is true hogwash when it comes to evaluating the candidates.

    Lisa’s actions, and lack of actions, happened over the last two years. Everyone knows that Pullen was undercut by the congressional delegation and he still achieved success – with NO support from Lisa James or her friends. That is the bottom line.

  9. How about we just leave out the rumors and intentional distortions? Actions have been inferred that are just not true and without any substance. Transparent as their attempts have been, it is a distraction from the serious issue at hand.

    Katherine Pullen did donate to the WISH list, which came out in the last chairman’s race. Here’s the big scoop…..She is not running for chairman. Randy is.

    Lisa James is running not Gordon. Her record of service and dedication to issue of life and conservatism is long and productive.

    No one accuses Mary Matalan of being a duplicitous schmuck because she is married to James Carville. Let these two tell us what THEY will do and why WE should elect either of them. But, the other stuff is all smoke and mirrors.

  10. Goodyear GOP says

    The circumstances of Katherine Pullen’s contribution also came out two years ago, although that is left out of Kim’s post. Needless to say, Mrs. Pullen didn’t know what WISH was when she made the contribution during her husband’s campaign for Mayor.

    That said, James DID know Giuliani’s position on the issue before agreeing to chair his Arizona campaign. Now, I get her explanation and understand that she did so “in spite of” his far-left position on abortion. It doesn’t bug me too much, but I took from her comments that matters of homeland security et al, rank higher in importance than life issues. That’s not a mortal sin in my book and I can see how folks might feel that way after 9-11.

    If I have any concerns related to the life issue (and I am pro-life myself) it is that for me, the life issue is not negotiable. There were strong candidates who ran on the GOP side for President who would be good for homeland defense AND protecting human life. She didn’t have to compromise what she claims is a “core value”. But she did so anyway.

  11. I was at a LD17 meeting 2 years ago when Pullen said we should not just look for pro-life candidates. The people were stunned. He may be pro-life, but its not a priority with him as Chairman.

  12. First, the statement issued by the Arizona Right to Life PAC is NOT an endorsement. It is simply a revelation of where Lisa James and Randy Pullen stand on sanctity of life issues. I have not seen the survey but I would expect it to contain a question regarding the GOP platform and the acceptance and advocacy of candidates who embrace it.

    Second, Gordon James is NOT running for Chairman. Katherine Pullen is NOT running for Chairman. Kim makes a good point about the Matalin/Carville relationship.

    Third, Because the statement by AZRTLPAC is not an endorsement but rather an acknowledgment that both candidates meet AZRTLPAC’s criteria on life issues, this appears to make this an even playing field.

    I would therefore encourage our readers and ultimately, precinct committeemen, to look at the candidates on other issues but more importantly, HOW WE ARE GOING TO GET MORE PLATFORM REPUBLICANS ELECTED AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT IN ARIZONA (keywords: “Platform Republicans elected”) (Hopefully that didn’t come over as shouting.)

  13. Goodyear GOP says

    Simple, elect Randy Pullen!

    He’s gotten more platform Republicans elected to all levels of government than anyone before, and he did it in a rough year for Republicans.

    Next question.

  14. Sherlock Homie says

    The sun came up today. Re-elect Pullen!

  15. Goodyear GOP,

    Are you insane? “He’s gotten more platform Republicans elected to all levels of government than anyone before”? Which candidates did Randy Pullen directly help elect? Can you name any, much less say it with a straight face?

  16. Casual Observer says

    “HE” didn’t do anything but spend illegal campaign contributions on a pornographic ad!

    The hard work of serious candidates, grassroots elbow-grease, the Marriage Amendment and Sen. McCain on the ballot did it. Any other year and we would be looking at a Dem controlled House today.

  17. curious observer says

    Hey SA I do find it disturbing to me that it comes down to a test of who is more pro life…
    The right to life PAC declaration should have taken that issue off the table.
    What I do find equally disturbing is these posts about James that talk about her lack of participation in helping the party during the last two years. If she cared about the party for its own sake, we should have seen her rolling up her sleeves to help and then it would prove to everyone she was everything she claimed to be. That would have made the case in my mind for her to have a sucessful run now. But if it is true that she bailed on her obligations to her her own precinct and other tasks that is very sad. When she did not win by 4 votes 2 years ago did she take her marbles and go home ? If so now to emerge again when it is time to re-elect a new leader is kinda creepy.
    Why not use that time to pitch in and work with the party apparatus to prove her dedication beyond personal ambition ?

