Arizona Right to Life PAC Acknowledges Huckabee

The Arizona Right to Life PAC has acknowledged Mike Huckabee’s pro-life credentials heading into the February 5th primary. The news release was not worded as an endorsement but rather an “acknowledgement” that Huckabee is the strongest pro-life advocate in the race.

It is refreshing to see Arizona Right to Life’s Political Action Committee call it straight and not try to compromise its principles.

(This post was updated slightly in light of Comment #1.)


  1. It should be clearly understood that The AZRTL-PAC announcement is not an endorsement but an acknowledgment of the various candidate’s records. Senator McCain has a strong pro-life voting record except on embryonic stem cell research funding and his campaign knows that AZRTL must take a consistent position. However, it must be stated that AZRTL has endorsed McCain in the past and that the Senator has been on record as voting consistently pro-life with the stated exceptions. Senator McCain has the support of many strong pro-life champions such as Sam Brownback. Those of us in the pro-life movement should continue to call upon all candidates to not only condemn abortion but to support those measures that would insure its demise. The next few weeks should prove very interesting.

  2. Mr. Conservative says

    Nice to see that the AZRTL-PAC has “picked” a looser to back… Too bad for them thatI’m going to sending my money elsewhere this season. Letting the perfect be the enemy of the good doesn’t help the cause one bit.

  3. Loser, not looser there Mr. Conservative.

  4. Mr. Conservative says

    Yeah, I typed that so fast… I’m very disapointed in AZRTL-PAC.

  5. John,

    You’re hedging. The PAC did the right thing. McCain’s record isn’t horrible but it pales in comparison to Huckabee’s activism. Huckabee lives in the movement, McCain tiptoes around it. Romney just joined it. Giuliani’s not in it. Paul’s too weird. Fred had no tread.

  6. Straight Talker says

    John, Would you call McCain’s support of fetal tissue research (research on aborted babies) pro-life? How about campaign finance reform silencing the Pro-life organizations. How about his brief against right-to-life at the supreme court? How about his being on the advisory board of pro-abortion pac “It’s My Party Too”? How about what Delay & Santorum had to say about McCain fighting to keep pro-life legislation from getting out of committee because it was too divisive? Who are you trying to kid John. We know about McCain on this web site. Your defense attorney two step doesn’t wash here.

  7. It is refreshing to see someone speak about Sen. McCain’s record on life correctly and not manipulate the truth to fit their desired version in order to influence an outcome.

    We must be accurate if we want to be effective. Overplaying or understating a perspective will not serve anyone well and will quickly be revealed.

    Thank you Mr. Jakubczyk for your dedication to Life and truth.

    Life is an important, very important issue, but it cannot be the only issue; or can the economy, the war, or the 2nd amendment. I have yet to find my new connection with a candidate, but it will be the one who can best govern our country in full understanding of the broad range of issues that they must clearly understand and respect, such as the right to life.

  8. Ann,

    Truth is important as well. While John is correct in saying that McCain has cast many pro-life votes I cannot dispute any of the facts raised by Straight Talker. Over his 1/4 century in office McCain has been good on many issues but the last several years have been fairly troubling.

  9. I just heard the REAL Straight Talker – spoken without using a forked tongue. McCain says and does the high profile pro-life poster stuff, while working to castrate the same cause behind the scenes. The MSM, incl. the NYTimes, would never support a true warrior for the Pro-Life issues.

    Thanks Straight Talker for saying the truth with specific citations, instead of general press puff.

  10. There is no denying that Senator McCain has failed to understand how important those of us in the pro-life movement consider the issue of embryonic stem cell research. It is my earnest hope that the continued research and successful use of adult stem cells in saving lives will make the issue of funding embryonic stem cell research old news. Still we must continue to communicate our positions with all of the candidates and to be clear and consistent with what we in the pro-life movement require for our support.
    Addressing the comments above, I strongly opposed McCain-Feingold. Then President Bush signed it. As for Rick Santorum, he asked McCain to campaign for him and McCain came in for two fund raisers in 2006.
    The bottom line is that everyone will have to consider all of these factors and decide what will serve the country’s (and the unborn’s)best interests.

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