    What is wrong with this picture ?

  18. Sherlock Homie says

    What’s wrong with that picture is that leadership and ambition go hand in hand. And it’s a winner-take-all election. Do you expect people that lose legislative seats to hang out at the capitol and attend committee meetings?

    And let’s be clear about the goal of a party leader. Recruit candidates and get them elected. Raising money really helps you do the second one. But you should try to recruit candidates that don’t have to rely on party help (money) which means you need to find candidates that are independently wealthy or are able to raise funds themselves, or have IE expenditures made on their behalf.

    Everyone knew or should have known that when Pullen was elected there’d be no money. So the smart ones running got their own house in order because they knew early on they could not rely on the party and just bootstrapped it. The not-so-smart-ones still bootstrapped it. The irony of course is that Pullen shows up and takes credit for their victories, and in a sad way he’s actually right.

  19. curious observer says

    OK you explained it well. Makes sense to me.

  20. Can someone show some hard numbers on what Randy Pullen actually raised at the state party versus the previous administrations? There seems to be a lot rhetoric about Randy not raising money, but no one ever gives numbers or facts.

  21. Veritas Vincit says

    “divisive” and “didn’t raise the money” Easy to say, but the James Gang hasn’t “showed us the beef”

    Where was James two years ago? AWOL following her loss to Pullen.

    Bottom line in this whole mess? Its the Border Stupid. Follow the money…

    James supports Kyl and McCain (and they in turn are very good for her husband’s business).

    Pullen opposes the Bush Administration’s border non-policy and the proposed amnesty plan … thus he’s on the out’s with the Kyl crowd. (but in with the voters)

    I can suggest to the Pro-Life folks that Pullen will be stronger on the issue then James (because McCain is a lightweight on the issue and James wants a piece of the McCain re-election business)

    Its politics not rocket science kids.

  22. @ stardust:

    The Capitol Times had a story about that last week, I think. If you have a subscription, here’s the link:

    The gist of what they reported was that Pullen raised a total of about $2.5 million at the state and federal levels.

    In 2006, the party raised $6.3 Million.

    The story said the 2008 numbers were the worst of the decade.

  23. Sherlock Homie says

    Yeah, and if you look at Pullen’s GOP chairman campaign website he uses a figure of $10.5 million raised, but for McCain. and that means funds not passed through the party. It’s just a lie for the state GOP, and Pullen, to say he takes credit for that.

  24. Goodyear GOP says

    I think that most of this small stuff is just that. Small stuff.

    What matters is actually quite fundamental. I will vote for Randy Pullen because he is an effective, conservative leader for our Party. He puts the Party and our values first, and he has seen us through a very rough time for our Party, both nationally and here in Arizona. I don’t imagine any chairman is ever perfect, but we won when most expected us to lose and when a few of us were hoping we would lose.

    Today, those who hoped we would lose do not get to challenge Pullen on the basis of those losses, so they’re dragging up a bunch of garbage in an effort to find an issue that works. These are not good or honest people, and their motives are unpure.

    I will cast my vote for a good man and a great conservative. And I’ll consider myself fortunate that I have been given such an opportunity.

  25. Veritas Vincit says

    Under a James chairmanship; those with deep pockets and well connected with Kyl and McCain would receive most of the attention. Those rank and file members who aren’t so well heeled would be pat on the head, and told to “go register more voters”

    Or, “don’t worry what kind of Republican he is, that doesn’t matter. They have an “R” after their name so we support them… [even if they tried to gut the Employer Sanction Laws and voted with Napolitano’s budget how many times before] they still have an “R” so we support them.

  26. Maricopa GOP says

    People keep saying that Pullen did not help elect Platform Republicans and challenge others to show them wrong.

    Read what the eight state senators, and the sixteen state representatives (none of them voted in favor of Nappy’s budget against their own caucus) who endorse Pullen have to say and you get your answer.

    However, an old adage seems to fit the position of the anti-Pullen hawks: “I have made up my mind, don’t confuse me with the facts.”

    Randy has made some errors, but he will at least talk with and consult with someone outside the circle of supporters of the three Washington Amnesty Advocates.

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